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SV Blessings (Courage and Respect)

SV Blessings (Courage and Respect)

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Published by: spotlightvalues on Jul 16, 2011
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I need courage to remain true to myself. The courage to stand for what I believe in. I can face any opposition with the strength of my convictions. My original, true nature is of peace and love. This realization removes doubts and as I incorporate these truths into my life my courage will never fail me.

Courage is not only something I use to move forward on my journey of life but it is a gift I can give to others. I can inspire courage in others when I see their true beauty and potential. With that vision, I can cheer them on to become everything they dream of being.

I have a courageous, awakened and transparent heart; one that does not need to hide anything. Thus will I develop the skill to mature and be able to live and feel the quality of life without fear. Today I will remember that I am real, free being; a being without fear.

What face do I have when I am afraid and what one when I am courageous, strong and positive? A sign of loving myself is to give myself permission to be courageous, to shine with all your potential of inner beauty. Today I will focus on strengthening the habit of being courageous.

Today, I will totally pay attention on not having any desire of gaining respect from others. It is definitely not something I can demand from others. The very act of trying to get respect from others proves you to be unworthy of it.

To say “You first”, means to be constantly stable in the state of self-respect, and to give respect to others as well. It should not be that I simply say with my lips, “You first”, while the intentions and actions are different. Let me allow others to move forward. Humility automatically enables me to gain respect.

Clear a misunderstanding by communicating respectfully. Communicate your feelings. Before you speak, choose the right environment. Be open and honest. Be generous and good-hearted. Today, I will address misunderstandings immediately to converse energy, prevent conflict and enhance my relationships.

Those who remain humble receive respect from everyone. If I become humble, then others give respect. None give respect to those who are arrogant or bossy. They will move far away from them. Today, I will be humble and give the shade of happiness to others and this will enable others to naturally respect me.

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