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10 "1 12 13 14 16 16 7 18 19 20 24 22 23 24 25 TAPED TRANSCRIPT OF LINDA TINELLI CASE NUMBER 08-74777 CONDUCTED BY CORPORAL ERIC EDWARDS RECORDED ON DECEMBER 14, 2009 CE - CORPORAL ERIC EDWARDS SA - SERGEANT JOHN ALLEN LT —LINDA TINELLI It’s ah, December 14", 2009, it’s approximately 1:03 p.m. Corporal Eric Edwards Orange County Sheriff's Office, in the conference room at John Young and 50 |with.. SA Sergeant John Allen. CE And... LT Linda Tinelli. CE Linda, can you raise your right hand for me? You swear all the information You give today will be true? LT Yes. CE Okay, Um, Linda | had contacted you through my investigation. Your information came to my ah, attention and that you worked at the Kid | Finders tent or one of the tents that was established by the Anthony's When Caylee first went missing is that correct. LT Yes. CE Okay, Um, and | know it redundant, but we spent a litle bit of time here Speaking before we went on tape to collect a swom statement from you. Can You tell me again your recollection of how it came to be that you got involved? 1 Linda Tinelli/Case #08-74777/GB \aebo "1 12 13 14 15 16 7 18 19 20 22 23 24 uT CE LT CE LT |CE LT cE UT CE Right after | heard the story on television | went down there was a tent in the middle of a parking lot. Down at Publix on Chickasaw and Lake Underhill. And | met Cindy and there was a couple other people there | met them. And | asked if | could help and | left my name and my phone number and they said they would contact me to work at the tent or the table as we called it And that was like in the first few days of. I'd say towards the end of July. End of July? Two thousand and eight. Who, who were the primary people responsible for that, that tent at that time? | think you had said a girl by the name of Holly seemed to play that role? Yes um, Cindy was at the, the tent that day. Um, | don't know if Holly was there that day. But the next... (phone) I apologize. I'll have to call you back. Okay. Sorry about that. That's okay. But, but Holly had basically taken it over for George and Cindy. Um, and | left my name and number like | said. Holly was there | think and Cindy, | know Cindy was. And Lee's girlfriend, Mallory and | think George's Sister. And while | was there talking with Cindy George had pulled in and The only thing I heard him say to Cindy was, “We have to go.” And | left and they left. Okay. Now who reached out to you to see if you would come back and Assist with organizing different ah, locations? 2 Linda Tinelli/Case #08-74777/GB \abb3 10 1" 2 13 14 16 7 18 19 20 24 22 23 24 LT CE LT CE LT CE LT CE LT CE Oe CE Lt CE iy Holly called me. Holly did? oo Okay. How man locations are you aware of that, that tent moved to or that Operation moved to? Six. Six. Can you tell me the locations? It started out on Chickasaw and Lake Underhill. We moved to Publix on Chickasaw and Curryford. Then we moved to the fruit stand on Curryford and Goldenrod. Then we moved to Wal-Mart out there on Hoffner. Okay. And then we moved to in front.. beside the Roller Rink on Goldenrod Uh-huh. (affirmative). ‘And then we moved to in front of the FEMA buildings on Goldenrod That was the last. Now you had said that George asked you to organize um, people that were volunteering to come for ah, spread their time out. Uh-huh. (affirmative) And you said you were keeping track of those names? Yes. After Holly had left ah, she had to take kids to school and she had a Little girl. George had called me and asked me if | would kind of like coordinate it, you know with names and stuff, he would appreciate it. And | | volunteered to do that. And that's what | did with the names and people 3 Linda Tinelli/Case #08-74777/GB lab