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I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to business Standard limited Kolkata. I am also very greatfull to Mr. Shouvik Ghosh (Manager-Market-Developer) for providing mean opportunity to complete my training in Businss Standard limited. sincere thanks to Mr. Debtulya Sir (Business Standard Ltd. Kolkata) for his esteemed co -operation and guide to me during the project and all those people in Business Standard who helped me directly or indirectly during my internship for their cooperation during this period. The development of this project involves the contribution and assistance of a number of people at the very start. I would like to pay homage to our respected teacher which contribute the very inspirational and intellectual guides . I give my most sincere thanks to Mr. Ajay Sir and my Chief Mentor Mr. Dipankar Saha, Who gave me the golden opportunity to work with the one of the competing financial daily of our country and marketing faculty Mrs. .Paramita Sarkar for their guidance and support throughout the Internship. Wi thout her I could not have done my project, and other faculty member who has always been a guiding, encouraging and motivating force. I am very grateful for the support of our project guide Mr. Sanjay Kr. Jha. (Business standard, Kolkata). I have done sincere effort in making this effort in making thsi project as a usefull and an intelligent task. I got firsthand information of the Newspaper industry and learned a lot like how to deal with the clients, what should be the corporate attitude of a professional, paper works and many other basic things of day today corporate life that will definitely help me when I get into the corporate world as a fresher in the near future.

Pankaj Prasad

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This is to certified that the project entitled CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR & MARKET RESEARCH of financial newspaper which is undertaken at Business Standard Ltd. Kolkata and it is being submitted by Pankaj Prasad of Alchemy Leadership School, Kolkata. duration of the training period is 90 days from 25-10-2010 to 15-01-2011. This is for the purpose of partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM). All data used in this project are true and valid to the best of my knowledge .

PANKAJ PRASAD MBA + PGDBM Alchemy Leadership School, Kolkata. 2009-2011

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charted accountant.depth the services and satisfaction of the Business Standard newspaper. I have benefited by referring the many branch of people like corporate people. My aim to explain or know by the consumer the in . student.PREFACE The first and foremost objectives in preparing this project report is carried out the study of the consumer service and satisfaction with Business Standard Limited. Pankaj Prasad Page | 4 . In writing the project report. With help of project and by the topic consumer Behaviour and Market Research. I consider my previlage to express and respected a lot to all people. IT professional. I am confirm that the report has made the target instructing and lucid.

Publicity: Its contents are reasonably accessible to the public. The definition of newspaper typically meets four criteria: India is one of the few countries in the world to have many business newspapers. Periodicity: It is published at regular intervals. Currency: Its information is up to date. The large readership for these business newspapers transcends from the rapidly growing corporate sector. but also the new vitality of our economy.INTRODUCTION A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news. According to the recent study by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). which not only reflects the vitality and vibrancy of the media. this growth would outperform the general economy each year till 2011. Publicity: Its contents are reasonably accessible to the public. Page | 5 . it also illustrates the growing interest that the general public now evinces in economic matters which reflect the growing importance of business and economy in our national discourse. There was a huge growth in the sales of the business newspapers for the past few years. information and advertising usually printed on relatively inexpensive. Universality: It covers a range of topic.

4) To study and analysis the status of Business Standard in the newspaper industry. 10) To find the awareness level of business newspapers among the respondents. Page | 6 . 2) To find out the associations between the domain area of the reader and brands of the newspaper 3) To understand the sales and marketing processes. 8) To find out the attributes which are considered important by the customers while purchasing a business newspaper? 9) To find out the attributes which they like in Business standard newspaper. 7) To increase the subscription base of the Business Standard among the corporate houses and B-Schools. 11) To find out the perception of customers towards various Business newspapers they are reading. 5) To study and analysis the market penetration of Business standard and other financial dailies among the targeted segment.OBJECTIV OF THE STUDY 1) To compare the market share and sales growth of different financial dailies. 6) To analyses the readership and acceptance of Business standard as a financial daily in the corporate houses and B-Schools.

there are 110 million TV households in India. the growth rate is projected to be at the rate of 28% over the next five years.MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Indian media and entertainment industry stood at US$ 12. i. At present. Similarly.4 percent over the previous year. The industry is slated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 per cent by 2014 according to a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and research firm KPMG. Government's liberal economic policy paved way for dynamic local entrepreneurs to spearhead this boom . there are 132 million radio sets in the country. Page | 7 . Broadcasting Scenario in India Annual growth rate for the television industry is projected to be 22% and for the radio industry. The emergence of innumerable TV channels and private FM radio operators has bridged distances and taken entertainment a nd information to every nook and corners of the country. up 1. out of which 70 million are cable and satellite homes and rest 40 million are served by the public broadcaster. Key Drivers for Entertainment Industry y Economic growth of the country in general and rising disposable income levels in particular Gradually liberalising attitude of the Government Greater interface with international companies Privatisation and growth of the radio industry Advancement in technology Favourable regulatory initiatives y y y y y y Liberalized foreign investment regime. The phenomenal exponential development witnessed in recent years in media and entertainment has made these one of the most rapidly performing sectors in our economy.91 billion in 2009. Doordarshan (DD).e.

where only Indian editions of foreign scientific/technical/specialty journals etc.  As a further measure of policy liberalization. As per the policy. Also. who have taken FDI. advertisement support has been increased from 10% to 15% for small newspapers and from 30% to 35% for medium newspapers. FDI up to 26% in Indian entities publishing newspapers and periodicals dealing in news and current affairs with suitable s afeguards like verification of antecedents of foreign investor.  Government has reviewed the print advertisement policy and brought about changes to support small and medium newspapers.PRINT MEDIA The regime of foreign investment in Indian entities publishing newspapers and periodicals is as follows: Foreign investment (including FDI) up to 74% in Indian entities publishing scientific/technical and specialty magazines/periodicals/journals. Government has recently announced facsimile edition of international newspapers. Minimum publication period requirement drastically reduced from 36 months to 6 months for regional languages newspapers. the Ministry of Informat ion and Broadcasting will give approvals on a case by case basis subject to prescribed conditions. are being published with no foreign investment (including FDI) being made. Page | 8 . Permission has also been given for publication of 106 specialties. Government has allowed Indian edition of foreign news magazines for facilitating wider readership at affordable prices. in money terms. permission has been given for publication of 189 Indian editions of foreign speciality. technical and scientific magazines by Indian entities. Further. keeping editorial and management control in the hands of resident Indians and ensuring against dispersal of Indian equity. Recent Developments  15 proposals for FDI in Indian entities in the news and current affairs sector have been approved. technical and scientific magazines.

The industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9 per cent and reach around US$ 5.  India's demographic composition (70% below 35 years) ensures an attractive market for entertainment. television industry stood at US$ 5. All media penetration as of 2010. FILM INDUSTRY Indian film industry stood at US$ 1. The industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 15.65 billion registering a growth of 6. TELEVISION SECTOR IN INDIA Television Industry in India has gained new momentum due to liberalization and enhanced enthusiasm shown by the broadcasters to seize a huge share of the entertainment and media industry.85 billion and showed a moderate growth of 2 %. Page | 9 .5 and reach around US$ 11.96 billion in 2009.  The print media industry stood at US$ 3. Here we can say that in the present scenario media has been spread widely . RADIO SECTOR Indian radio industry stood at US$ 171.45 billion by 2014. The share of the media below.8 per cent.90 billion by 2014.Future Outlook  Indian Film Industry is one of the world's largest with more than 1000 movie releases and over 3 million movie goers annually. In 2009.The industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9 per cent and reach US$ 3 billion by 2014.32 million by 2014.  Number of pay DTH subscribers is estimated to grow to around 28 million households by 2013.38 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16 % over 2010-14 and reach a size of US$ 360.

20% of shares has taken by print media. 16% shares of cables and satellite. ministr of external affairs.41% Cable and satellite -----------------. INTERPRETATION From the above inter retation we can easily say that Media and Entertainment Industry s share is divided in to six division and their shares are 5% film industry. Page | 10 .1% Film --------------------------------.5% Share of media Film Internet 5% 1% Radio 17% Cable and Satellite 16% Print Media 20% TV Media 41% Sour e: India in Business ITP di ision.17% shares from radio.16% Radi -------------------------------. and the major portion of share of Media and Entertainment is covered by TV media.Pri t i TV Medi -----------------------.17% Internet ----------------------------. government of India.

This helped me in getting a better understanding of teamwork. ADVERTISING There venue generation for the company is done through advertising. PRODUCTION If the good matter available. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: This department act as a support to all the other department. Hence all the departments are interlinked and proper co-ordination is must in the newspaper industry. because newspaper are published daily and a delay of single second or a minute can lead to a blunder. This department contacts to all the co rporate and convinces them to sponsor copy or give advertisements in the newspaper . and the importance of very second. The production team is responsible for the printing and packaging process of the newspaper after it has been designed. There are various factors at work here. there are various people and department involved in assembling the correct information and making it reach the consumer in the form of a newspaper. Essentially the technical support technical support team is required to look after the issues and problems related to it. SCHEDULING This department is in charge of making space and deciding the actual spot for all the news and the advertisements. effective production team can hamper the quality and the outlook in the minds of the consumer.VALUE CHAIN OF BUSINESS STANDARD In the Business Standard. hence the scheduling team has to do a proper job in order to ensur e a proper balance between the news items and advertisement. Page | 11 . many advertisements. EDITORIAL This team takes up the role of deciding which news appears and which should not.

Growing rapidly & consistently. This function of the department is to start the distribution chain of the newspaper after the production is done with. I overcome my fear. This also helps me conclude that there is a potential market for the newspaper to tap. It tested our capability to communicate effectively and converted the non -user to user. Page | 12 . I learn how to convey my opinion to others without dominating them. etc. accuracy and trust. which is founded on the editorial principle of integrity. respected. EXECUTIVE SUMMERY This report analysis CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR and MARKRT RESEARCH the method of customer detailed with help of questionnaire to gauge the consumer response. Business Standard is circulated in more than 1000 cities across the country reaffirming the widespread apple of the paper. The findings from the data collected so far. I personally went to many MNC s many big firms. My work at Business Standard was of that hard core selling along with the market surv ey. It is regarded as India s most credible and the second largest business daily. Business daily. Business Standard is a serious. non-frivolous. Overall my 90 days at Business Standard were a project training expensive where I have lerant many things. top-notch.CIRCULATION This department helps the consumer obtain the newspaper every morning. Most important I learn how to keep ownself calm at the time of rejection. I become confident while interacting. I learn many more things like patients to accept rejection to try harder and harder until I successed. bring forth a positive image for the Business Standard. hypertension and under heavy work load.

Area of the project is limited to West Bengal only so the conclusion may be biased. The collection of primary data is comparatively difficult and sometimes the question of non-response arises because the people may not like to disclose the information.LIMITATION DURING THE MRARKET RESARCH The main shortcoming of the project was that the generalizations have been made based on a restricted sample of 90 respondents. Page | 13 . Respondents to whom we questioned about the product did not take the survey seriously and answered the questions just for the sake of answering. Because of a small sample size consisting of Kolkata consumers only it might happen that introducing new strategy for Business Standard cannot be completely applicable throughout the country.

BUSINESS STANDARD: COMPANY PROFILE Business Standard: A standard paper for the business class. after which began a phase of rapid expansion with the launch of new editions. It was then bought by Mu mbai-based financial investors led by the Kotak Mahindra Bank. Enjoying its position has the second largest circulated financial daily of the country. Apart from a business newspaper. business daily. top-notch. Business Standard has always positioned itself as a serious. including BS Motoring. It is India s most respected newspaper. Indian Management. Ltd. 1975 under the name of Desh Publication Pvt. Asian Management Review. business and finance. a quarterly publication. Know More No Less is what we always belief in at business standard. The upper middle and rich market in India places Business Standard next to The Economic Times in total readership. non-frivolous. HISTORY Business Standard was incorporated on 15December. which is founded on the editorial principles of integrity. It has traditionally been as essential reference document on Indian economy. Page | 14 . accuracy and trust. It has emerged as the most credible financial daily of the country which provides information that creates wealth and enriches lives. on 23rd November 1995. It established in Kolkata by the Ananda Publisher Group. respected. Business Standard publishes several periodicals. Source: ACNielsen s Survey. This was changed to Business Standard Ltd.

SHAREHOLDERS OF BUSINESS STANDARD The Financial Times of London has taken as equity stake in Business Standard Ltd.00%. It also helps in promoting information about Indian economy & business globally. This collaboration helps Business Standard to get quick access to the recent financial news across the globe. Others-4. Great Eastern Shipping Corporation.27. Financial Times of London-14.85%.53. S are 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 0% 0% l er BS Shar h lder f BS Kotak Mahindra Group Great Estern Shipping Corporation Financial Times of London Other IMPORTANT FIGURES READERSHIP OF BUSINESS STANDARD B siness S andard is India s sec nd larges and fas es growing news aper having growth rate of 300% in past four years It has a readership over a quarter million Its readership profile encompasses the brightest and the best from Page | 15 § ¡ ¡ § ¦ ¡ ¤ ¢ ¡   ¤ £ ¥ .76%. MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS OF BUSINESS STANDARD Kotak Mahindra Group.39%.

finance. The tagline infuses a certain amount of confidence amongst the consumers. Page | 16 ¨ ¨ . which is the work of the space marketing department i. The department has to take care for the necessary steps re uired to tape the opportunities prevailing in the market. policy makers and academics. Hence the tagline.for the weekend edition (Saturday & Sunday). researchers and students and observers of the Indian Economy. 15-17 to the publication house at Business Standard. It is the most reliable and affordable business newspaper available in Gujarat at Rs. books reviews and reviews of arts and cultures are the major attractive sections.India s business and finance communities. stock brokers.e. MISSION This mission is to expend the market share of Business Standard amongst the potential market present in the Indian economy and also to ensure make the publication best in the country . Positioning Statement of Business Standard -´When you·re sureµ: To succeed in a competitive environment. To manage the distribution channel properly is not the only that the market development department has to perform. Corporate advertise in only those newspapers where there is a considerable audience and a large network of circulation. decision makers. banking. ATTRACTION Rich with informative supplements. government. travel. a vibrant section on personal finance.on weekdays and Rs. The cost is covered from the advertisements that they receive. Therefore it is imperative for the publication house to create a class of readership for the publication in order to attract the advertisers as well corporate and also build a strong brand image . collecting advertisements for the dailies. 6/. ECONOMICS OF PUBLICATION HOUSE A newspaper cost is Rs. readers come from varied occupations in the field of business. When you re sure was decided to be associated by the publication house with the Brand of Business Standard. careers and technology. 3/ . one re uires a strategy.

ACHIEVEMENTS Business Standard is one of the only Newspapers in India to have a foreign collaboration.VISION To stand at a respectful position in this marathon and keep us with the pace of the changing need of our valuable reader. Business Standard also has an annual series of awards to felicitate outstanding leadership in the corporate world. ABC approved. London) which helps with the International News Coverage. advertisers and advertising agencies. Business Standard is discipline of collecting analyzing. An addition of being baked up by a strong product. To win more and more reader. Content tie up with NDTV. a leading Media product in the Country. self discipline. trend. issue and people. (Financial Times Group. BUSINESS ETHICS Business Standard is neutral and most credible financial newspaper. which have earned the right to display its emblem. company need to deliver. Page | 17 . Facts and figures which are checked and certified by an independent body are a very important tool in the hands of the advertising business community. It has done pioneering work in developing systems to verify the circulation data published by those newspaper and periodicals. verifying and presenting information regarding current events. voluntary organization consisting of publishers. AUDIT BUREAU CIRCULATION The ABC is a non-profit.

in-depth and impartial audits of paid circulation of member publications by independent and leading firms of Chartered Accountants working in accordance with the rules procedures prescribed by the bureau. From a modest beginning it has grown to remarkable proportions. January to June and July to December. An advertiser ought to know how many people buy a publication and in which area.e. *Market coverage *Public access *Distribution by issue *Geographic distribution *One day distribution *Other details: The explanatory paragraph provides supplemental information and disclosures and includes an explanation of audit methodology. The ABC figures are not the outcome of opinions or guesswork but they are the result of rigid. An advertiser would like to know the fact and figures before investing his money in advertising. lay down a standard and uniform procedure by which a member publisher shall compute its net paid sales. ABC's membership today includes 411 Publishers of national and Page | 18 . WHAT IS ABC? HOW IT IS WORKING? ABC: The main function of ABC is to evolve. The circulation figure so arrived at is checked and certified by a firm of Chartered Accountants which are approved by the Bureau.WHAT INFORMATION DOES AN AUDIT REPORT PROVIDE? *A total average of distribution is provided . The Bureau issues ABC certificates every six months to those publishers whose circulation figures confirm to the rules and regulations as set out by the Bureau. The ABC gives all these vital facts every six months i.

To assist the Council of Management an Executive Committee is appointed by the Council. The details of ABC certified circulation figures are available online to all members of the Bureau at no extra cost. An Advertiser ought to know how many people buy a publication and in which area.regional importance. The ABC figures are not the outcome of opinions. claims or guesswork. to guide and oversee the day-to-day working of the Bureau. Publishers have to maintain the full record of subscribers with their address. An Advertiser would like to know the facts and figures before investing his money in advertising. It covers most of the major towns in India. The Chairman is elected annually by the council of management. In case of dailies-40% of the subscription price. 151 Advertising Agencies. but they are the result of rigid. Facts and figures which are checked and certified by an independent body are a very important tool in the hands of the advertising business community. 51 Advertisers & 20 New Agencies and Associations connected with print media and advertising. Few important issues to take care as per ABC certification: Trade terms to agents on subscription copies should not exceed . The Executive Committee consists of Publishers. Advertisers and Advertising Agency Members of the Council. in-depth and impartial audits of paid circulations of member publications by independent and leading firms of Chartered Accountants working in accordance with the rules / procedures prescribed by the Bureau. Page | 19 . name and signature. In case of weeklies-45% of the subscription price. The Council of Management and the Executive Committee meets regularly as ofte n as required. The ABC gives all these vital facts every six months. The Policy formation body of the Bureau is the Council of Management consisting of elected representatives from publishers advertisers and advertising agency members of the Bureau.

Ninan continues to be chairman. The Editorial team is lead by Dr.T. Group Managing Editor is a former editor of The Pioneer and associate editor of Economic Times. Deepak Lal. Oxus Investments Economics.BUSINESS STANDARD: EDITORIAL QUALITY Business Standard boasts of some of the best economic journalists and counts contributions from internationally acclaimed columnists. Jagdish Bhagwati.Gov RBI. The other great columnist are: Shankar Acharay.A. Mr. Politics & Cricket Ex.N. Mr. Sanjaya Baru.K.Bhattacharya. Ex UN under secretary General Author Member of Finance Commission Aditya Birla group chief economist Page | 20 . former media advisor to the prime minister. Regular Columnists include many Reputed Names such as: Pranab Bardhan Surjit Bhalla Bimal jalan Nitin Desai Gurucharan Das IndiraRajaraman Ajit Ranade Professor of economics at university of California Chairman.

BUSINESS STANDARD BEST PAN INDIA COVERAGE (Sources ABC Jul Dec.) These are those top 12 place where the newspaper were published. And the one upcoming place is come to join this above publication house SR NO. 2009. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Page | 21 Publication house Chandigarh Delhi Lucknow Ahmedabad Mumbai Kolkata Pune Bhubneshwar Hyderabad Banglore Chennai Kochi Patna (upcoming) .

CONTENT OF BUSINESS STANDARD CONTENT International News Infrastructure Lifestyle. Advertising Marketing Education & Training AvenuesInitiatives by B-Schools SME Business IT. Luxury & Gizmos Company laws. Telecom & Entertainment Automobile & Ancillary Segment Brand Strategies News on the digital world EDITORIAL PROPERTY International Business Infrastructure Business Life Business Law The Strategist Business Education FREQUENCY Daily Daily Appears Every Wednesday & Friday Every Monday Every Monday Every Monday SME World ICE World BS Motoring Brand World Digital Consumer Every Tuesday Every Thursday Every Saturday Every Monday & Thursday Every Monday Businsss Standard is published Monday to Sturday in all location. Kolkata & Banglor. To creat to need of the retail investor. etc Marketing. Customer activation. the paper is published from Mumbai. Page | 22 . Delhi. Tax laws. Extensive coverage of the markets has been BS fort and is eagerly consumed by investor. special focus has been provided in the form of excentive coverage on personal finance and a dedicated page on investing . -big and small. On Sunday.

Detail content of Business Standard Pg No. Your Money Page | 23 . Financial Reports. 7 Economy Advert isement Accent East Accent East Accent East Accent East Financial Reports. 6 Economy Internatio nal International International International International Financial Reports. 1 2 Mon Cover Page Companies Tue Cover Page Companies wed Cover Page Companies Thu Cover Page Companies Fri Cover Page Companies Sat Cover Page Companies Sun Cover Page Economy & Policy 3 Companies Companies Companies Advert isement Companies Companies Companies 4 Accent East Companies Companies Companies Companies Companies Companies 5 Politics & Public Affairs Advert isement Economy Economy Advert isement Economy Markets. Financial Reports. 8 Financial Reports. Digital World Financial Reports. Financial Reports. Your Money 9 Advert Isement Financial Reports. Opinion Economy Financial Reports. Issues & Insights.

10 11 Mon Tue wed Issues & Insights. Opinion Sun Your money Inter National Digital Issues & Consumer Insights... 17 Markets Personal Finance Personal Finance Finance Personal Finance Books 18 Business Law Finance Finance Commoditie s. Finance Lifestyle Page | 24 .. Pg No..CONT. Financial Reports Opinion 12 Issues & Insights SME World Business Life Last Page Adver tisement Financial Reports Time Out 13 Opinion Take Two Take Two Money & Markets Take Two Infrastructur Time Out e 14 Brand World Last Page Last Page The Smart Investor Last Page Last Page. Opinion Thu Brand World Take Two Fri Issues & Insights. Opinion Sat Issues & Insights... Democrac y At Work 15 Business Education Money & Markets Money & Markets Personal Finance Money & Markets Weekend Opinion 16 Last Page The smart The Smart Investor Investor Finance The Smart Investor People Last Page.

CONT. 19 20 Mon International B-School Special Tue Finance wed Finance Thu Commoditie s. Stocks Fri Finance Sat Entertainment Sun Commoditie s Commoditie s Commoditie s Body Basics 21 Commoditie s Commoditie s BS 200 Commoditie s Wide Angle 22 Stocks Stocks Stocks Stocks Motoring 23 BS 200 BS 200 Stocks BS 200 24 Stocks Stocks Financial Reports Stocks 25 Stocks Stocks Financial Reports Stocks 26 Financial Reports Advertisement & Financial Reports... Pg No.. Financial Reports Adver tisement 27 Financial Reports Financial Reports Page | 25 . Financial Reports.

32 Financial Reports. Fri Sat Sun 29 30 Financial Reports. Pg No. Page | 26 .. 34 Financial Reports. Financial Reports. 31 Financial Reports. wed Financial Reports. Financial Reports. Thu Financial Reports. 28 Mon Tue Financial Reports...CONT. Financial Reports. 33 Financial Reports.

It covers issues on management & marketing. It also provide the tips on successful strategy execution & columns by the world s foremost management Gurus. ICE WORLD: A one-of-its kind feature on new economies of information. Book reviews among others. Travel. Portraits of wealthy people. Art. Real Estate. that is appears in every Monday. communication and entertainment industries highlighting the impact of critical issues on key players that keeps us updated of the latest technology updates. analyses critical issue through case studies. SMART INVESTORS: This is another one of the best supplement of Business Standard it is the focused on new issues & industries in the limelight. along with the detail analysis on the stocks in action for the week gone by. This supplement is very perfect way to start the weekend knowing the leisure s of life. t strat gist relies heavil on highl researched articles so that the readers gets a complete understanding of the subject. Golf. this tabloid equips the reader for the week ahead. Page | 27 . It i ri i cont nt .THE WEEKLY SUPPLEMENT THE STRATEGIES: This is one of the best supplement. Weekend: BS Weekend covers the topics of lifestyle.

exploring the mantras adopted by top rated banks to succeed. THE FUND MANAGER: It covers the high points and performances of Mutual Funds. BANKING ANNUAL: Performances of the banking sector. It includes profiles of top Fund Managers. THE BILLIONAIRE CLUB: The annual listing covering the elite & India s growing super rich communities.ANNUAL MAGAZINES OF BUSINESS STANDARD BS 1000: A guide to India s top 1000 companies. An annual guide to smarty invests in Mutual Funds. Analyses and rates top 1000 listed companies. An annual reference book on corporate performance. Page | 28 . Annual ranking of banks.

The entire edition has something special in them. The students get all the information they need through the magazine. features and specialties of them. INDIAN MANAGEMENT: It is also a stand monthly magazine. luxuriant lifestyles. jewellery. CIRCULATION Page | 29 . exotic cuisines. It gives all the information related to cars and bikes. fashion. Opinions from thought leaders. golf. premium real estate and holidays. accessories. It gives information about upcoming models. luxury cruises and watches. hotels and saps. MARQUEE: The tabloid theme is devoted to luxury and lifestyle as a general principle. It is a one point access to cutting edge ideas in management. Global trends and innovations. quality spirits. Book reviews. Insights from carefully analyzed case studies. office equipment. imported furniture. cars. Delivers latest management theories .OTHER MAGAZINES SECTION MOTORING: It is a monthly magazine. It gives Superior management coverage. It is made especially for the management students. home interiors and home entertainment system. Certain expert s interview related to the automobile industry.


com. Bhopal. Newspaper are distributed throu h the followin supply chain - Press A ents Local Hawkers eaders. Chandigarh. New Delhi. The Hindi edition is published from Kolkata. Lucknow.in. Bangalore. Ahmedabad. 2) Subscription. The Business Standard website receives 1. allows visitors to access the Business Standard e-paper. Chandigarh. Patna.5 million unique users per month. Rajkot. The Guajarati edition is published from Ahmadabad. Chennai. Page | 31 .Mumbai. 2008. Bhubaneswar and Pune. and Mumbai. Hyderabad. Mumbai and Lucknow.PUBLICATION Growing rapidly & consistently. Business Standard is the first business newspaper to launch in Hindi and Guajarati language. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SELLING PROCESS Like other newspaper Business standard also follows different types of selling process: 1) Trade Copy Selling. A lar e volume of newspapers are delivered to the customer throu h this process. Kochi. In January 2010. Business Standard English has a circulation of over 150976 copies and is published from 12 locations in the country. New Delhi. the highest for any "stand alone" newspaper website in India. an information-cum-trading website for those interested in the stock market. it launched smartinvestor. The newspaper's website. business-standard. Kolkata. followed very closely by the Gujarati edition. 3) Institutional Selling TRADE COPY SELLING: This is the most eneral & widely sellin tactics of newspaper. with a choice of editions. The Hindi edition was launched in February. Business Standard is circulated in more than 1000 cities across the country reaffirming the widespread appeal of the paper.

The agents visit the customers & try to convince them to subscribe for their newspaper. These people go to different areas & meet the local hawkers there .96 Subscription Period 12 Months Cover Price 1364 Subscription Price. Basically it is a short time process. ar e volumes of newspaper are delivered to the above areas at discounted rates. 625 Discount (%) 46% INSTITUTIONAL SELLING Under this type of sellin process enerally the areas viz. 400 750 Discount (%) 43. (IN KOLKATA) Subscription Period 6 Months 12 Months (Out side Kolkata) Cover Price 707 1414 Subscription Price.SUBSCRIPTION This is another method which is followed by the newspaper industries to increase the sale volumes of their respective newspapers. Carried throu h Companies Personal Van .42 46. The supply chain in this process follows the followin mechanism- ewspaper from Press Centre. In this process every newspaper industry chooses some persons who only dealt with the subscriptions matter. Clubs. In this process some special subscriptions are offered to the readers by any particular newspaper so that it can change its competitor s customers to its own customers. Airlines. otels. ewspaper reaches to the Delivery Point . Page | 32 . This method is followed to increase the future sale of the newspaper. ospitals & corporate are tar eted.

CHALLENGERS OF BUSINESS STANDARD THE ECONOMICS TIMES The Economics Times was started in 1961. The daily circulation of this paper is 6. The Economics Times is an English. it is India s largest financial daily and the world s second largest financial daily after The Wall Street journal with the daily circulation of 7. Page | 33 .language Indian daily newspaper published by the Bennett. 20. Delhi. In June 2009. (This Company along with its other group companies is more popularly known as The Times Group.50.) The format of this newspaper is broad sheet. and Chandigarh & Pune. The head quarter of this financial daily is present in Mumbai. Chennai. share prices. Its main content is based on the Indian economy. Ltd. price of commodities as well as other matters related to finance. Coleman & Co. Ahmedabad.000. it also launched a television channel called ET Now. Hyderabad.000 copies .Mumbai. The Economic Times is published from 10 cities. The current Executive Editor of The Economic Times is Rahul Joshi & the channel is also headed by Rahul Joshi. Lucknow. Kolkata. Bangalore.

Mumbai & Pune. Chennai. the newspaper publishes eleven editions in English from leading citiesAhmedabad. The newspaper has an exclusive tie-up with The Economist of London to carry its articles all day of the week on the op-ed page. Page | 34 . Lucknow. The newspaper has its offices across the country & is headquartered in Delhi. Financial Express s news coverage is known for comprehensive sweep of economy policy making. India Inc & FE Investor. Kochi. Brand wagon. Delhi. The newspaper has weekly supple mentseFe. The Financial Express. published from Ahmedabad. It is India s oldest financial daily. is today one of the leading newspaper in the country. except on Saturday & Sunday.THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS The Financial Express is an Indian business & financial daily newspaper published by The Indian Express Group since 1961. Chandigarh. Bangalore. corporate development & market trends. Part of The Indian Express Group. Kolkata. It also has an edition in Guajarati. Hyderabad.

Kochi. K. Delhi. Mohan Padmanabhan writes many of the articles. Page headings include Corporate. Thiruvananthapuram. Brand Line. Coimbatore. Madurai. Business Line is published from 14 locations: Bangalore. Ram and the Joint Editor is Mr. Editorial & Opinion (2 pages). Published as a broadsheet. States Variety. Life. Marketing. Mumbai. Stocks and Mutual Fund quotes (5 pages).000 copies. Chennai. Hyderabad. Business Line's main section has 20 to 24 pages. Stock Market news. it has a circulation of around 130. Economy. Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Kolkata. They are e-world. the publishers of the newspaper The Hindu. Business Line started publishing in 1994. Business Line which is a product of Hindu group used to publish several magazines weekly & monthly basis. smart buy. International Business. Page | 35 . N. Commodities & Agribusiness. Business Line has emerged its name among the most reputed financial dailies of the country. Venugopal. Tiruchirapalli. Logistics and Market Watch.BUSINESS LINE Business Line or The Hindu Business Line is an Indian business newspaper published by Kasturi & Sons. Its Editor -inChief is Mr. Mangalore. Information Technology.

Hyderabad. It was launched in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal on 1st February 2007. Bangalore. and Chandigarh & Pune. Ahmedabad. It is the first newspaper in India to be published in the Berliner format. Delhi. Kolkata.Sukumar . Mint is published from different citiesMumbai. Chennai.MINT Mint is a business newspaper of Hindustan Times Media Ltd. The current editor of the newspaper is R. Page | 36 . It is a premium business news publication aimed at decision makers and policy makers of the country.

promotion and distribution. MARKETING. 3. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: Consumer Behaviour principle are applied in many areas of marketing as discussed below: 1. --Bearden et al.MIX DECISIONS: once unsatisfied needs and wants are identified. ANALYSIS MARKET OPPORTUNITY: consumer behavior study help in identifying the unfulfilled needs and wants of the customers. 2. SELECTING TARGET MIX: A review of market opportunity often helps in identifying distinct consumer segment with very distinct and unique wants and needs. price.James F Engel. consumers life styles. Page | 37 .WHAT IS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR? Consumer behaviour refers to the actions and decision process of people who purchase a goods and services for personal consumption. and income level and emerging influences. Consumer behavior refers to the mental and emotion processes and the physical activities of people who purchase and use good and services to satisfy particular need and wants. the marketer has to determine the right mix of product. This requires examining the trends and conditions operating in the marketplace. Roger D Blackwell. -.

method of primary data collection. CONSUMER RESEARCH PROCESS: Consumer research process involves six major steps:1. analysis. It plays a truly analytical approach to decision that will be take. Defining research objective.RESEARCH Consumer Research has emerged as an extension and an integral part of marketing research. 3. Research plan states how and when procedures were employed to carry out the resear ch study. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The objective of the present study could have accomplished by conducting a systematic market research to know the promotional strategies and services of Business Standard Ltd. Market research consist of the systematic collection. It includes specification of research design source of data. Page | 38 . 5. 4. Collecting and evaluating secondary data. Interpretation and reporti ng of information about various facts of a phenomenon under study. sampling design and analysis procedure adopted. recording. Research approach is Survey. Research Plan RESEARCH PLAN states how and when the research study is under taken. Report preparation. 2. Collecting primary data Analyzing data. Primary research design. The data are primary. 6.

Consumer Research Objective Secondary Data Collection Sufficient insight No Yes Prepare report Design Primary research Qualitative research: *Method *Questionnaire *Discussion Conduct research (Use highly trained Interviewer Analyses data ( subjective ) Exploratory research Prepare report Page | 39  © The followi g di gr ©   showi g the consu er research process Quantitative research: *Method *Sample design * Data collection Collect primary data (Use fi staff or hire eld professionals Analyses data (Objective) Prepare report .

COLLECTING AND EVALUATING SECONDARY DATA Secondary data is any information originally generated for some other purposes rather then the current problem under consideration and can be either internal or external to the organisatio n . if the purpose of the research study i s to come up with new idea for advertising campaigns. A depth interviews lengthy. DESIGN PRIMARY RESEARCH QUALITATIVE RESEARCH The research first takes into consideration the purpose of the research study and the kind of data needed. The emphasis is on open -ended and free response type of questions so that the respondents reveal their unconscious thoughts and beliefs. In case the research is not clear what questions to include in the questionnaire. For example. It includes findings based on data generated in. unstructured and informal and is between a Page | 40 . This will ensure the development of appropriate research design. Data collection techniques for qualitative studies include focus group.DEFINING RESEARCH OBJECTIVES It is the important to clearly define the purpose and objective of research study on which the marketing manager and the researcher agree. customer information collected by company s sales or credit departments and research conducted by outside organisation.scale exploratory research to spot critical issues and include question to ask. In case the purpose of the study is to learn what percentage of people use certain product and how frequently the m. then he may conduct a small .house for earlier studies. The of locating secondary data is called Secondary. DEPTH INTERVIEW Depth interviews are designed deep seated or repressed motives. depth interviews and projective techniques. then a quantative study is more appropriate. then a qualitative study might be fruitful .

* Suggesting refreshing new ideas. * Checking an advertisement. the data collection instrum ent and the sample design.respondent and trained researcher.person characterization. DATA COLLECTION METHOD There are three basic approach to collecting data in quantative study: 1)OBSERVATION: One important approach to gain an in -depth understanding of consumer is to observe their behaviour in the process of buying and using product. Projective techniques involve a variety of disguised test containing ambiguous stimuli such as untitled pictures. * Understanding consumers` motivations. inkblots. or product concept to determine any flaws. Observational research provides valuable information. * Doing a post-mortem on failed products. incomplete sentence. QUANTATIVE RESEARCH Quantative research design include the method for data collection. which Page | 41 . product package. FOCUSED GROUP Focus Group is a popular technique for exploratory research and brings together about eight to ten people with similar backgrounds to meet with a moderator/analyst for a group discussion. PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUES Projective tests require the respondent to decide what the other person would do in a certain situation. lifestyles and personalities. * Generating hypotheses about consumers and conditions. These techniques explore the underlying motives of individuals who consciously get involved in rationalization and concealment because they may be reluctant to admit certain weaknesses or desires. It generally lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. words-associated and other.

For example.is used in product advertising. usually in postage paid envelop. by mail. called casual research. by designing suitable experiments to identify cause and effect . the researcher can test the relative sales appeals for package designs. The size of the ad might be changed. in such studies. Personal interview survey is a direct face-to-face interaction between interviewer and the respondent in home or in retail shopping area. promotional offers and copy themes etc. prices. keeping other variable such as message or appeal and the colou r of the ads constant so that they would not influence the result. to determine weather the size of magazine ad effect readers attention. or by telephone. through not face-to-face and can be useful alternative to personal interview. Mail survey are conducted by sending questionnaires directly to individuals who complete it at their leisure and return it. consumers are aware of all the fact that they are being studies and participative activity. 3)SURVEY: In a survey for data collection. Telephone interview also provide interviewer-respondent interaction. 2)EXPERIMENTATION: In experimental studies. A survey can be conducted by personal interview. ADVANTAGES AND LIMITATION OF DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Particulars Personal Telephone interview survey survey High Medium Small High No Yes High High Yes High Medium Low Medium Medium Maybe Maybe Medium Medium No Medium Mail survey Low High Large Low Yes No None None Maybe Low Cost of data collection Time required to collect data Sample size for a given budget Data quantity per contact Can reach widely dispersed sample Reach to special location Level of interaction with respondents Degree of interview bias Presentation of visual stimuli Response rate Page | 42 . It is also widely used by experientialists to understand the buying and consumption process .

Attitude scales include Linkert scales. Likert scale is the most popular form of attitude scale. being easy to prepare and interpret ad simple for respondent to answer.--------------------. A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondent for their responses. Big shopper s merchandise is generally reasonable priced. expensive/inexpensive. mail and telephone). Researchers also use attitude scales to collect this type of evaluating data. The respondents are asked to check o write the number corresponding to their level of agreement or disagreement with the statement. It consist of a pair of bipolar pair adjectives (such as good/bad. This facilities analysis and classification of responses into suitable categories. Questionnaire include both questions that are relevant to the topic of stu dy and are pertinent demography question. Big shopper is generally well stocked.DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT The method of data collection depends on the type of research. Questionnaire are pre-tested any errors are removed before their widespread use.-------------- . sharp/blunt. ag gressive/docile) or antonym phrases at both ends of the scale with response option spaced in between in five or seven points. Use of this approach involves compiling ea list of statement relevant to the attitude under study. Research can use a questionnaire to conduct any of the thre of survey (personal interview. like/dislike. SEMANTIC DIFFERENTIAL SCALE is relatively easy to construct and administer. Big shopper is generally a progressive store. Page | 43  Particular Stron ly a ree --------- X X Example of a Likert scale  Agree Undecided Disagree ------------------------------- Strongly ---------------------------------- X ------------- -------. semantic differential scales and Rank-order scales. The primary method of data collection for quantities study is the questionnaire.

We are interested in learning your preference for each of these brands. Rank 1 2 3 4 5 Name of Newspaper The Economic Times Business Standard Business Line Mint Financial Express Eg.Order Scale SAMPLE DESIGN A sample Design addresses three question: 1) who is to surveyed (Sample Unit)? 2) How many is to survey (sample size)? 3) How should the respondent be chosen (the sampling procedure)? Page | 44 .Modern Semantic differential scale RANK ORDER SCALES involves asking the respondent to rank items in order to preference against some criterion such as quality.Inexpensive ---Old ----. or image. Rank. value for money. 2alongside the brand you would next be most likely to buy . The following are the six brands of Financial Newspaper.Healthy Fresh Soft Expensive Young Old fashioned ----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------- ----------- -------------------------- -----. Rank-order scaling revels important competitive information and helps identify areas of product design improvement.------------------- --.continue doing this until you have ranked all six brand. Place 1 alongside the brand that you would be most likely to buy.Unhealthy -----Stale Hard -----.

COLLECTION PRIMARY DATA Data collection phase of research is probably the most expensive and quit prone to error. Likert Scale question. REPORT PREPARATION The researcher prepares a report of her/ his finding to be presented to the relevant parties. The report includes a description of the methodology used. used. other respondents will refuse the interview. Rating question. The researcher supervises the data analysis in quantitative research. The responses are converted into numerical scores then tabulated and analyzed with the help of computers using sophisticated analytical techniques. In qualitative research the moderator/ analyst usually analyses the respondents responses. still other will give biased or dishonest answers and some interviewers themselves will be biased or dishonest. ANALYZING DATA The last-but-one step in the research process is to extract relevant finding from the collected data. The questionnaire is the most common instrument used in collecting primary data for the study. The four major problems encountered are: some respondents will not be available a t home and must be either conducted again or replaced. as well as tables and graphics to support to the research findings. It was used for consumer survey. which help in study. 1) 2) 3) 4) Multiple choice question. Semantic differential scale Page | 45 .


------------------. sampling design and analysis procedure adopted. ------------------.----------------------------------------------------.40 Charted accountant and other professional. Research plan states how and when the research study is under taken. method of primary data collection. It plays a truly analytical approach to decision that will be take.10 Banker.35 Businessmen.-------------------------------------------------------------. ---------------------------------------------------------------.5 Charted Acc untants % gmt. Research plan states how and when procedures were employed to carry out the research study. Student 40% Target au ience Page | 47   Corporate executive 35% Banker 10% Businessmen 10% sample in % . recording. Interpretation and reporting of information about various facts of a phenomenon under study. analysis. It includes specification of research design source of data. TARGET AUDIENCE The financial newspapers generally cater to the following target audience (100): Corporate executive.MARKET RESEARCH Consist of the systematic collection.10 Management student and business profession.

1) Personal details:Customer Name: _______________________________________________________________________ . Residential Address: ____________________________________________________________________ __________________ Pin: _______________________________. Occupation: _________________________________________________________.

2) Do you read any a financial newspaper?

------------ Yes. ------------- No. 3) If Yes then which newspaper? Business Standard. The Economic Times. Financial Express. Mint. Business Line. ________________. _________________. ________________. _________________. _________________.

4) If No then from where you gather business news. TV. Radio ____________________ __________________

5) Which news paper has easy or understandable language? Business Standard. The Economic Times. Financial Express. Mint. Business Line. 6) Which future would you like? Company News.
Page | 48

________________. _________________. ________________. ______ ___________. _________________.


Stock Information. Editorial Economy News Political News

__________________. __________________. ___________________. ___________________.

7) Are you interested in other features of Business Standard? Supplements News Quality Any gifts Extra Magazine ________________. _________________. ___________________. __________________.

8) Factors influence the sales of newspaper? Content Availability Cost Service Other _________________. ________________. ________________. _________________. _________________.

9) Are you investor? Yes No ________ ________

10) Do you think that financial newspaper help you in taking your decision on investment? Yes ________ No ________ 11) 12) Analyzing consumers perception from Likert Scale. Analyzing consumer perception from rank order scale.

Page | 49

Which news paper has easy or understandable language? Business Standard. The Economic Times. Financial Express. Mint. Business Line. 40% 30% 5% 10% 15%

Customer Perception about language
FE 5% BL 15%
BS 30%

MINT 10% ET 40%

From the above data we can easily came to know that according to customer point of view from my sample ie 100 respondent, about language which newspaper has easy or understandable language. ET BS BL MINT FE = 40%*100= 40 respondent. = 30%*100= 30 respondent. = 15%*100= 15 respondent. = 10%*100= 9 respondent. = 4%*100= 4 respondent.

Page | 50

5%*100=1 respondent. = 2.e.5%*100=2 respondent.5% Any Gift 1% Extera mazagine 3% Supplement 2% News Qulity 95% Consumer perception about extra attribute INTERPRETATION From the above study we came to know that according to customer point of view from my sample i. about language which newspaper has easy or understandable language. 100 respondent .Are you interested in other features of Business Standard? Supplements News Quality Any gifts Extra Magazine 2% 95% 0. = 3%*100=3 respondent. Page | 51 .5% 2. News Quality Any magazine Other gifts supplements = 95%*100=95 respondent. = .

_________________. about language which newspaper has easy or understandable language. ________________. we came to know that sale of newspaper is influenced by to choice of the customer content are influenced by 65%. services by 7%. ________________. and others by 3%. cost is no matter for those customer who are content friendly so cost is influenced by 10%. Content Cost Service Other Availability = 65%*100=65 respondent = 10%* 100=10 respondent = 7%* 100= 7 respondent = 3%* 100=3 respondent =15%* 100=15 respondent Page | 52 . Service 7% Cost 10% Other 3% Availability 15% content 65% Factor in lunce t e sale of BS INTERPRETATION From the above study. From the above study we came to know that according to customer point of view from my sample ie 100 respondent . _____ ____________. availability is influenced by 15% of the customer test.Factors influence the sales of newspaper? Content Availability Cost Service Other _________________.

From the study we can identify that BS is helpful for 95% of his customer. Page | 53 . Do you think that financial newspaper help you in taking your decision on investment? Yes No ______ ________ NOT HELPF L 5% HELPF L 95% Customer ecision effecte by BS INTERPRETATION Among the investor of sample size business standard s news very helpful for his customer.Are you investor? Yes No ________ ________ NO 44% YES 56% Percentage of Investor INTERPRETATION From the above interpretation we came to know that among my sample only 56% are investor and 44% are not investor.

consumer perception about the business standard s Stock market and commodities. that manes 50 consumer are delight for this newspaper. And 20 consumer satisfied or dissatisfied for its punctuality. Because some time it happen that newspapers are not come at time in the hand of customer. 50% consumer are very-very much satisfied.CONSUMERS PERCEPTION ABOUT BS STOCK MARKET AND COMMODITIES. Page | 54 . Consumer s thoughts about stock market and commodities? Very good________________________ Good______________________________ Average__________________________ Average 20% Very Good 50% Good 30% co su er perceptio stock co odities kt & INTERPRETATION The above interpretation show that. 30 consumer are satisfied with the newspaper.

Because some time it happen that newspapers are not come at time in the hand of customer. 36 consumer are satisfied with the newspaper. consumer perception about the business standard s International news and Trade news. And another problem is that the sample size is low and almost 50% are student so. 50% consumer are very-very much satisfied. they are not able to understand the whole news. And 44 consumer satisfied or dissatisfied for its punctuality. That is the reason the number of average customer is high. that manes 20 consumer are delight for this newspaper. Page | 55 .INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND TRADE NEWS Consumer s thoughts about stock market and commodities? Very good________________________ Good______________________________ Average__________________________ Average 44% Very GOOD 20% GOOD 36% International news and trade news INTERPRETATION The above interpretation show that.

availability. From the above study we came to know that according to customer point of view from my sample i. language. Page | 56   ET BS B FE INT . we came to know that sale of newspaper is influenced by to choice of the customer content. cost.MARKER SHARES OF BUSINESS STANDARD AND COMPETITORS SHARES. 8% of Mint and 5% of The Financial Express. and its competitors shares are 44% of The Economic Times. 100 respondent. So the market shares of the Business standard is 32%. and others services. BL 11% FE 5% MI T 8% ET 44% BS 32% Market share of BS INTERPRETATION From the above study. services. 11% of Business Line.e.

BS s others news are more number compare to other. news. BS is providing more stock mkt. BS is more preferable by students compare to others. Consumers are happy with BS supplements Consumers are more attract towards supplements while subscribing. magazine is really helpful for new comers mgmt student. BS is providing more brand awareness. Indian mgmt.ANALYSISING THROUGH LIKERT SCALE IN DIFFERTNT PARAMETERS: PARAMETERS BS is very helpful for investor. Price conscious consumers are going for BS. BS has best columnist than others BS has providing good services. Small earning group peoples are really being benefited from international news STRONGLY AGREE AGREE UNDECIDED DISAGREE STRONGLY DISAGREE             Page | 57 .

2alongside th e brand you would next be most likely to buy . Place 1 alongside the brand that you would be most likely to buy.CONSUMER PERCEPTION ON THE DIFFERENT FINANCIAL NEWSPAPER. Rank Name of Newspaper 1 2 3 4 5 The Economic Times Business Standard Business Line Mint Financial Express Page | 58 . RANK ORDER SCALE The following are the six brands of Financial Newspaper.continue doing this until you have ranked all six brand. We are interested in learning your preference for each of these brands.

Home Minister.Chidambaram.READER S SAYS. Page | 59 . y It exemplifies exacting standards in enterprise and economic reporting. P. -Sir David Bell. FT group y Rated the No. Mukesh Ambani. 1 professional business media to deal with. -Mr. -Mr. CMD Reliance Industries y The FT identifies with and sees Business Standard as its natural growth partner. Present Prime Minister of India (ex Finance Minister) y I do not have a choice but to read Business Standard first. y I have been a loyal reader of Business Standard for the last 3 decades. . every morning.Shri Manmohan Singh. Chairman.

Student BBA(H. But the problem is that its not come at time. I am regular customer of business standard. but suddenly one day I test Business Standard with my morning tea.(H. I am very happy with the supplement. So. Student BBA. Suraj. Sanjay Das. and the paper quality is not so good and not so bad.) Page | 60 . I am from hindi background. Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd. I change my newspaper.B. India Infoline. There are so many information that I gather from Business Standard. That are very helpful for my study Saddam Hussian. As I am staying in Dhanbad.). As I am student of B. I need all the international news that is helpful for my study.A. Because it gives me the knowledge of business. from that time. I am the regular customer of the Business Standard. But after knowing about Your newspaper from Pankaj Prasad your subscriber. The price is very attractive and it is helpful for enhancing my knowledge about different business news. it is very help full for me.SELECTED CUSTOMER RESPONSE I am reading Business Standard science last one year. Earlier I was the customer of The Economic Times. and I think that this newspaper has every element to satisfied me and I am very happy When Business Standard started with the Hindi addition.(H. Ashok Kumar Panday. so.) Earlier I was the customer of Telegraph.

increase brand The Stock Market analysis in Business Standard is excellent and considered to be the best among all the papers. because getting a Must need an media partner or a customized news channel for better reach to the target customer. The company should focus on retention of customers new customer is more costly.SUGGESTIONS The company should do more brand building activities to awareness. Must need to improve its supply chain for better distribution network. For better response Business Standard must need to participate more on CSR. Page | 61 . So must use this strength in marketing. Like ET does ( ET News). Try to earn more revenue from advertisement that Leeds to the paper lees costly.

no response is available that can satisfy consumer. I have lerant many things. Though the number of such consumers is less but still organization should be consumer oriented. Most important I learn how to keep own self calm at the time of rejection. Business Standard is not using any other kind of marketing mix communication mix like events. etc. I learn how to convey my opinion to others without dominating them. hypertension and under heavy work load. My work at Business Standard was of that hard core selling along with the market survey. whereas The Economic Times is market leader. public relation. I learn many more things like patients to accept rejection to try harder and hard er until I successed. Page | 62 . It tested our capability to communicate effectively and converted the non-user to user. From my findings I came to know that the readers of Business Standard are complaining that the paper is not reaching properly and when complaints are made. Looking at over all publication process. From the findings I find that opportunity for business standard is too much because in the market there are so many people who even do not know the Business Standard. we came to know the whole pro cess of printing till the final delivery of the newspaper. direct marketing. I overcome my fear. Understanding the theoretical aspect makes it look much easier but practically the publication process is very difficult and requires integrated efforts from all the departments. So we can say that awareness of BS is too low. I personally went to many MNC s many big firms.CONCLUSION Research has taken place for Consumer Behaviour and Market Research. Proper service can be a weakness becaus e it can make many consumers to shift to another financial daily and one dissatisfied consumer can stop five consumers to take service and also damage brand image of organization. I become confident while interacting.

Consumer Behavior. Keller).com.com. It was a g reat experience and knowledge to work on this project I have gained a lot of public health and great relationship with different type of people of race and culture pleasure to mention those names of people. www. ( PTU study material) Different types of book and articles provide by Business Standard. Page | 63 . Web reference: www.google.Scribed.business-stadard.BIBLIOGRAPHY The project report on Business Standard on the topic Consumer Behaviour & Market Research could be successful with co-operation of the project and the faculty guides. (Kotler Philip. (PTU study material). From different research work done by students.com. But along with the training period I had taken the help of the following books: Book reference: Marketing Management. Marketing Management. articles and tools from where I gained help. www.

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