Disarmament and International Security Council Sponsors: Serbia,Nigeria, China, Portugal, DR Congo, UK Signatories:Cyprus, Brazil, USA

, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Haiti, Cote d' Ivoire, Canada, Germany, Gabon Strengthening of Peacekeeping Operations Keeping in mind a nation's sovereignty, Recognizing that we are the General Assembly and therefore cannot authorize military force or the ability to control the Security Council, Determined to reform Peacekeeping Operations, 1] Draws attention to the idea that a nation must consent with the UN on whether or not it receives Peacekeepers, and only in times where the UN feels it necessary for fear that human rights are going to be violated as well as that there will be massive civilian casualties; 2] Emphasizes that the P-5 nations in the Security Council should donate at least 300 Peacekeepers to various UN missions; 3] Encourages more countries that wish to deploy more Peacekeepers into UN missions can do so; 4] Enforces that multiple uniform training centers that are equally distributed around the globe be created for various Peacekeeper training, as well as that there be a mandatory six-month training period for all Peacekeepers, this being enforced by all PKO operating countries; 5] Encourages an increase in funding using funds from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and with consent funds from the BRICS alliance in addition to developed nations giving more funds to PKO's than developing countries via a survey on a government's expenditures; 6] Draws the attention of PKO's consulting with various governments involved in PKO's for instance the American and British govt's coordinating what their Peacekeepers should have done in Serbia regarding what their plan of attack should be; 7] Urges that smaller Interim Administrations such as the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo [UNMIK] be created to monitor UN missions instead of the Security Council and or the General Assembly, but will report updates regularly regarding the administrations assigned operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness of individual missions to prevent such actions as the Rwandan genocide from occurring again.;

8] Encourages the usage of more female Peacekeepers in PKO's so as for the formation of trust between the female PKO's and native females.

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