Wedding Planning Guide

At least 4 Months before the wedding;
1) Ask bride, groom and their parents to set budget for various ceremonies And how they will share expenses. 2) Ask bride, groom and there parents to divide responsibilities between both families. 3) Interview bride, groom and there parents, review historical data, conduct risk analysis and feasibility study to estimate the overall budget of the wedding. 4) Take approval for the budget from bride, groom and there parents. 5) Interview following: a. Venue manager b. Tent house manager c. Caterer d. Florist e. Decorator f. Musicians g. Photographers h. Videographers i. Boutique managers j. Jewellery shop managers k. DJs l. Music band managers m. Henna artists n. Beauticians o. Hair Stylists p. Wedding car driver q. Wedding band manager (for Barat); 6) Book following: a. Venue (for engagement, Tilak, ladies Sangeet, wedding and Reception) b. Tent house c. Caterer d. Priest e. Florist f. Decorator g. Musicians h. Photographers i. Videographers j. Wedding Boutique k. Wedding Jewellery shop l. DJs m. Music band n. Henna artist o. Beautician p. Hair Stylist q. Accommodation (hotel/guest house/resort/) for outstation guests according to bride, groom and there parents´ preferences. r. Wedding car driver s. Wedding band (For barat) Note: Have all your booking confirmations in writing. Keep a record of every transaction. 7) Place an order for wedding invitation cards according to bride, groom and there parents´ preferences. 8) Place an order to the wedding boutique for making and designing engagement wedding and reception attires and trousseau according to bride, groom and there parents´ preferences.

groom and there parents to know what type of photos they want. beverages and alcohol order. groom and there family members to go to the parlor for pedicure. One week before the wedding 1) Ask photographer to meet bride. Note: Be in touch with all the service providers like venue manager. iii) Lookout for suspicious people like freebies and thieves. 6) Finalize your menu. vii) Make sure that everything is running smoothly and in case of a mishap or any problem contact the event manager. 4) Book cars for transportation. Caterer. groom and there parents before finalizing. nails. Jewellery. groom and there parents´ preferences. 11) Filled an application for registering the marriage in the registry office. ix) Use fire extinguishers in case of fire. florist. priest. 2) Ask Videographer to meet bride. facial etc. 3) Be sure the wedding attire and Jewellery are collected and ready to wear. manicure. 3) Confirm final guest list. heaters. photographers etc At least 1 month before the wedding 1) Confirm all bookings and arrangements. Keep them away from electrical appliances. burners etc. On the wedding day Onsite Management 1) Ask bride and groom to go to the parlor for final makeup. all rented items and other items are safe. presents. viii) Switch on generators during a power failure. 2) Hire 2 or 3 girls for petal tossing. v) Take care of all the kids. groom and there parents to know which events or people they want to be videotaped. iv) Make sure that guests do not face any problem.9) Place an order to the Jewellery shop for making and designing wedding Jewellery according to bride. 10) Ask bride and groom to keep there passport and visa ready for honeymoon. 4) Book 3 or 4 security personals 5) Finalize shopping for wedding day. A day before the wedding 1) Ask bride. ii) Make sure that bride and groom´s outfit. groom and there parents to make sure that all the wedding dresses and outfits are ironed/dry cleaned and absolutely ready to use. x) Handle the entire security of the wedding Note: Make sure that all rented objects are returned and all payments are made after the wedding. 2) Send wedding invitations to all the guests along with a map to help them in finding the venue. At least 2 Months before the wedding 1) Ask bride and her parents to start shopping for wedding gifts. 2) Appoint three or four persons (preferably educated well mannered security Guards) and assign them following responsibilities: i) Maintain a record of all gifts received during the wedding. vi) Transport gifts from the ceremony site to the bride´s suite or car. 7) Plan wedding hall layout and seating arrangements with your venue manager And get an approval from bride. 3) Ask bride. 4) Confirm all bookings and arrangements once again. .

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