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STABILITY 1 Diagram 13 shows three regular shapes, P, Q and R.

Diagram 13 Which statement describes the equilibrium point of P, Q and R? A B C D The equilibrium point of aregular shape is at its centre. The equilibrium point of a rectangular shape can be a nywhere on the shape. Some regular shapes do not have an equilibrium point. Some regular shapes have more than one equilibrium point. PMR 2008


Diagram 13 shows four model, W, X, Y and Z.





Diagram 13 Which of the following shows the correct arrangement of the models in ascending order of stability? A B C D Z, X, Y, W Z, Y, X, W Y, W, Z, X X, Z, W, Y PMR 2007

3 A B C D

Which of the follllowing actions will increase the stability of an individual? A jockey straightens up his body while riding a horse A boat passenger stands up straight while the boat is moving An acrobat stretches his arms widely while walking on a rope A painter puts the ladder that he uses close to the wall while painting PMR 2005


Diagram 13 shows four different models, P,Q,R,S, used in an experiment.

Diagram 13 Weights are added to each model until it topples. The readings of the weight are recorded in Table 3

Model P Q R S

Weight used to topple the model/ N 6.0 x 8.0 3.5 Diagram 13


Based on Table 3 , predict the minimum value of x 4.0N 6.5N 7.0N 7.5N PMR 2006


The diagram shows four objects, A,B,C and D of the same height. Which of the following is the most stable?

PMR 2005


The diagram below shows a bench.

Which of the following benches are more stable than the bench shown in the above diagram?


I and II only I and III only II and III only I,II and III PMR 2004


Diagram 1.1 shows an activity to study the factors that affect the stability of table P and table Q.(PMR 2007)

Diagram 1.1 (a) State two factors that affect the stability of the tables. 1. _______________________________________________________________ __ 2. _________________________________________________________________ (2 marks) (b) Based on Diagram 1.1, which table will topple first when the wooden plank is tilted? Explain why. Table Reason : ____________________________________________ ___________

: _______________________________________________________ (2 marks) (c) Diagram 1.2 shows a giraffe and a crocodile.

Diagram 1.2 (i) How does a giraffe achieve stability when it drinks from a r iver? _________________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (ii) Why is a crocodile more stable than a giraffe? _________________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

STABILITY ANSWER: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A A C A B D

Stability PMR 2007 1(a) 1. Centre of gravity /height of table / length of legs 2. The base area of the table (b) Table : Q Reason : The centre of gravity of table Q is higher than table P. Table Q is higher than table P. The length of the legs of table Q is longer than table P. Base area of table Q is smaller than table P. (Any one answer) (i) It lowers its body / It spread its legs wider/ It increases its base area


(ii) The base area of the crocodile is larger / Its centre of gravity is lower than that of the giraffe

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