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Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

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Published by: Don Okello Anabouani on Jul 16, 2011
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answer it. And it was not something that he wanted to ask her; it sounded too insecure,
too childish, too much like—what? A jealous lover? The idea was so ridiculous he
actually laughed out loud. The sound disappeared into the night around him.

But it was soon replaced by another sound, one that had been growing slowly louder
as they moved down, so gradually he could never mark the instant when he actually
began to hear it.

It was the sound of the ocean, moving beneath them.

And still they continued their descent, until the moment when Shriek once more
reached out to touch his mind.

It is done, O Folliot. I have no more silk in my belly.


A Dark and Trackless Sea

Trying to ignore the chill that had rippled through him, Clive began to make his plans.
How far are we from the water? he asked Shriek.'

/ do not know. It has long been too dark for me to see. I can hear the waves clearly,
and Tomds says that he can smell the sea so strongly that it has made him homesick.

But whether the water itself is no farther away than the length of my body, or several
times that distance, I cannot say.

Shall we drop, or try to hold on until morning? Her response carried with it an
unspoken despair. We have no idea how long it will be until morning. Nor do we
know how long my silk will hold. It was not really meant to support eight people for
hours on end. It could come loose at the top—or even be cut, if somehow N'wrbb and
his men make it back to the cave from which we made our exit. If that should happen,
you would be in the gravest danger, for you are at least a hundred feet farther from the
water than I. Your fall would likely be fatal. This is probably also true for those
nearest you on the cord.

Clive shivered. Even if Shriek were only ten feet above the surface of the sea, it meant
he was at least a hundred and ten feet up. He looked down. Horace had to be
somewhere close below, but he could see not a single trace of the man. Was there no
moon of any kind at this level of the Dungeon?

Finally he made his decision. We drop! he sent to Shriek.

/ will tell the others, she sent back. He hung in the darkness in silence, awaiting the

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