July 16, 2011

Challenge 1. Design the classroom of the future challenge
>>> Follow this link to get the lesson plans and lectures…. How might we design the classroom of the future? This is a collection of curriculum created by the K-12 Lab at the design school and teachers who are using design thinking in their schools. Please feel free to use all of the resources presented here. have organized the curriculum in multiple formats to so that you can can search in the way that is most appropriate for your work. The kit is split into sections for easy download. You can also view online at the wiki. These resources were created by and are free for you to use and share – and we hope you do. We only ask that you respect the Creative Commons license (attribution, noncommercial use). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Key documents Teachers Design Thinking for Educators toolkit (PDF 20.4 MB) An Educator’s Guide to Design Thinking (PDF 4.8 MB) Bootcamp bootleg (PDF 3.6MB) mindsets (PDF 223 KB

Empathize (PDF 5.6 MB) Empathize 2 (PDF 5.3 MB) Define (PDF 2.8 MB) Ideate (PDF 1.9 MB) Prototype & Test (PDF 27.4 MB) Prototype & Test 2 (PDF 11.1 MB) Prototype Slim (PDF 2.8 MB) Test (PDF 1.9 MB)

Assume a beginners mindset (PDF 149 KB) What? | How? | Why? (PDF 160 KB) User camera study (PDF 123 KB) Interview preparation (PDF 170 KB) Interview for empathy (PDF 118 KB) Extreme users (PDF 176 KB) Analogous empathy (PDF 177 KB) Team share and capture (PDF 131 KB)

Empathize (PDF 142 KB) Define (PDF 141 KB) Ideate (PDF 113 KB) Prototype (PDF 128 KB) Test (PDF 109 KB)

Saturate and group (PDF 129 KB) Empathy map (PDF 128 KB) Journey map (PDF 151 KB) Composite character profile (PDF 161 KB) Powers of ten (PDF 131 KB) 2×2 matrix (PDF 182 KB) Why how laddering (PDF 140 KB) Point-of-view madlib (PDF 117 KB) Point of view analogy (PDF 310 KB) Point-of-view want ad (PDF 193 KB)

Supporting resources and tools
Here are some great tools and resources. Most are free.

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