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Being Abhinav is Being Novel

Being Abhinav is Being Novel

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Published by: waao08 on Jul 16, 2011
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Being ‘Abhinav’ Is Being ‘Novel’

Posted on August 12,2008 First thing first,like every(!)Indian,I am proud of a son called Abhinav Bindra.[I am not too sure whether every citizen of the cricket-crazy nation has heard of him before!!] But at same time,I am sad.And it’s not being depressive,rather being pragmatic.We are a nation of 110 Crores and have waited 110 years to win an individual gold medal.You ‘ll be saying..”Hey,Dude..you could have tried?” Right you are..because we hardly try..Hey youth,it’s shame on us..we blame system;we blame misfortune;we blame everyone else; never ourselves—be it sport,be it academics,be it profession..we are complaining about every wrong reason. No,dear..I am no different..I still seek excuses; when Abhinavs make us proud,even I get excited.No, dear,don’t think,I am planning to win Olympics Gold Medal!! But,are not we all in a goldrush in our small,trivial ways? But whenever we can’t win, we…. better not say it again. Enough of it..When will we be proud for ourselves? God,Give me strength to be devoted to everything I’ll dream of.

Posted on August 12,2008

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