BW Transaction Codes

RS00 Start menu RS12 Overview of master data locks RSA0 Content Settings Maintenance RSA1 BW Administrator Workbench RSA10 Realtime Test Interface Srce System RSA11 Calling up AWB with the IC tree RSA12 Calling up AWB with the IS tree RSA13 Calling up AWB with the LG tree RSA14 Calling up AWB with the IO tree RSA15 Calling up AWB with the ODS tree RSA1OLD BW Administrator Workbench (old) RSA2 OLTP Metadata Repository RSA3 Extractor Checker RSA5 Install Business Content RSA6 Maintain DataSources RSA7 BW Delta Queue Monitor RSA8 DataSource Repository RSA9 Transfer Application Components RSADMIN RSADMIN maintenance RSADRTC70TOADR11 Conversion of table TC70 in ADR11 RSANWB Model the Analysis Process RSANWB_CRM_ATTR Fill CRM Attributes RSANWB_EXEC Execute Analysis Process RSANWB_IMP Calculation of Importance RSANWB_START_ALL Model the Analysis Process RSANWB_SURVEY Analysis Process: Create Target Grp RSAN_CLTV CLTV Modeling RSAN_CLTV1 CLTV RSAN_RESP Response Prediction Models RSAN_RFM RFM Modeling RSAN_SALES_PL_CALL Execute Sales Planning RSAN_SURV_SHOW BW Survey RSAN_SURV_TG BW Survey: Target Group Management RSAN_VERI Analysis Process: Test Monitor RSAN_WB_TST IMC Wrapper Transaction for Testing RSARCH_ADMIN BW Archive Administration RSARFCEX Variant for RSARFCEX RSASSIBTCH Schedule Assistant in Background RSATTR Attribute/Hierarchy Realignment Run RSAWB New AWB RSAWBSETTINGSDEL Delete user settings of the AWB RSB0 Maintain OLAP authorization object RSB1 Display authorization object RSB2 Data Marts Generation Center RSBBS Maintaining BW Sender-Receiver RSBBS_WEB Transaction for the RRI in the Web RSBCTMA_AC xCBL Action Codes RSBCTMA_DT Mapping of Ext./Int. Document Type RSBEB Business Explorer Browser RSBMO2 Open Hub Monitor RSBO Open Hub Maintenance RSBOH1 Open Hub Maintenance RSBOH2 Open Hub Maintenance RSBOH3 Open Hub Maintenance RSBO_EXTRACT Auth Check Open Hub Extraction RSBROWSER BW Browser RSBWREMOTE Create Warehouse User RSCATTAWB CATT Admin. Workbench RSCDS Summarization routine

Chars RSDBC DB connect RSDB_ADD_ID_2_CRM Create External ID for CRM-GP RSDB_INIT Initial Download of D&B Data RSDCUBE Start: InfoCube editing RSDCUBED Start: InfoCube editing RSDCUBEM Start: InfoCube editing RSDDV Maintaining Aggregates RSDIOBC Start: InfoObject catalog editing RSDIOBCD Start: InfoObject catalog editing RSDIOBCM Start: InfoObject catalog editing RSDL DB Connect . RSDMD_TEST Master Data Test RSDMPRO Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.) RSDPMDDBSETUP Creates a MOLAP Database in MSAS RSDPMOLAPDS MOLAP DataSource creation RSDPRFCDSETUP Create MOLAP Rfc Tests RSDSD DataSource Documentation RSDU_SHOWTEMPINCTAB RSDU_SHOWTEMPINCTAB .View 2 RSCUSTV3 BW Customizing . RSDMPROM Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc. RSDMWB Data Mining Workbench RSDODS Initial Screen: ODS Object Processng RSDODSD Initial Screen: ODS Proces. of Techn.View 3 RSCUSTV4 BW Customizing .View 4 RSCUSTV5 BW Customizing .RSCONCHA Channel conversion RSCONFAV Favorites Conversion RSCRMDEBUG Set Debug Options RSCRMISQ Regis.View 9 RSD1 Characteristic maintenance RSD2 Maintenance of key figures RSD3 Maintenance of units RSD4 Maintenance of time characteristics RSD5 Internal: Maint.Test Program RSDMD Master Data Maintenance w.View 5 RSCUSTV6 BW Customizing . (Deliv.View 11 RSCUSTV12 Microsoft Analysis Services RSCUSTV13 RRI Settings for Web Reporting RSCUSTV14 OLAP: Cache Parameters RSCUSTV15 BW Customizing . Sel.View 6 RSCUSTV7 BW Customizing .Prev.View 8 RSCUSTV9 BW Customizing .View 1 RSCUSTV10 BW Customizing . Closed-Loop Scenarios RSCRM_BAPI Test Program for RSCRM Interface RSCRM_REPORT BW Queries with ODBO (to 2nd 0B) RSCRT BW Monitor (Near)-Real-Time Loading RSCR_MAINT_PUBLISH Maint.View 10 RSCUSTV11 BW Customizing .View 7 RSCUSTV8 BW Customizing . of URL Variables for CR/CE RSCUSTA Maintain BW Settings RSCUSTA2 ODS Settings RSCUSTV1 BW Customizing . of Infosets for Target Groups RSCRMMDX Edit MDX RSCRMMON Monitor Query Extracts RSCRMSCEN Regist.View 11 RSCUSTV16 BW Reporting RSCUSTV17 Settings: Currency Translation RSCUSTV18 DB Connect Settings RSCUSTV19 InfoSet Settings RSCUSTV2 BW Customizing . RSDMPROD Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc. of Publishing Variables CR/CE RSCR_MAINT_URL Maint.

RSDV Validity Slice Maintenance RSD_ACAT Maintain InfoObject catalog RSEDIT Old editor RSEIDOCM Variant for RSEIDOCM RSENQ Display of Lock Log RSEOUT00 Variant for RSEOUT00 RSFH Test Transaction Data Extractors RSFLAT Flat MDX RSFREQUPL Frequent upload from source systems RSGWLST Accessible Gateways RSH1 Edit hierarchy initial screen RSH3 Simulate hierarchies RSHIER Hierarchy maintenance w/o AdmWB RSHIERINT Hierarchy maintenance from AdmWB RSHIERSIM Simulate hierarchies RSICUBE Maintain/Change InfoCubes (Internal) RSIMG BW IMG RSIMPCUR Load Exchange Rates from File RSINPUT Manual Data Entry RSIR_DELTATRACK KPro Delta Tracking RSISET Maintain InfoSets RSKC Maintaining the Permittd Extra Chars RSLDAPSYNC_USER LDAP Synchronization of Users RSLGMP Maintain RSLOGSYSMAP RSMD Extractor Checker RSMDCNVEXIT Conversn to Consistent Intern. Vals RSMDEXITON Activate Conversion Routine RSMO Data Load Monitor Start RSMON BW Administrator Workbench RSMONCOLOR Traffic light color in the Monitor RSMONITOR_DB D&B Integration RSMONMAIL Mail Addresses for Monitor Assistant RSNPGTEST Test Network Plan Control RSNPGTEST2 Test Network Plan Control RSNSPACE BW Namespace Maintenance RSO2 Oltp Metadata Repository RSO3 Set Up Deltas for Master Data RSOCONTENT Administration of a Content System RSOCOPY Copy from TLOGO Objects RSODADMIN Administration BW Document Managemt. RSOR BW Metadata Repository RSORBCT BI Business Content Transfer RSORMDR BW Metadata Repository RSPC Process Chain Maintenance RSPC1 Process Chain Display RSPCM Monitor daily process chains RSPFPAR Display profile parameter RSQ02 Maintain InfoSets RSQ10 SAP Query: Role Administration RSQ11 InfoSet Query: Web reporting RSRAJ Starts a Reporting Agent Job RSRAM Reporting Agent Monitor RSRAPS Manages Page Store RSRCACHE OLAP: Cache Monitor RSRCATTTRACE Catt transaction for trace tool RSREP BW Administrator Workbench RSRFCCHK RFC destinations with logon data RSRHIERARCHYVIRT Maintain Virtual Time Hierarchies RSRQ Data Load Monitor for a Request RSRR_WEB Report-Report Interface in Web RSRT Start of the report monitor RSRT1 Start of the Report Monitor .

0 and BW RSSD Access for scheduler RSSE Selection start InfoCube RSSGPCLA Maintain program class RSSG_BROWSER Simple Data Browser RSSM Authorizations for Reporting RSSMQ Start Query with User RSSMTRACE Reporting Log Authorization RSSTARTMON Starting the monitor in parall.proc.RSRT2 Start of the Report Monitor RSRTRACE Set trace configuration RSRTRACETEST Trace tool configuration RSRV Analysis and Repair of BW Objects RSRVALT Analysis of the BW objects RSR_TRACE Trace Monitor RSR_WEB_VARIABLES Variable Entry in Web RSSCD100_PFCG Change Docs for Role Administration RSSCD100_PFCG_USER for Role Assignment RSSCM_APPL Application settings SCM4. Business Partners RSTG_CUST Target Group Selection Customers RSTG_DB Target Group Selection D&B RSTG_DB_WEB Target Group Selection D&B RSTPRFC Create Destination for After-Import RSU0 Update rules overview RSU1 Create update rules RSU1I Create update rules RSU1O Create Update Rules RSU2 Change update rules RSU2I Change update rules RSU2O Change Update Rules RSU3 Display update rules RSU3I Display update rules RSU3O Display Update Rules RSU6 Delete update rules RSU6I Delete update rules RSU6O Delete update rules RSU7 Data Extraction: Maintain Parameters RSUSR003 Check standard user passwords RSUSR200 List of Users per Login Date RSWELOGD Delete Event Trace RSWEWWDHMSHOW Display Background Job SWWERRE RSWEWWDHSHOW Display Work Item Deadline Monitorng RSWWCLEAR Execute Work Item Clearing Work RSWWCOND Execute Work Item Rule Monitoring RSWWDHEX ExecuteWorkItemDeadlineMonitoring RSWWERRE Start RSWWERRE RSZC Copying Queries between InfoCubes RSZDELETE Deletion of query objects RSZT Get Test Component RSZTESTFB Shortcut Function Test Environment RSZV Call up of view V_RSZGLOBV RSZVERSION Set frontend version RS_AWB_REMOTE Remote AWB Staging RS_BCT_BWBEOTYP Maintain BW Backend Object Types RS_DS_CHECK Check consistency request RS_ISTD_REMOTE Maintain InfoSource RS_LOGSYS_CHECK Source System Tool RS_PERS_ACTIVATE Activation of BEx Personalization . RSSU53 Display authorization check BW RST22 Old Short-Dump Overview RSTB Choose Object Name RSTBHIST Table history RSTG_BUPA Target Group Sel.

RS_PERS_VAR_DEACTIVA Deactivate Pers. for BEx Open RS_PERS_VAR_ACTIVATE Activate Variable Pers. RS_PERS_BOD_DEACTIVA Deactivate Pers. for Variables RS_PERS_WTE_ACTIVATE Activate Web Template Pers. for Web Template SP01 Spool SE03 Transport Organizer Tools SE06 Set Up Transport Organizer SE07 CTS Status Display SE09 Transport Organizer SE10 Transport Organizer SE11 ABAP Dictionary SE18 Business Add-Ins: Definitions SE18_ OLD Business Add-Ins: Definitions (Old) SE19 Business Add-Ins: Implementations SE19_ OLD Business Add-Ins: Implementations SE21 Package Builder SE24 Class Builder SE80 Object Navigator SM04 User List SM12 Display and Delete Locks SM21 Online System Log Analysis SM37 Overview of job selection SM50 Work Process Overview SM51 List of SAP Systems SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) SE37 Function module SE38 ABAP Programme editor . RS_PERS_WTE_DEACTIVA Deactivate Pers.RS_PERS_BOD_ACTIVATE Activate BEx Open Pers.