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By: Marlon B. Ocampo M.A.

Social Sciences Teaching

The process known as weathering breaks up rocks so that they can be carried away.

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Removal of the vegetation cover. Poor Arable Farming Methods. Poor Pastoral Farming Method. Urbanisation.

Soil Erosion- The removal of soil by the action of water or wind. Wind Erosion- happens when the wind is travelling through the air and it picks object and materials up. Ice Erosion- Glaciers can perform erosive functions they pluck and abrade. Wave Erosion- Waves in oceans and other large bodies of water produce coastal erosion.

Tillage Erosion- moves soil from the top of the field downward. Sheet Erosion- Thin film of water over the entire field moving down-slope. Rill Erosion- collection of sheet erosion water into channels (rills) that erode the bottom and side of the rill. Gully Erosion- increasing size of rills eventually lead to a gully or a channel too large for crossing by farm equipment.

1.Saltation- fine and medium sandsized particles are lifted a short distance into the air. 2.Suspension- Very fine soil particles are lifted from the surface by the impact of air. 3.Creep- the movement of large soil particles along the surface of the soil after loosened by the impact of particles.

Maintain a vegetation cover. Fiber Rolls- long snakes of compacted fiber- straw or coconut fiber are common bound in covering of mesh. Erosion Control Blanket. Mulch- can be made of straw, shredded bark of trees. Retaining Walls- they control erosion and stop it from spreading farther.

Plant only to flat, horizontal land. Proper Drainage. Growing crops that are indigenous to the region will greatly help in maintaining a healthy soil.