501 Springs Ave.

Red Deer, AB R3T 2N7 Canada July 10, 2011

Kate Keller 1549 Aker Street Springville, ON F6T 4U1 Canada

Dear Mrs. Keller: My name is Dr. Lauren N. Pezzella and I am a physiatrist at clearview medical center .Your son Chris has contacted me in the hopes that you are able to move on from your son¶s disappearance and come to terms with him being gone. From the information I received from your son I believe that you are in the denial stage of grief. This is often characterized by an unwillingness to comprehend the events like your son being gone. You not being able to continue on with your life have not only affecting you but your family as well. Because of your grief Chis is not able to marry and start a family with a woman who he loves very much. If you are ever able to accept that he is not coming back the next stage is anger, then bargaining, followed by depression then finally acceptance. If you do not get over the denial stage then you may never be able to live a full life you will enjoy. Judging by the amount of time you have been in the denial stage I would classified your grief as complex; this means that it is an intense grief that you have trouble accepting what has happened to Larry long after the events passed . If this is the case I would suggest you go talk to a counselor or other mental health professional that can better help you cope. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope you are able to find peace. You can contact my office to set up an appointment between 8am- 5pm, Monday through Fridays at 403555-1025. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,

L. Pezzella
Dr. Lauren N. Pezzella

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