Skills required

Administrative skills  Technical skills  Design skills  Conceptual skills  Human skills 

Human skills      Ability of a person to work with others To work in a group Ability to lead. motivate and communicate with people to accomplish objectives Creating an environment in which people feel comfortable to work Important in all levels of organization .

HUMAN SKILLS ARE Inter personal skills .

To increase influence on others To be popular ...Why Interpersonal skills        To tackle difficult situations To be a better employer/manager/supervisor To create an atmosphere of respect/ pleasant / likeable To have a control on self and others To have less tension.


Behaviour Bus accident  Newly married  Russian proverb  Prejudice  Perception  Self image  .

9 3=6 ( What do you see )    Only mistakes will be seen by them Change from critical dictator to informed critic . 5 4 =1.The CRITIC Always finds some faults  Looking for an opportunity to criticise  2 + 3 = 5.4X5 = 23.

The Coach     Always helpful Volunteers and suggests though others do not need Can make others lazy May prevent subordinates using skills and originality To change from benevolent coach to supportive coach  .

The Analyst     Always work out the benefits and loss in every activity Who gets what benefit ask him Mostly self centered Always looks anything in numbers To change from Computer to Communicator  .

The Pacifier     Always be present to pacify Against sound and fight Some how patch up and sends people Efforts mostly are on surface. do not analyse deeply and provide solution To change from Milk toast to Negotiator  .

not bothered about anything. any one.The Shadow     Me and my work Many may not even have seen him Always aloof. never disturbs People may misuse his silent quality To change from a Loner to Liberator  .

and wherever something goes wrong To change from a Punk to a Partner  . can hear their loud noise Raise their voice whenever.The Fighter    Always high BP Gets angry at everything they feel wrong.

ME . MINE PRE CONCEIVED IDEAS  DAnger . MY.To improve IPR     Compliment generously Impossible situation I .

.keys for better IPR      Spot the person doing Right When I Stopped thinking what I wanted and started giving what others wanted I began to enjoy mental peace and wealth People who feel good about themselves produce result Don t say I DID IT . WHAT is wrong is important. WHO is wrong is not important. say WE DID IT .



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