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Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

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Published by: Don Okello Anabouani on Jul 16, 2011
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she had probably made the islander aware of most of what had happened to the group
over the last few weeks.

"You be mighty warriors," he said, addressing the group. "You face the wrath of Ren
and Chaffri alike, But you be welcome on the island of Gur-nann."

The sky was shading into tones of rose and purple. For Clive, the day on the island
had been pleasant, though somewhat frustrating. After showing them around, Gur-
nann had urged them in the strongest possible terms to take the time to fortify their
raft with side rails, in order to provide some protection from the various creatures he
claimed were lurking in the ocean ahead of them. After some debate, the group had
decided it was a good idea. Even those not sure about continuing the journey were
willing to help—partially, Clive suspected, because it would put off the day of

The islanders had prepared a large meal of fruit and fish, which they served to the
travelers with a great deal of ceremony. Gur-nann got roaring drunk and began telling
salacious stories. Feeling restless, Clive had separated from the others and decided to
take a walk along the beach. When he saw Annie sitting at the edge of the group and
staring into the distance, he invited her to come with him.

They walked for a while in silence, Annie playing tag with the waves. Finally he
decided to broach a subject that had been on his mind for the last several days.

"You seem to be very partial to young Fred," he said awkwardly.

She laughed. "Jealous, Grampa?" she asked, in that direct way of hers that he found so
utterly disconcerting. He decided to hide behind formality. "Am I not allowed to be
concerned about the company my many-times great-granddaughter keeps?"

"You can be as concerned as you want," Annie said cheerfully. "It won't change

When Clive scowled she laughed and tweaked his nose. "Listen, Grampa. Wrecked
Fred is the first per-

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