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- M.Aravind

Bala Upasana
Bala is the basic step in SriVidya Upasana. Here we see Devi as a girl child (Bala). Sidhars call it as Vaalai Vazhipaadu. Many of us do Bala mainly as a Mantra Sidhi exercise to move up the next levels of Sri Vidya towards Maha Sodashi.. But the bigger picture behind Bala is taking control on one's Prana Sakthi. When we sleep, the Pranan rests at Visudhi chakra.( near our throat). When it stirs thoughts, it becomes dream. After these thoughts are settled, we get into sleep.By Yogic powers we can reach a stage beyond this day - night differentiation. When they attain 'Madyama Jagradam' or 'Yoga Nidra', they go beyond the control of time ( day , night transition).

When we take control of our Mind, Body, Pranan, Thoughts, Words, Actions, then Pranan has no other go other than to move inwards towards Visudhi Chakra. In this process Visudhi Chakra takes control of Ajna Chakra. So now Prana Sakthi doesnt go below the stomach area and is forced to move upwards only. We win over hunger and Thirst and can mediate for days continuosly. Prana flows in and out of the body. In ward flow of Prana is controlled by Bala & outward by Ganapathy. Inb the seas we see that the wave hitting the shore has lesser force than the force of the wave that is receeding back. So, the objective of Bala worship is to shift the Prana from an Exgress stage to Ingress stage. Once we reach this level, we can feel that we got Sidhi of Bala.

Eternal Bliss
The Bija Mantra of Bala has - ' Aiym Kleem Sow ' invokes Sarawathi, Durga & Lakshmi respectively Ganapathy Mantra " Aum shrim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svaha helps to control the 5 senses. Combination of Bala and Ganapathy worship makes us get control of our Prana and senses. We take control of our body and mind and win over the materialistic world. At this stage, we get the Darshan of Bala Tripurasundari. After that we move to the next levels like Panchadasi, Shodasi and Maha paduka. Still, its really a great experience to be an Upasaka of Bala, as you relate her as a 9 year old child and worship. She will be with you, the moment you tell her name - Bala

Bala Tripurasundari