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March-May, 2011

Editorial Board
Patrons Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala Mr. Manlnder Pal Singh Brar Editor Niyati ChaudhalY
Public Relations Officer

JCD Memorial College of Pharmacy
~ ~ ~"ffi <rei mit ~ "ffi~? <t f<Ii<:iI-m fum ii 3TI'fW -m~~3TI'1<l>'t~ii~"Im,V:mm~~lc@<tf.l<:rq-~-q;;m<t ~ <li1croJ' ~ lJ<t ii ~ ~ ~ am: a:rrq -m "ITt m: ~ ~ 'llR'A' 'liB ~I am



Sub·Edltor Sanya AggalWal

Special Thanks Dr. N.S. Bhal Dr. Gurcharan Das Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha Dr. K.N. Dubey Dr. Rajender Singh Tada Dr. Shashi Kapoor Dr. Kuldeep Singh Er. R.S. Brar Dr. Jal Parkash Dr. Viney Lather

<rei 'ltt ~ ~I m 'i.IiFfI- f.l<:rq~ ~ \fi -;;mf ~ aW: a:rrq ~ 1ffi;<l: <li1'i'I'\fi ~ >rut ~ ~I omii fu!~'n'hhr~"IT ~ ~ ~~, ~ <f ~ ~, c,'IcrrU '1<:<n W !:ft 'iitql-~ 3TI'1<l>'t~, 31"'FIT orw-f ~ ii ~ ~"IT m<f~ 1):1 ~ it "IT:cWi; ~ 'n: ~ ~, fuF;G 3l1fl:: ctt WI'! ~ ii ~!IT 'IT ~ ~ <Ii\ ~ ~1 am<m~ <li1Wtl ~~'IT '9,\R ~<li1 c,'IcrrU<Ii't ~-'!rI <Ii\ am "!!>iT-*""" ~ 'll11' ~ q;'\ ~, ,!>~3lTit tm' 'I ~ 'R ~ 1'I"l'Il-~3lT <li100 ~ 'O!i"f.t'I m q ~ 31'fiM 'O!i"f.t'1ft ~,

~-~~ii~mm<li1w, 'IT'ftq;'\~<wft'~<!it~, ~m ~ 1W: Cf;'{ ~ <liT~ ~ q;'\~, m:r<r ~1IfW:!iitm-'irfffi 'O!i"f.t<li1 W, ~ii.f.r;n' ~ ~-i\"1n WR'O!i"f.t <!it~, '!>1ft'!>-m ~ "'Tfl '1l:~ -t-! q;'\"~, ~ <!it <"ft6 fufl:R 'ffi'oR <li1~, foAl ~ ~ 'IT ~- 'Rr& irr M~r& ~.t'TRI~<Ii't~~q;'\"~,~~'1l:'<lR.t~<!it~,~1ft ilz Cf;'{>fu:s! 'Ji1R <!it ~ "lFit ~ m ~

Team Support Dr. Arindam Sarkar Dr. RosI1an Lal Shikha Goyal Sudeep Kumar Aasheesh Singla Dr. Varindr Pun Suraj Pal Singh



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Photogra Tara Chand


WJR 'Ift<li't1m1 m~ <iTl'I1'I1"lI' 31'1'fI ~ • .t ~"ffirrtr f<$IT ii ~ iPmJ11'l 'l<111'lft WJ(j]? t'rT 1ft ~? <!<II f<Ii<:iI'F"fi' it ~t?<mf.!<:r<if'fit~~'G'('Ift!1:'1l:~t"ffi~ m~wR tftrft fofffit <R wei ~ 'R am it m 'fit croJ' oftcr;r itff ~I 'R ~ croJ' 1?Iffi m m 'R f~ tl alR "W "ffi 1ft Wl'f 'fit '1'1<1 Wit i f<l; ~ <tI fCi~qFCiMi'1lii' "lfu:rU it ~
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Indian Sponsored Education Pharmacy National and Graduate's Trust on was Seminar held on 12th March Nayak College Ch. Devi of Pharmacy. from 2011 at Jan Lal Memorial Sirsa. This by New Delhi, Association (lPGA) Welfare "CurrentTrends in Pharmaceutical Research" one day seminar was attended 300 delegates

Haryana, Himachal

Punjab, Pradesh were

Rajasthan, and Madhya

Pradesh. Various resource persons in the seminar Sharma Director. (Chief Dr. Shamim Executive Prof. A. Prof. Guest),


JCD Vidyapeth;

K. Madan.
of Health

PI. B. D. Sharma Univ.
Sciences, Rohtak; Punjab: Pharmacy,


M. N. Noolvi, ASBASJSM College of Pharmacy, J. Ahmed Faculty Hamdard. Gehlawat Dept of Dr. Farhan Jain, Jamia and Dr. Gaurav

mmo.W <Ii't ~ <r~ m <!il1Jf3 ~ ~ .ornT 2l1ffi ii '3CRT it 'RM ~ ~ ~ it <1'!1

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Technical Assistance:

'~~'1l:~Cf;'{ilz'rcrrffi<li't~ 1ft~WIRT'f¥IT~1 ~~ <IT WRT t fiI; 1?Iffi <11ftf<ffiT~ ~ q;'\"l1fu+!r~, T-l <Ii't 'i!:m -;;IT GJ"l-GJ"l 'Efi1 ~ ~ "ffi 0<Ill'T~ R<?r <liT0:« ~ foR:ror;r <fa ~"11 ~ 'fit ~ ~ ~

New Delhi; Prof_ S_ K. and Dr. Raj Kumar Salar, Ch. Devi Dr. Asmita Sirsa;


of Biotechnology.

m.. __




Lal University, Gajbhiye,

<f11T '1liT r 1!,Cf>

Dept of Pharmaceutical Mr. Sanjay Director, Gupta. Catalyst

... ,;ltl


<it <rrM' 'fit~

Wit l 'l1'l1: "W ~


- ~~~~ fiI;~ <Ii't <mii~


Sciences, Dr. H. S. Gaur University. Sagar; Managing


Clinical Services l.td., New Delhi.

cmrm G~foft<r m, mrnmrn ~ :ffit-:ffit ~lhl R'JI .g er i5R! =-¢ 'it 35m 3Oi\ <tf ~ a;rIt it I

Principal Dr. Viney Lather welcoming speakers The seminar Pharmaceutical systems, Clinical JCDM focused on the current areas of on

Dr. A.K. Madan, Dr. M.N. Noolvi, Dr. Shamim Sharma, Dr. Deepti Pandi dignitaries shared with and delegates thrust of the seminar. He

trc<'R, C'I'Rf ~, ~~,i5'1!Jii'tar 3~~~q;rar>'i"T f<1;<rrCferr~orR;if


research emphasizing Phytochemistry, Biotechnology, Lather, Principal, all the welcomed delegates the college achievements,

6lfuc1 <tf, <rtf

Drug discovery and development, Nanotechnology, technology, of Pharmacy research etc. Dr. Viney College Pharmaceutical

Novel drug delivery

research facilities,

areas of research etc. at in

JCDM College of Pharmacy. He explained how this seminar could prove beneficial to the students updating their knowledge in research development areas. and

Academic Achievements
• Dr. Viney Lather, Principal; Deepti Professor; Pandita, Mr. Dr. binding modes of Matrix Inhibitors anticancer Viney Lather, Principal and Mr . Dharmender Professor Rathee, were the Asst. invited Associate Dharmender Metalloproteinases design of new (MMPs): An approach towards agents". This paper fetched the best poster award and a cash prize. Ms. Deepti a of Rathee on presented "Comparative prediction paper competitive molecular Rathee, Asst. Professor and Ms. Deepti Rathee, Asst. Professor attended Annual New 2011. the the Indian Pharmacy Association's on 2nd 26th in April, Pandita for one of Mr. Conference Delhi Dr. scientific Deepti held Graduate'S guests in the Biotech Forum. • JCDM under College the of Pharmacy Grant" New received a grant of i!' 70,000/"Seminar Education, This scheme from All India Council for Technical Seminar. Seminar Delhi for organizing a National National to be

~;if 30 3ftlc;r<!iT ~m' 3il'k2rrar~iI> '17JTIrr ~ ;if <!T ;m -m ~m3i'f' tR' 1T<P fu= 3n<i'r;;rcrf<1;<rr;nm, ft';m;if fullrr itrorr iI> ~


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f<n qo;"n ~ fmncm <tf <9"Gf I~~<ftf<n

'it 3!TO<ft
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(ttofRlt) 51. 'iImfR: fu& i\ 'ffi'I<rmT iI>;>;;q;if~

'it 3m lmrr< ~ fuor! I ~ ~I~n 3il'k2rrar iI> ~~<!, R~"l, voiEl<lft<r~l!'ifutll<r<>fctil;"arR:;i'ifu='it~

:rna 4 ~ ;if ~ ~ 'ImI11! ;m oft "t aerr 3r~qit~11ft15-15fuoif1!ft~3ft<!t0lT-m'%1


11ftI ~'''lT

3Ifa1mor il;" 3ffiofrr <!T OIT-m ~m3if


-m '% rrerr ~

~~;i'i~::mc:q=-=~G't1R51!ft::mc:<ftorr ir.R qit ftHfOT-3!fum1 <IT'll''!ft iI> fEm

q;r 3"¥fCT

ltmorrw'% I
\R1' 3mm: tR ~ il;" ~s'i'.~~Ii\ qo;~1 flp "po ~hl fu~&m~<n!f -.ftm;.il;"~-jf <1'f ft,,,n ~ fus:-g

QSAR studies for

was co-chairperson Dharmender

CYP2C9 inhibitory activity using three-dimensional descriptors". • Students of B. Pharm-Final Year participated in Biotech Forum at Department of Biotechnology,


Rathee presented "Analysis of

is proposed

a research paper

organized during the month of September, 2011 .


The roots of education are bitte~ but the fruit is sweet.
- Aristotle

Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa and won the First prize in Debate competition in Rangoli and Second Prize competition. Dr.

One meaning of education is knowledge of the self and it is perfect in itself.
~_-_M _ _ ah_a_tm_g~G_a~nd_m_~~1 3

fu'orm <!iT Cferr~-jf\R1'= il;" flmm: mlSfUT 'it ~ ~ 'it ~o£I(f 3!i\q; arifFr<iio5'r<;:.<m;if
<l6T<!1'tT WEI' it;J!t I

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fiI;;m JT<'lT, fumq5] 31i<l~r1!T ~

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fufw.;r 6 e;m:ff iI; ~ ~
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l"i 1J"1"lT"l""I~"

1J"era1"i'-2!JGf, ori<ft~q;rrn?f~ri ~~"t<T3RolTBT'5IT~~<-<.iT'!lJ"i' mIW'l"!~ii~<IfllSRolT

287f1f<f ri'r. <fro tt. ~HfOT ~ <I>T'lJ' ;its trerer filom JT<'lT %, ~ Vf'fRf if. \i'I<I WPT~T <it <f56TR"o~ ~ usr ~ <ft<R fu <it



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2011 <I>T

W'I"! 3mR" lJ"i' ;ii. ~ fuR:ri);-<iIi'IlJ"i'i'f5<i<

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W'ffi it <f56Tf<'n -.rfE;m iI;

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afuR~'IlT1!1i~'IlT3=~Tft't;~"t, oil i'f5 <I§'! $T forl'fR'tS1' IDffi5l ii 3l11<ft 3l11<ft 3fi'i<JT -.r.rr ~

~)li'r.q~,;if.~~3ifq; ~~TOf~,m~.~arorr~(~)m. 1'""5~, ~~, ~

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fu<rr oni'r ('fJTj %, fuR:ri);-<I'JR'lT~3rr <it ma W % I~ ~ ~rnit 3w.f\ l!iP

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'lJ' ;its ~(f2fT~T'!TolT~<I>T~§lI~<I>T


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fur, ~ fur, ~T~IT m 3r;);~ 1l'itn"~ffi'IT, lJ<i 1l'itn"~ffi'IT, ~ 31= lRl'm~ffi'IT, ~,
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furor q;'fifu q ~ <it ~ g3IT I ~ ~rafUFr ~rm <it ~ 5fr ~ h=

<~ q>; ia1r 30 <IlT"'t, 2011 olT <TI'r qi)' fumtfio oft ~ ~~T<P ;ii.

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itc1, fhlr~fu;,r, ~ Ohr, ~ 1ft. it. lJ. Ohr, ~, 3fTi [!U5 itc1 3nfu q;r f<:r;!\.fOT fu><rr ,,2fT <i<ifETil


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~l!iP~:Htt<Jrr l~if"6ll'il!iP= 3';OI-3';OI~q 'Wft=~;rrrl\"1l!$TI

>R1=ICIT "O!:Im 'IlT I fIrm12f<ij <it ~

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JeD Polytechnic

Sports Meet 2011

JeD Polytechnic organized its Annual Function 'POLYVISION 2011' on 9th Apri12011. Mr. Rajbir Deswal, IG (CID) Haryana police inaugurated the function. Dr. Shamim Sharma, Executive Director, JeD Vidyapeeth and principals of various colleges were present during the function. The function started with enlightening flowers on goddess Maa Saraswati. College student Jyoti paid homage to Maa Saraswati by performing a fabulous performance titled 'Serveswari, Permeswari hey Matroop Permeswari.' Er. R. S. Brar, principal JCD polytechnic welcomed chief guest and told about the achievements of students. Along with this, he presented the of the lamp and showering the

Sports meet was held in JeD Polytechnic on 29th and 30th March 2011. In this meet various events are held like Tug of war, Cricket. Badminton, Basketball, spoon race, slow scooty race, volleyball, slow bike race. Dr. Shamim Sharma, Executive Director, JeD Vidyapeeth inaucurated the meet and motivated the students & Studemls briefed about importance elf ph~sical fitness. have actively participated Engimeering Department.

annual report. The function proceeded with various cultural activities like Rajasthani dance, Western dance and Haryanvi dance. Rajasthani group dance was performed bygirl students on 'JHINI-JHINI CHUNRI' Haryanvi dance was performed by girl students on 'MERI PASLI MEIN

HUA DARD RI MERI MAA'. An English play 'Merchant of Venice' was staged by the students. It was a tremendous act and gave the message of true friendship. Chief Guest Sh. Rajbir Deswal said in his speech that humanity plays an important role in the life of a person. He praised the students for maintaining such a good discipline and said that the students in uniform show the sign of unity. He motivated the students to do something in such a way which makes them unique. Later on, many more events like Haryanavi skit, Choreography on

in all the events. Overall

sports trophy was bagged by students of Mechanical

college days was performed. Through this, students presented a scenario of college life. Along with this, the prize distribution took place. Meritorious students from the batch 2006 onwards were called to receive the scholarship. Tremendous performance was given by boys and girls in Punjabi folkdance bhangra 'DHAI DHIN DI JINDGANI MELA DO GHARIAN DA'. In the end, Er. Rinkle Garg, H.OD. engineering thanked the chief guest fortheir Mechanical kind cooperation.


Winners with Executive Director and Principal R.S. Brar


Jillll~---------------Farewell Party
Rukhsat, a farewell Party was organized on May 6, 2011 for 2009-11 Batch of MBA. Mr. Sachin Mehta & Ms. Geet Chawla of passing out Batch were titled as Mr. & Ms. MBA respectively. Also various adjudged academic students



JeD Institute of Business Management

awards were distributed and among Disha were students of for their Shruti, Ramesh Godara of the year. The meritorious university exams. Neha,

Experience Trip



JeDIBM and DMS COE were awarded achievements

scholarships Ashmit,

Kanchan got scholarships of , 3,000/- each whereas Swati got two scholarships- one of, 6,000/- from Vidyapeeth and another of, 25,000/- from Haryana State counseling Society. Principals of various colleges of JeD Vidyapeeth graced the occasion with their presence & inspiring words.

AICTE Sanctions Research Project
The All India Council For Technical Education has sanctioned

Joyful moments in Bangkok


A landmark project proposal submitted by Dr. Kudeep Singh, Strategies and Potential of Handloom Management

was set by JCD institute

of Business international

Bhupender. Students had an opportunity Pipatstrisak. Prof.

to have an

Principal, JCD IBM and Dr. Monica Bansal on the topic "Marketing Export Un its- A study of Panipat cluster in has Haryana". The AlaE




interactive session with Director MBA Prof. Kasemson Prof, Dr. Kuldeep Singh discussed with on' issue of Student Exchange Kasemson

experience trip to the Bangkok University, Thailand for a weekon 28th March, 2011. A group of students was led by Prof. Dr. Kuldeep Singh and Mr.

Programme & Faculty Development Programme.

sanctioned an amount of , 5.30 Lakh for carrying out the Project. As a token of appreciation the management of JCDV has

rewarded the faculties by issuing them an amount > of, 21 000/•._..,__.-,., ....
Dr. Monica Bansal and Prof. Kuldeep Singh recievlng Prize from Executive Director Dr, Shamim Sharma

Industrial Visit to DeM
In order to familiarize visited with the corporate Satya environment and production process a group of 60 students DCM Textiles and Beverages (Bottling Plant of Campa Cola) at Hisar on March 29, 2011 led by Dr Sanjay Bhayana and Ms. Mamta Sachdeva. During the visit students interacted with the senior company officials and came across various concepts used in the industry. Studentshaving an exposureof production line at DCMTextiles

Industrial Tour to Parle Industries Ltd.
An industrial visit cum educational tour was organized to acquaint the students with industrial environment 2010. A group of forty-three students accompanied Rajasthan. Sh. S. K. Jena, HR Manager production knowledge industry. through interactive on Feb 27, by faculty

members visited Parle Biscuit & Candy Plant at Neemrana, briefed the entire enriched their process at the Plant. Students

session on food processing


A 5 Day Educational Tour was organized JeDMCOE the from of by the

21 st-24th
Er. Indu April and for students of 8th semester CSE and ECEunder direction Er. Vi nod visited Beniwal. A group of 35 students various places of Kulu, Manali, Chandigarh and AnandpurSahib


AlaE sanctions project to JCD College of Engineering
The AII- India Council for Technical Education

was organized on 15th- 16th

April, 2011 by the Society of !!! III department Co·ordinalo,,;wilhPrincipalDr.Gur~haran Das SlifE (Society andHODMr.Ani!Kamboj of Information Technology Engineers). The fest comprised of several technical as well as non technical events. The idea behind this fest was to introduce the students of engineering college to the high standards of intercollegiate competition. Under the experienced guidance of HOD Mr. Anil Kamboj, Gonvener Mr. Pardeep Kadyan and Secretary Mr. Daulat Sihag, the fest not only carried out several well known events brilliantly but also introduced several new ideas with new concepts which have only been heard of prior to this fest. Most of the tests were held online, and there were several surprise events announced along with the progress of the fest.


(AICTE) has sanctioned Entrepreneurship Schemeforthefinancial College of Engineering. has been submitted received

a project

under Cell


Development A grant of'f


year 201 0-11 to theJeD 5.50 lakh proposal for the project

by Dr. Gurcharan Dass, Principal, JCD

Er. Rajdeep Singh, Er. Rajesh Bansal, Er. Vineel Goyal and Dr.Gurchar~nDassreceiving prize from E.D. College of Engineering. of the It would JeD create an The has atmosphere management of research and development. Vidyapeeth

It was the second time that SITE had ever organized a fest. Last time the competition was within JeD Vidyapeeth. The evolution of a technical society from a college level fest to state level within a period of six months isa matter of great delight.

awarded Dr. Gurcharan Dass with ~ 21,000 for this achievement.

Results of various branches of 7th sem has been declared by KUK.As per the gazette notification our glorious students who stood first in their respective classes are as under:

Jyoti ECE(7163)

Samandeep ME (7230)

Vandana Beniwal CSE (7360)

Varun Grewal IT (7430)

Yukta Jain EEE (7521)



Ji.. I~---------------"Enorms" coordinator was the theme of 7th annual function of JCDM College of Engineering. 400 participants This mega event was of organized on 15-16 April 2011 by the cultural society NAKSHATRA under the esteemed supervision of cultural Mr. Gurpreet Singh and Ms. Nidhi Lohia. Around participated in this function. of various institutions JCD vidyapeeth Total·30 events were organized. Arm wrestling, Treasure Hunt, &viewers a lot and were considered as the most popular Under Arm Cricket, Drift, Choreography, Solo & Group Dance, Solo Song, Mind Speaks, Picture Speaks, Chalk Carving, these events entertained events. On the eve of 16th April, 2011 a prize distribution function was organized to honor the winners of various events and a number of students who secured university positions. On this event Sh. Vivek Sharma, IPS, SP Fatehabad graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Dr. N.S. Bhal, Consultant Engineer Gurgaon was the guest of honour. The backbone of JeD Vidyapeeth Dr. Shamim Sharma, presided over the function. Ms Sharmila Godara was awarded as the "Best StudentoftheYear" award. the participants


Women Cell in the college has been functioning vigor and vitality ever since its inception. On 7th March, 2011 to celebrate the International Women Day the women cell organized a cultural fest Waves'll. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Padamshri & Haryana Gaurav Professor Sunita Jain from liT. Delhi and Dr Shamim Sharma, Executive Director JeD Vidyapeeth graced the occasion as Guest of Honor. This was a galaxy of Indian culture in which the participants presented various colors of Indian culture and traditions in the form of skits, folk dances and folk songs. The entire campus was overwhelmed by the performances on this occasion. The chief guest prof ·Sunita Jain in her address emphasized the need of continuous struggle to achieve any target. Dr Shamim Sharma appreciated Indian women who are strong, simple and sacrificing. There was a very tough competition among the participants as around 150 students from the colleges of the Vidyapeeth participated in the events. In solo song competition Shikha Chaudhary, Zile Singh and Mukesh bagged the first, second and third positions respectively. Renu, Marina and Renu were the first three positions holders in solo folk dance competition. The skit presented by the Pharmacy College managed to get the first position. There was a tough competition in the group folk dance and finally the bhangra from JCD with



Dr. Shamim Sharma delivering inaugural speech College of Engineering got the first prize and Ritu& group from JCDCOE and group dance from the Pharmacy College shared the second position. In this' way the glory, grace and success of women was celebrated by the Women Cell of JCD College of Engineering. On 8th March Paramjeet Mayank, Rashika and Komal represented the women cell JCDCOE in Inter-College Declamation Contest organized by Lala Hans Raj Phutela College of Law, Sirsa on the topic 'Women Women Empowerment: Why Failed to GetTheir Rights'.


E.D. and Staff presenting Memento to Dr. Sunita Jain





Gramin Cricket Tournaments at JeD NCA

Joys of Farewell
Adios'11 was organized by the students of JCDM College of Pharmacy on 11th April, 2011 expressing their deep love and best wishes for the students of B.Pharmacy Final year. The. inaugural ceremony included the lamp lighting by Chief Guest Dr. Shamim Sharma and Dr. Viney Lather. Principals of other colleges of JCD Vidyapeeth were also present during this occasion. The event was thrilled byentertaining performances and acts by the students.

Inauguration of Adios '11 by Executive Director

Taste of Victory with Chief Guest Never before in the history of India would a taaluka have level been cricket held. tournament tournament is development of Cup shall be held on JCDV 15000

cricket in rural area as dreamt by Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi l.a]. He added that JCD NCA Zonal is soon for introducing differently Physically (differently matches


next year. There were

cash prizes of ~ 5000, 1st runner

Thanks to the initiative of JCD NCA,

and 21000 for 2nd runner up up and the team which stood 1st respectively as well as for man of the series a sum of ~ 2100, these players

Winners with Principal & Staff

the city witnessed an exhilarating cricket in tournament. Gramin First time Haryana, Cricket

abled next month, and Handicapped able) Cricket World

Tournaments is being organized at such a large scale, signifying efforts of deep penetration unique initiative and also a the for scouring

cricket talent at grass root levels. This will help to give a chance to the rural youth to play at world to get from face class cricket grounds of JCD NCA and also an opportunity expert visiting hurdles training Cricket rural and tips

stars. 'The major sportspersons said Mr.

were poverty, lack of coaching and opportunities', Chautala. Digvijay summer He said that

training camp will also be held this summer for one and all and anyone can join it The idea of the An Exciting Delivery

Passing Out batch with the Staff






The Sirsa School

(Junior Wing)
DECLAMATION In the beginning 201 H 2 the

The Sirsa School
CONTEST of the session organized which falls a pray school addiction. Inter House English Declamation contest on April 24th 2011 It was held in two categories Junior Group - Class VI to VIII and Senior Group Class IX - XI. The main focus of the students' was their growing concern with day today of our country. social problems

(Senior Wing)
to drug provides various Lawn

concern for our young generation

A three-day Open Taekwondo Cup was held In the district in which two girl students from the JuniorWing, Rishika and Jasmine While one girl and two boys from the Senior section won medals.

LAWN TENNIS COMPETITION No school can neglect sports these days. The Sirsa School excellent games organized 2011. Kamboj Nitika In facilities and sports. Inter this for House event

A total of 52 children from Classes I to V participated on 23rd April in the finals of the Inter House English Recitation contest held on 23rd April. Mr. Vivek Jain and Mr. Devender Kumar were the judges of this contest 16 children were declared winners. IH HINIDI RECITATION CONTEST 52 children from Classes I to V had participated in the Finals of the Inter House English Recitation Contest held on 30th April. Srnt. Sheel Kaushik, and Ms Sikha Chaudhary were the judges of this contest. 16 children were declared as the winners. SOLO DANCE COMPETITION A solo Dance Competition was held on 7th May in the school premises. Students showcased some of the finest talents. ARCHERY CAMP A ten - day camp forthe beginners was organized by the Haryana Archery Association at The Sirsa School, Junior Wing from 2nd to 12th May. Besides the students of the school, some students from Rania and other places also took part and successfully completed the training. The Trainer and coach, Mr. R.S. Nehra, gave his expert advice and tips to the trainees.

The school on April 29th Jasmine House and

Tennis competition of Mercury

Rishabh Sinha of Venus House expressed his views on growing corruption won the in our country and he competition for the

Sheoran of Venus House

were declared as winner in Junior Girls Group and Senior Girls Group respectively. In Boys Group Bhavay Mehta of Venus House for and Boys Himanshu Rathi of Mercury House were declared winners Junior Group and Group respectively. HINDI SPEECH CONTEST The April Hindi 30th, In Declamation which 2011 this was held on was worth competition Boys Senior

Senior Group. POETRY RECITATION In the series of session, Elocution students and pleasure. students competitions Inter House

which the school has planned for current English create literature aesthetic competition many poetry Competition interest satisfy In pieces in their this of recited

was the one. It was planned to

competition watching.


It was really a fascinating

speech given by Akash of Jupiter Houseon thetopic" developing principle secularism. nation of

experience for the audience when Anant Sachdeva of Pluto House recited a poem on 'Drugs" In this poem he tried to show his grave



" presented an ideal picture ofthis based on the and democracy

Mr. Jasmail Virk addressing the students II>

7th Annual Athletic Meet in JCDV
A two-day intercollegiate athletic meet was organized in the JCD Vidyapeeth, The meet was kick started on March 16, Over 160 sportsmen from various colleges took part. International boxer and asian silver-medalist Mr, Jai Bhagwan inaugurated the meet on March 16th while Mr. Dinesh Kumar, gold medalist of SAAF Games, 2006 was the guest of honor. This year, JCDV in its 7th edition, hosted a variety of games and· sports events including Athletics, Tug of War, Relay Race, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Hurdle Race and Shot Put. Jitender adjudged men's champion and Sharmila the women's champion. Both Engineering, were from JCDM College of


of Youth

Visit of Ajay Makan
Ajay Makan, Central Minister Affairs and Sports, visited JCD Vidyapeeth. He was welcomed by the Executive Director, Dr, Shamim Sharma. He admired the efforts and hard work of JCDV Chairman Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala and Cricket for encouraging remarkable Academy such a wonderful educational and joined

JCDV celebrated lndia's World Cup victory
THE CUP THAT COUNTS! There rnight be many series and events in cricket but nothing is bigger than this, nothing is prestigious than this and nothing is more expected than this. It's none other than THE WORLD erupted in wild celebrations as Dhoni hit the of big screen has been CUP,The vociferous, jam-packed crowd at the JCDV Auditoriurn

organization, National ground,

He also paid a visit to the JeD there in the sports Mr. Ajay Makan and Mr Ashok Tanwarn JCDV i Singh Chautala for running such an outstanding and

players who were practicing He added that

he by no means

expected this class of International

winning six runs to give India their biggest cricketing moment, A special arrangement by high emotion and poignant scenes as the World Cup title triumph.

amenities in the city, He was accompanied by Member of Parliament Mr. Ashok Tanwar, Bhupesh Mehta and Dr,

made so that students can enjoy every single moment of the game, It was a momentous Satu rday night marked

R S Tada.
to Dr, Ajay

Mr. Tanwar expressed gratitude

exceptional institute,

Launch of Newsletter
JCD vrdyapeeth launched has launched its newsletter, The Newsletter has been named 'JeD Times' The Newsletter was of this newsletter is an outstanding was attended by Executive Director, Heads and other support and gUidance to others by Mr, Dushyant Singh Chautala. He said "The production

JCDV girls hostel holds its hostel night every year and many functions including cultural programmes are organized, This year also it is celebrated with a great gusto to bid farewell to the outgoing students. Ms. Neesha Rathore was the Chief Guest and Ms. Madhu Sarrafwas the Guest of Honour. DrShamim Sharma and Ms. Kamlesh Chaharwere also present in the function,

HOS tel NiI 9 ht e

achievement for the baSICskills students," The function looking into undertaking

Officials. The newsletter will be rolled out across state to provide information, courses through JCD vidyapeeth. that it was launched in 'Faqun' month,

The first issue was based on festival of Holi seeing

Renu Godara, Manju and Renu Dhandha were adjudged as Miss Eve, Miss Farewell and MissTalent respectively. Niyati Chaudhary, Sanya Aggarwal & Nidhi Lohia were among the pannel of Judges. Left to Righi: Ms, NiyatiChaudhary, Ravinder Jhinjha, Dr Viney Lather, Dr. R.K, Sinha, Dr, R,S, Iaca, Dr, Shamim Sharma, Mr, Dushyant Chautala, Dr, Jai Parkash, Er, RS, Brar, Dr, D,N, Mehrotra, Dr. Shashi Kapoor and Ms. SanyaAggarwal




DR. ARINDAM SARKAR Reader, Oral Medicine & Radiology, JCD Dental College

Many dentists pose a question "Why should I bother to take a medical history?" The importance of obtaining a proper medical history cannot be overemphasized. Let meexplain by wayof a short story: Mary was feeling good when she got up that morning. While having breakfast, she felt the pain that was persistent in her mouth and occurred whenever she had hot or cold foodstuffs or beverages and when she chewed from that side. She presumed that her appointment with the dentist should take care of that. Mary was very cheerful, looking forward to the weekend and her wedding day next month. It looked like a perfect day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and everything seemed right with theworld. Arriving at the dentist's office early, Mary took a seat in the waiting room and relaxed with a magazine. After a long wait, she was escorted into the operatory and seated. Since she had never before seen by this dentist, he asked the reason for her visit. After just a few brief questions concerning her immediate dental needs, Dr. Jones proceeded to anesthetize Mary with t.wo injections of Lignocainewith 1:100,000 epinephrine. In just a few minutes the anesthetic had taken effect and the procedure was initiated. All was going according to schedule until two hours later when Dr. Jones and his assistant were calling the police to report Mary's death. The purpose of this story is to point out the importance of pre-evaluating a patient's general health and gross appearance before initiating any dental procedure. Ten percent of ail non-accidental deaths in the general population are sudden and unexpected. As many as 40% of the patients subjected to local anesthesia and multiple extractions will have cardiac arrhythmias. By making ourselves aware of the potential for disaster, in performing routinecareon a patient who is a poor medical risk, we may avoid the fate of Dr. Jones. Atthe risk of seeming trite, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In order to best learn from the unfortunate example of Dr. Jones, let us turn back the clock and seewhal should have been done for Mary.

IIf'Il'i m. ~,,~3It

<lit s;t<lll m:r.r

m Sl!
tr>r-.rt '" ~ ~ 38 <or 1iIOITl!

~ fuR:r:;it ~

<'PI ~

~ fi1xrr



-i\ eRr

=, fuRr# tr>r-11 '"

W<'fR <["IT

jf 30 3ITffi q5t ~j;T 613<1 fW<I;c; 613<1, "liElt 613<1, 16-16


-i\ eRr ~ ~ ~ 'I57ii om ~ furm 13~ ~ W'lf l1'i ~ it 3fCIOft tr>r ql] 31Uff ,¥,3lTff qlf <f"ll ftn;m iImc'f 18
~oR 15<or~it~oi'\c;
O[K :lIT(! ~


it 28;iKi;if

or ~"i\


15 <or 'fiffiJ 1I"lI DfIC'fRT'1 -i\ 18

As Mary walked into the operatory, Dr. Jones or his assistant should have been evaluating the way she walked, her general appearance, posture, skin tone and colour. In Mary's case, he might have noticed that her colour was very pale. Her coloration should have triggered some curiosity in Dr. Jones. Would a properly administered and evaluated medical history and a brief physical examination have yielded some significant medical data that could have shed some light on Mary's untimely demise? Let us Just focus on a few of the more significant factors in this case. It is obvious that we attach some importance to the fact that Mary's colour was not what it should have been. In the new scenario, Dr. Jones reads the medical history questionnaire that Mary filled while waiting before being seated In the operatory. The doctor notes that Mary is currently taking Lanoxin, Hydrodiuril and Potassium chloride on a daily basis. When questioned about it, Mary states that she hasn't been taking it very regularly because she felt pretty good lately. Further questioning reveals that Mary had a very severe attack of Congestive Heart Failure two years ago. At this point, the prudent course for Dr. Jones would have been to suggest that Mary consult her physician and get herself back on medication before undergoing any dental treatment. It is evident that the combination of epinephrine and lignocaine, the stress of the procedure and the inadequate levels of Lanoxin in her bloodstream had been directly responsible for Mary's death. It was a tragic set of circumstances that could have been avoided if only Dr. Jones had taken a proper medical history. As health professionals, we should be aware of the emotional impact that some words carry and be very careful in an interpretation of what patients are actually saying when they respond to seemingly innocent questions from us. For example, in medical history interviews, it is not uncommon for 'a patient who is questioned about whether they are taking any 'drugs' to emphatically deny it even if the patient is on


="'filmfefmi'r2it#~ 3iT<rif <'PI>lrr iJc;rr I~
~ <["IT ~ ~

>lrr ;if ~

mJ, ~ ,~

"i\ W"


3 i¥tc, ~

W<'fR it 4 3iT<rif
="i\ 3


:;it 14 <or~

2fuil>c, ~

i'r <l<!ff= 22 ~


613<1 <5t &-oft

m- ~


'R 34 <GiT<'PI fuR:r:;it 1"P mID q cfIo!
3 i¥tc, 2 16

3it<riI' :;it 20 <or ~ 2 fuil>c ~ fu;rr1~3='R~$m;wfii.

ill~>lrr:;it<i'roifM",,,I2l'~'" ~ g--~ '"
\1TE21TCriP ~ 'I'itTq


it 4 3it<riI' oR27 <or ~


fi1xrr I 3I1'1<!Pf31clTcrtR if ;ojh;It 'lffi3rrot <it~!PftR <i\ti <f; ..mot m:miton I


<Il1i'it w%

iit foR.:tR if ~

3ffnngor<ft l
1"fI1'<I; <Jj(

f<ri!>c, Wcin~Ti'r3iT<rifoR20 <or ~ 4

fu;<ft it ~ <!R ~ <g1Hl'q-i\
;m tR

3i\ it I

3iT<rif :;it~




137 <or orom::! Iofur '"












shall be also offered freetraining be promoted,

atJeD NCA for one full year.

When asked that apart from Cricket what other games are to Mr. Digvijay said that sometime from next year, a concept like Kabbaddi league is in the pipeline. This year, there were 8 teams from various parts of the Haryana & Rajasthan, competing approached in the tournament "Many teams had us, but we restricted the number to 8 since we within the allotted time," says Singh, Sports Officer. On the opening day Dr.Ajay Singh Chautala giving Trophy to Captain Pavan opportunity to rub shoulders with city boys,

Btood Donalion (amp
A Blood Donation Camp was organized on 15th March 2011 in collaboration The camp was inaugurated with youth .-_...,.. ,.,..., Red Cross Society and the N.S.S Unit of Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal College of Engineering. by Chief Guest Mrs. Pankaj Chaudhary, ADC, Sirsa. Sh. PadamJain, Dr. Shamim Sharma, Executive Director, JeD Vidyapeeth, Dr. ON. Mehrotra, Principal, JeD College of Engineering, Dr. Gurucharan Dass, Dr Rajendra Godara and Mr. L.... __ Babu Lal were also present on this occasion. enlightened manyofthe and enthusiastic youth donating It was a great spectacle to see the

need to finish the tournament Mr. Manmohan inauguration valediction


was done by Mr. Ranbir Gangwa M.P. On the Dr. Ajay Chautala was the chief guest. 'JeD NCA this tournament is to give a radical

blood with high spirits. Impressed by the views of the speaker

audience especially students and staffs donated blood with proud hearts. The donors were offered
Sewa Samiti, Sikar (Rajasthan)

endeavor in organizing

milk and fruits after blood donation. A blood donation certificate was also issued to the volunteers. 300 units of blood were collected jointly by the Munshi Ram Mittal Memorial and Red Cross ?ociety, Civil Hospital, Sirsa. Proud Donors with Chief Guest Ms. Pankaj Chaudhary, ADC, Sirsa

uplift to the gramin cricket, where rural players will get an

which will boost their confidence as they will get a chance to showcase their talent. The motive is not only to give due credit to the talent of players at district and taaluka levels, but also to give them good cricketing infrastructure and facilities which would help

to enjoy the game in its true sense', explains, Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala. Final match was held between interesting Jodhka and Malekan and in an fight Jodhka grabbed the trophy .. of Jodhka cricket team has

Pawan captain Series.

declared as Man of the Match and Man of the

Vice Chairman, JCDV, Mr. Maninder Pal Singh Brar giving away the Man of the Match Award to Mr. Pawan

Mr.' Sanjay Bardwaj coach of prominent cricketer Gautam Gambhir giving away the trophy to runner up team captain (Malekan).

Donors' Enthusiasm


JII'-----Thefollowing are some examples of questions that generally result in useful orfavorable 3) 'Haveyou ever had a transfusion?'

medication. It is undoubtedly the negative connotation associated with the word 'drugs' that generates this denial. 8yusing words with neutral emotional impact, wecan better evaluate the patient's response. responses:

1) 'Have you been under the care of any physician in the past five years?'. This question seems to elicit more specific responses than the usual 'Are you in good health?'.

2) 'Do you have any chronic illness or disease.rsuch as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, rheumatic fever, asthma, anemia?' By cataloging many chronic illnesses and diseases, you induce patients to think more about diseases that they have had. It also seems to result in a higher proportion of affirmative responses than some other questions.
If a patient has had a transfusion, it is worthwhile to determine how many times he has required blood transfusions. Serious bleeding abnormalities can require some very serious treatment. 4) 'Are you taking any medication at the present time?'. This is one of the most interesting questions because of the wide variety of answers one receives. It is amazing to have a patient admit to having Congestive Heart Diseaseand deny taking any medication!! 5) 'Are you allergic to any foodstuffs, Novocain, Codeine or Aspirin?' Another important step in evaluating patients prior to treatment is checking vital signs. Taking vital signs is useful because it gives us information as to the patient's cardiovascularfunction. The stress of any dental procedure can raise blood pressure. If a patient is borderline hypertensive and undergoes a long procedure, his blood pressure could achieve dangerous levels. In the current climate of legal antagonism towards the medical professions, it has become necessary to practice defensive dentistry as well as preventive dentistry. It is thus mandatory to document each and every step that is carried out in the dental office. Ignorance may be bliss in some professions, butit can be disaster to us. such as seafood or poultry or to any medications such as Penicillin,

Admission Invitation to A Unique Campus JCDM College of Engineering JCD Dental College
• M.Tech. in CSE, ECE, ME, EEE • B.Tech. in CSE, ECE, ME', EEE, Civil, IT • MBA

• BOS • M.Pharma in Pharmaceulics, Pharmaceutical Chemislry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics in Management & Regulalory Affairs. B. Pharma • BBA. MBA

A biology teacher was leaching his sludenls how a calerpillar lums inlo a buHerfiy. Helold the students that in Ihe nexl couple of hours, the bunerflywould slruggle to come oul of Ihe cocoon. Bul no one should help Ihe butterfly. Then he left.The students were waiting and it happened. The butterfly slruggled to get out oflhe cocoon, and one of Ihe sludenls look pity on it and decided 10 help Ihe buHerfly to come out of the cocoon against the advice of his teacher. He broke Ihe cocoon 10 help the butterfly so that il didn't have to struggle anymore. But shortly afterwards the butterfly died.

JCDM College of Pharmacy. JCD Institute of Business Management
When the leacher returned, he was laid what happened. He explained to this student that by helping the butterfly, he had actually killed it because il is a law of nature that the struggle 10 come out afthe cocoon actually helps develop and slrenglhen ils wings. The boy had deprived Ihe butterfly of its struggle and the

JeD PolytechniC JCD P.G. College of Education

• Dip. in ME, ECE, Computer Engg. Electrical Engg. Civil Engg.

• B.Ed • M.Ed.

Jan Nayal( Ch. Devi Lal Vidyapeeth
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization

Barnala Road, Sirs. -125D55IHarvana) Ph.: 01666·238101, 238103, 238105, 238100 IFa,) Website: www.jcdv.org. I .·mail: iodvidvap •• th@gm.il.oom

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