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Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

Dungeon 2 - Philip Jose Farmer

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Published by: Don Okello Anabouani on Jul 16, 2011
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the Dungeon, but most of them unpleasant. Women excepted, he had seen nothing
here anywhere near as lovely as Green Haven.

The house was built on many levels. Much of it was stone, and much was glass. Water
ran through it, and out over one rocky ledge, creating a waterfall that rivaled the one
he had seen on the path. It seemed as sturdy as a solid English home, as ethereal as an
elfin castle. In places it seemed to disappear into the ground, almost as if it were part
of the earth itself.

"Do you like it?" asked Green, the pride in his voice quite evident.

"Yes," said Clive. "It's wonderful." They followed a secondary path to a door made of
some dark wood carved in intricate geometric patterns. The door had no handle, and
for a moment Clive wondered how they were going to get in. Then Green reached out
and placed his hand on the jamb. The door slid sideways into the wall. Clive was still
glancing over his shoulder at this wonder as Green led him into the house proper.

"The first thing 1 want to do is get you some clothes," said Green. "I think you've
gotten about all the use you're going to out of those wretched things."

Clive looked down at the leather togs he had received in N'wrbb's castle. They had
been torn and filthy when he had entered the Cave of the Finnboggi. Now they were
stiff and salt-stained as well. "That would be much appreciated," he said. Green
touched a panel, and another door slid open, revealing a small room. "You'll find
several outfits like the one I am wearing inside. They may seem small, but they will
stretch to fit your frame. When you leave, I'll send outfits with you for the rest of your
group." He leaned through the doorframe. "The opening there— the one to your
right—leads to a room where you can bathe if you wish. When you're ready, touch
this panel and the door will open again."

He stepped aside and Clive entered the room. The door slid shut behind him, causing
him to feel a momentary burst of panic.

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