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A G Industries Pvt. Ltd. - North Plastic injection moulded components Abilities India Pistons & Rings Ltd.

Pistons, Piston Rings & Machined Components Accurate Products Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Lubrication Fittings, Precision Turned Parts & Pressed Components, Grease Nipples & Relief Valves, Sheet Metal Components, Bleed Screws, Ball Joints Acey Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Control Cables, Speedo Meter Cables Action Batteries Pvt. Ltd. Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive & Stand By Aditya Auto Products & Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd. Window regulators (Manual & Power), Door latch assemblies (Manual & Power), Wiring harness assemblies, Motors Admach Auto Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal produts Like: Back Plates and Brake shoes Advik Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. Tensioners, Oil pumps, Fuel cock assemblies, Decompression units, Fuel pumps, Regulator assemblies, One way clutch Agrasen Engineering Industries Ltd. Forged parts on Hetebur & Machined parts, Gear parts, Clutches, Brakes, Steering parts, Bearing rings, Standard & Special nuts, Flanges, Hubs, Plugs Piping components, Fittings Agrim Components Pvt. Ltd. All types of rubber products, Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Gromments, Oil Seals, O rings, Rubber boots, Rubber Blocks, Metal to Rubber Bounded Components, Silent Blocks

Aisin NTTF Pvt. Ltd. Door hinges, Door locks, Door frames, Window regulators ALF Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Chassis - 4 wheelers, Chassis - LCV, 3 wheelers, Seating systems (Tractors), Automotive spare parts Alfa Flexitubes Pvt. Ltd. SS Corrugated Flexible Hoses, Assemblies, Fittings, Bellows, Interlock Hoses, Automotive Flex Connectors, SS Made(STD with Inter Lock with Pipe Ends etc.), ERG Tubes Allena Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. Original Equipment Manufacturers of Water pump assemblies, Unitised and split type water pump seals, Lubricating oil filter assemblies, Water Separators, Exhaust Manifolds, Engine and compressor mounting brackets of SG iron Water Pump & Crank Shaft Pulley's, Alternator Pulley's, Multi-Groove Pulle's in Grey Iron Casting & Steel Casting, Sheet Metal Components, Vacum Pump Housing for Alternators, SubAssemblies & Machined Components Allied Nippon Ltd. Brake shoes, Brake pads, Brake linings, Clutch facings, Composite railway blocks All India Rubber Industries Association Association of Rubber Industry Almighty Auto Ancillary Pvt. Ltd. Linkage Assembly with Rubber Boots, Wiper Arm with Tube, Wiper Blades & Assembly, Unitised Unit, Long Shaft, Wiper Blade Universal Wiper Blade with Spary Tube Type & Bracket, Machine Trailer Ball/Hitch Linkage Pin Alpha Drives Gear, Gear Box, Power Take Offs Alphaa Springs Chennai (P) Ltd. Automotive Coil Springs

Alpump Ltd. Water pump assemblies, Oil pump assemblies, Machined castings A. Lakshmi Press & Forge Works Assembly Straps, FUPD Suppots, Brackets, Wheel Chock, Washers Reiforcements Amalgamations Repco Ltd. Clutch & Clutch Parts Thereof, Flywheel Starter Ring Gears, Amar Sons Sheet Metal Components Amararaja Batteries Ltd. Batteries Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers' Association (AIEMA) Association American Axle and Manufacturing Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. Services Offered: CAD Applications Amtek Sheet metal & Tubular part assemblies, Cross car beam assemblies for mounting Dashboards, A/C, Steering Columns, Glove boxes, Fuse boxes etc. for SUV, Link assemblies with bushes for 5 link rear suspension system of SUV Spare wheel carrier with door hinges, Leaf spring brackets, Gear linkages, Hub covers, Oil strainers for IC engines, Sun visor frame parts, Perforated cover for small engines etc. Amtek Auto Ltd. Forgings, Grey and Ductile iron castings, Aluminium Gravity and High pressure aluminium die castings, Machining and sub assemblies Connecting rods, Crankshafts, ring gears, Flywheel ring gear assemblies, Hub forgings and machining, Cylinder blocks, Cylinder heads, Flex plates, Turbo charger housings Bearing ladder frame, Clutch case, differential covers, Brackets, timing covers Amul Industries Pvt. Ltd. Connecting rods, Crankshafts, Camshafts

Amul Polycure Industries Ltd. PU Moulded Components Like Armrest, Handles knobs, Seats AMW Auto Component Ltd. Automotive Stamping, Press Parts, Wheel Rims, Compressors Anand Motor Products (P) Ltd. Cars: Rubber moulded parts, Engine & transmission mounts, Strut mounts, Hydraulic mounts, Hydraulic bushes, Rubber exhaust parts, Harmonic dampers, Propeller shaft dampers, Trucks & Trailers: Suspension rubber bushes, Engine & transmission mounts, Cabin mounts, Torque arms, Sheet metal & Fabricated parts Anand Nishikawa Company Ltd. EPDM Rubber Profiles With or Without Inserts / PVC Anand NVH Products Pvt. Ltd. Anti Vibration Rubber & Rubber to Metal/Plasting Bonded Part
ANG Auto Ltd. Trailers, Trailer axles, Suspensions, Landing Legs, Differential Spiders, Worm & Gears, Automatic Slack Adjusters, Brake Shoe & Assemblies, Splinders, Anchor Pin & Rollers, Air Brake Kits, King Pins ; Aradhya Steel Pvt. Ltd. High Carbon Steel Wire ARB Bearings Ltd. Bearings & Bearing Components for Automotive, Industrial, Tractor etc. Arvind Engineering Works Ltd. Parking brake lever assemblies, Scissor jack, Bottle type jack, Window regulator, Door Lock and Other sheet metal auto components Asahi India Glass Ltd. Laminated Windshield, Tempered Glass

Ashok Iron Works Pvt. Ltd. Cylinder blocks, Cylinder heads, Transmission castings, Crankshafts, Housing Ashra Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Air filters, Housings, Oil filters, Fuel filters etc. Asia Motor Works Ltd. Press shop-automotive stampings & press parts, Wheel rim, Crash Barriers, Chassis rolling, Fabrication, Forgings ASK Automotive (P) Ltd. Brake shoes, Brake panel assemblies, Brake drums, Clutch Plates, Pressure die casting components, Duly machined and painted components & various types of sub assemblies ASL Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal pressed components, Fibre glass components, Fabrication of Auto components Associated Manufacturing Company Door lock assemblies, Seat latch assemblies, Sheet metal pressed and fabricated parts, Seat Frames for Passenger Vehicles, Sheet metal spin formed Pulleys Asti Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. PCB/ECU, Injection molding, Wiring harness, Wire lead Aurangabad Electricals Ltd. Alunimium Pressure Die Casting: Brake Panels, Brake Drums, Step Holders, Generator Covers, Suspension Arms, Brackets, Oil Pans, Bed Plates, Brake Housings, Clutch Components & Water Pump Housing Etc. supplying to 2 W & 4 W Commercial Vehicles, Gravity Die Casting: Suspension Arms, Charge Air Cooler Tanks, Brackets, Intake Pipes & Cylender Headsetc., Fasteners: M5 - M16 High Tensile Fasteners up to 350mm Length, Long Axles, Engine Studs, Nuts Etc., Electric Parts: Ignition Coils, Magnetos Switches, Regulators & Relays Etc.

Auro Plastic Injection Moulders Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Mould Parts

Auto Ignition Ltd. Starter motors, Alternators & their parts, Dynamos, Ignition coils, Solenoid switches Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Ltd. Air compressor parts, Agri engine parts, Two wheeler Engine parts, Automotive parts, Water, Oil, Fuel pump parts, Hydraulic parts, Mini genset parts, Safety valve parts and General engineering parts. Material: Any grade of grey cast iron, S.G. Iron, Adi, Alloy cast iron Autocomp Corporation Panse Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Pressing Parts, Chassis, Fender, Foot Plate

Autofit Pvt. Ltd. Seating Systems for cars (Honda City & Accord Models) and for Two Wheelers (Hero Honda & Honda Scooters) and Sun visors

Autoflex Pvt. Ltd. Exhaust Rubbers Mounting, Exhaust Hangers, Silent Block Bushes, Engine Mounting, Gear Box Mounting, Diaphragms, Rubber to Metal Bounded Parts, Autoline Rockers, Connecting Rods, Swivelling Lever, Tensioning Lever, Swivel Head

Autolite (India) Ltd. Automotive Head Lamps, Halogen Bulbs, Work Lamps, Auxiliary Lamp, Turn Signal Lamps, Incandescent Bulbs Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd. Seat Belts, Air Bags, Steering Wheels Autometers Alliance Ltd. For Automotive Sector: Passenger Information and Address System (Destination Display cum Announcement System); For Railways: Techographs, Relays, Energy cum Speed Monitoring System, Power Conditioning Systems, Vaccum Circuit Breaker, Connectors, Online Tap Changer, Passenger

Information & Address System (Destination Display cum Announcement System), UPS etc. Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Ltd. (A subsidiary of Tata Autocomp SystemsLtd.) BIW Components, Fuel Tanks, Oil Sumps, Clutch Covers, Rear Twist Beam, Sub Frame Automotive Valves Pvt. Ltd. Inlet Exhaust Valves, Avasarala Technologies Ltd. Supply & Service of Automotive Systems like Conveyer Lines, Semi Automatic Assembly Lines, Material Handling, Storage Systems etc. from concept to comminsioning AVR Valves Pvt. Ltd. Engine valves, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Push Rods, Tappets AVS Brake Linings Pvt. Ltd. Brake linings, Clutch facings, Brake pads Avtec Ltd. Power units, Engines , Engines transmissions, Power shift transmissions, Torque convertors Axles India Ltd. Rear axle housings, Axle differential heads Badve Engineering Ltd. Exhaust systems, Mufflers, Frames, 3 Wheeler Chassis, Automotive plastic components with painting like seat covers, Side covers, Fender, Fairing, Cowling, Windshield, Powder coated sheet metal assemblies Bajaj Motors Ltd. Arm valve rockers, Crank shafts, Fork gear shift, Crank pin, Piston pin, Bush, Collar, Cam shaft, Gear shift drum, Bushing (ferrous& non- ferrous), King pin, Transmission forks, Stay rod, Piston rod, Shaft, Stem complete steering, Upper brackets Spindle axle, Hub wheel, Bar pin, Engine/Alternator mounting brackets, Gear blanks, Tabular components for suspension assemblies, Hot forgings (60 Gms to 10 Kg), Alluminium forging precision CNC machining & turned components, Shell moulding line for ferrous casting (300 Gms to 15 KG), SG

iron casting, Green sand casting, Spindle for rear axles, Hub wheels, Linkage pin, Base cup, Link body etc. Balu India Crankshafts, Forged & Cast, Casting (Raw & Machined) Suitable for Trucks, Tractors, Automotive, Military, Marine Banco Products (India) Ltd. Engine cooling systems i.e. heat-exchangers (radiator), Intercooler, Oil coolers. Inbrazed aluminium & Copper-brass constructions-for Automotive & Industrial applications, engine sealings i.e. Gaskets BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd. Catalysts and Catalytic converters for Automobiles & 2 wheelers Baynee Industries Oil pumps, Brass coolant tanks, Oil filter adaptors, Exhaust brake units, Window regulators, Gear shift levers, Engine Oil Seperators BCL Forgings Ltd. All propeller shaft components, Engine parts, Differential cases & covers, Tube Shafts, Tube Yoke, Housings, Ring Gears BCL Springs ( A Div. of Bombay Burmah Trading Corp. Ltd.) Precision springs in various dia for automotive and other applications Benara Bearings & Pistons Ltd. Pistons, Pistons pins, Pistons rings, Cylinder liners, Cylender Blocks, Casting (Ferrous/ SG Iron), Crank pins, Bushings (Ferrous & Non-Ferreous), Cylender Heads, Circlips, Crank Shafts, Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Thinwalls/Thickwalls Bearings & Bushes, Grey Iron Castings, S G Iron Castings, Bimettalic Strips Benara Udyog Ltd. Plain Shaft Bearing & Bushes, Bi-Metal Strip, Thrust Washer Besmak Components Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Injection Moulding Components Called "Connectors"

Besoto Starting Systems Pvt. Ltd. Electrical Parts: Starter motor, Alternator, Dynastarters, Dynamos & their parts, Armetures, Starter drive assembles, Solenoid Switches, Field coils, Rotors - Starters, Cold forges & CNC turned Beta Industrial Products Automobile rubber parts for passenger cars, Heavy duty trucks & trailers- Engine & Transmission mountings, Hydraulic mounts, Strut mounts, Rubber & Rubber to metal bonded parts, Sheet metal components, Drive shaft center support, Suspension & Trailer bushings, Torque arm bushings, Rubber bushings, Equalizer assemblies, Silent block bushes, Center hangers, Adjustable & rigid radius rods, Rubber insulators, U bolts, Bolts & Nuts, Spring insulators, Twist locks, Brake chambers, Brake pads, Brake drums, Landing gears, King pins, Wheel hubs, Slack adjusters, Brass & Bimetal bushes, Water pumps, Casting & forging items, Tie end rods, Control arm bushes, Hose pip, O rings, Oil seals etc. for Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, DAF, ROR, BPW, MAN. Mack, Fruehauf, International, Hendrickson, Hutch, Neway, Reyco, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, International/Navistar Beta Tools Pvt. Ltd. Forgings for manufacturing Autoparts, Hand tools, Agriculture equipments Bharat Forge Ltd. Steel forgings, Machined crankshafts, Front axles assembly, Motor vehicle components Bharat Gears Ltd. Gears for automotive, Off-highway, Agricultural applications, Furnaces, Continuous Gas Carburiser Batch Type Furnace with Washing Tempering Line Bharat Seats Ltd. Automobile seating systems for 4 Wheelers, 2 Wheelers, Moulded carpets for 4 Wheelers Bhavani Industries Forged and fully machined Auto parts, Valve train components, Propeller shaft components, Drive shafts / Half shaft components, Steering column components Transmission components, Gear box components, etc. BIC Auto Pvt. Ltd. Friction material products comprising of Brake blocks, Brake linings (Rigid moulded, Flexible), Roll linings, Disc brake pads, Friction sheets, Clutch facings Composite Brake Blocks For Railway,

BIL Metal Industries Ltd. Sheet metal pressed and welded parts like: Fuel tanks, Cross members, Chassis brackets, Engine plates, Oil sumps, Internal body parts, Bumpers, Spare wheel carriers, Clutch pedals, Brake pedals, etc.

Bill Forge Pvt. Ltd. Cold, Warm and Hot Forged Automotive Components Bimetal Bearings Ltd. Engine Bearings, Bushings, Thrust Washer, Alloy Powder & Bimetallic Strips Birla AccuCast Ltd. Raw and machined-shell moulded grey iron, Vermicular and Nodular Iron castings / BMC Metalcast Ltd. SG iron & Grey iron castings & components Bohra Rubber Pvt. Ltd. EPDM Profiles, EPDM Flocked Channel Profiles. EPDM Door Seals, EPDM Deck Lid Seal, EPDM Windshield Seals, EPDM Profiles for the Building & Construction Industry and Moulded Rubber Components (Grommets, Bellows, Dust Caps, Rubber Boots, Lead Bushings, Rubber Mounting Rings and Other Custom Made Components) Rubber to Metal Bonded Components (Engine Mounts, Transmission Mounts, Strut Mounts & Other Rubber to Metal Bonded Components) Bond Safety Belts Seat Belts

Bony Polymers (P) Ltd. Rubber moulded components, Rubber to metal bonded, Anti vibration mounts, Hoses, Hoses assemblies, 'O' Rings, Pipes & Fuel Tubes Borgwarner Cooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Viscous fans, Drives, EGR's, Solenoids, Water pumps, Polymer Fans Borgwarner Morse Tec India Pvt. Ltd. Roller Chains, Silent Chains

Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd. Break System Assembly and Components viz., Disc & Drum Brakes, Activations, Volves, Rotors Bosch Ltd. Fuel injection equipment, Spark plugs, Auto electrical, Electric power tools, Injectors, Nozzles, Security Systems, Portable Electric Power Tools, Nozzle Holders, Filter & Filter Inserts, Spare & Components Brakes India Ltd. Brakes Div:Foundation brake equipment comprising of brake assemblies, Callipers, Tandem Master Cylinders, Boosters, Wheel Cylinders, Valves, Hoses and other installation parts, Electro magnetic retarder, Heavy duty brake and clutch fluid to Dot.3 and Dot.4 specificaiton and radiator coolant, Foundary Div: Permanent Mould Ferrous Diecasins, GI & SG Iron Castings, Polymer Div: Engineering Plastic Components Brakewel Automotive Components (I) Pvt Ltd. Brake linings, Clutch facings, Rolls Linings, Brake Discs, Disc Pads Bright Autoplast Pvt. Ltd. Bumpers, Fenders, Grilles, Instrument panel, Console assemblies, Spoiler, Radiator grills, Under the hood, Trimms & Pillars, Exterior trims, Two wheeler parts, Small pressision parts, Blow molding Brose India Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd. Design & Development of Products; Window Regulators & Seating Mechanism Bundy India Ltd. Single wall & Double wall automotive and refrigeration steel tubes with different coatings, Brake lines, Fuel lines, Brake & Fuel clusters, Tank top lines, Clutch lines Nylon lines, HP diesel lines

C M Smith & Sons Ltd. Gear Box Housings, Hydralic Housings, PTO Housings, Flywheel Housings, Clutch Housings, Bell Housings, Multi Duct, Pump Housing, Motor Body, Ventilated brake rotors & Brake drums for cars & trucks, Hubs etc. Other GCI & SGI parts with fully machining condition. Caltherm Thermostats Pvt Ltd. Automotive & Heavy duty thermostats Caparo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal stampings, Steel tubes & tubular components, Sheet metal fabrication, Fasteners, Alluminium die-casting, Steel forgings, Tool & dies, Design technologies Car International Pvt. Ltd. Automotive locking systems, Cabin parts, Door handles, Locks, Latches, Window regulators, Fuel tank caps, Dorr stoppers, Wheel caps etc. Carl Bechem Lubricants India Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Lubrication, Chassis Lubrication, Anti Friction Coating, Window Regulator Lubrication, Break Component Lubrication, Noise Dampening Lubricants Electrical Contact Lubrication Carraro India Pvt. Ltd. Transmission Axles & Drivers Cast Master High pressure, Low pressure and Gravity die casting components including mould designing & manufacturing, CNC machining, Painting, Product assemblies Engine and Transmission castings, Cylender heads & Covers Castwel Autoparts Pvt. Ltd. Presure Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Machining, Assembling Ceekay Daikin Ltd. Clutch disc assemblies, Clutch cover, One way clutch Chandok Automotive Manufacturers Ltd. Straight, Hypoid, Spiral Bevel Gear for Tractor, Truck, LCV & Car Application, Spur & Helicar

Gears Crown Wheel Pinion, Differencial Bevel Gear Kit, Tata Kit, Leyland etc.

Chaphekar Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Cargo bodies, Press parts, Sheet metal fabricated assemblies, Bonnet locks, Radiator frames, Oil strainers, Steering columns, Containers, Tippers Climate Systems India Ltd. Engine Cooling Modules, Radiators, Heater Cores, Charge Air Coolers, EGR Coolers, Fuel Delivery Modules Clutch Auto Ltd. Clutch cover assemblies, Clutch discs, Clutch kits & components, Diaphragm Springs, Ceramic Discs, Metallic & Cerametallic (Sintered) discs Comstar Automotive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Starter Motors, Alternators Conic Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Gaskets, Oil Seals, Rubber Parts Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd. Products for Powertrain, Interior, Chasis & Safety

Continental Engines Ltd. Cylinder heads, Cooling jackets, Inlet manifold, Clutch housings, EGR housing & pipes, Crank case, Brackets Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Cylinder liners, Cylinder heads, Blocks, Sleeves, Flywheels, Brake discs, Valve guides & Machining of crankshafts, SG Iron Crankshafts, Steel Casting, Wind Mill Casting, Valve seat inserts, Diesel Engines & LCVs with technical tie up with Richardo, U. K. CRP (India) Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium die casting from 60 mg to 400 gm applicable to engine assembly, Fuel systems, Turbo charger and fluid systems, Commercial lighting products, etc.

D. D. Industries Ltd. Motor Vehicle Parts, Machinary Parts Daewon India Autoparts Pvt. Ltd. Suspension springs, Stabilizer Bars Dali & Samir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Fuel Tanks, Water, Air and Oil Applications, Oil Sumps, Exhaust Systems, Light to Heavy Duty Stamped & Fabricates Assemblies & Tubular Assemblies Dana India Pvt. Ltd. Axle Assembly & Its Parts DCM Engineering Products (Unit of DCM Engineering Ltd.) Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Housings, Heat Exchanger Deccan Radiators and Pressings Pvt. Ltd. Radiators & Oil coolers Dell'orto India Pvt. Ltd. Carbuorattors Assemblies, Throttle Body Assemblies Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd Gas charged shock absorbers, Modular strut assemblies, Front corner modules, Engine and power train mounts, HVAC modules & compressors, Heat exchangers, Wiring harnesses, Evaporative canisters, Catalytic converts, Fuel handling products, Drive shafts fwd, Steering columns, Rotary diesel fuel injection products, Instrument clusters, airbags, Safety electronics & Consumer electronics products. Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd. DPC, DPC-N Electronics, STP, SVP, DP 210 Rotary fuel injection pumps, Injectors, Filter assemblies for naturally aspirated, Turbo charged and Inter-cooled diesel engines, Light and Medium duty common rail direction injection system rail, Filter pumps, Injectors, ECU with full electronic controls for meeting Euro (V) emission norms in passenger car SUV, LCV, HCV applications, Mechanical Unit Pumps (MUP) and UPCR-Unit pumps, Rail filters, Injectors, ECU for meeting Euro III-IV emission norms in 3 and 4 wheel Light Transport Vehicles

Deltronix India Ltd. High Tension Cords, Canister Plastics, Rubber Ignition Automotive Parts, Molded & Welded Parts: Vaccume Accumulated, Radiator ,Expansion Tank, Power Sterring Reservior Demanik Enterprises Automotive filters and Filter inserts, Diesel fuel pump housings & components Denso India Ltd. Auto electrical components:- Alternators, Starter motors, Wiper motors, Fan assembly engine cooling, Washer pumps Blower motors, Print motors, Power window motors, Magnetos, CDI , Flywheels Denso International India Pvt. Ltd. Support Development of Systems/Products of Denso Manufacturing Cos. In India, Managing Marketing & Sales of Products Manufacturing by Denso in India Denso Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium radiators and parts, Car air conditioners and parts, Air cleaners and parts Deusch Mediquip Pvt. Ltd. Auto & Medical rubber parts Devendra Exports Pvt. Ltd. Diesel Fuel Injection Parts & Other Automobile Components Devilog Systems (India) Diesel Filteration Systems & Vaccum Pumps Dhoot Transmission Pvt. Ltd. Automotive wiring harnesses, Domestic appliances wiring harness, Enamelled copper wire, Power cord D-M-E Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. Standard / Special Mold Bases, Mold Components, Hot Runner Systems, Ejector Pins, Parts for Plastic Molding, Die Casting & Sheet Metal Industries

Durovalves India Pvt. Ltd. IC Engine Valves (Inlet & Exhaust) Dyna-K Automotive Stampings Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal stampings for Automotive brake applications, Turbo charges applications, Engine applications Eaton Industrial Systems Pvt. Ltd. Engine Valves Eco Auto Components Ltd. Carburettors, Oil pumps, Electrica Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Lighting Products Electromags Alternators Starter Motor Parts, Fuel Systems, solenoids & Sensors, Break Systems valves & Switches, ATM Parts, solenoids valves & assy., 4 Wheeler & 2 Wheeler Switches & Fluid Level Warning Indicators, Switches for apliance Industries Elofic Industries Ltd. Oil filters, Fuel filters, Air filters for Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial & Other customised applications Emdet Jamshedpur Pvt. Ltd. Coolant hoses, Radiator hose, Silicon hose, Bushes, Grommet, Metal Bonded Parts, Engine Mountings and other automotive products Emkay Automobile Industries Ltd. Coil Springs, Sheet metal & Deep Drawn Components, Spring Steel Wire, ERW Tube, Tabular Components, Forging & Machining Components (Engine Parts & Piston Rods) Hydraulic & Power Presses, Shearing M/C, Projection, Mig & Tig Weilding, Spring Steel Wire, ERW Tube 12.5mm to 62.4mm, Tabular Components, Three CNC Tube Bending Machines, 5 axis & 3 axis, Forgings, capacity from 0.45 Kg to 23 Kgs Machined Components, Engine Parts, Piston Rods etc.

Emmbros Autocomp Ltd. Rear axle shafts, Front axle shafts, Spindles, Spools, Wheel hubs, Differential housings, Differential cases, Shim kits, Bevel gears, Yokes, UJ cross, etc. Endurance Technologies Ltd. Aluminium Die Casting Products: Cylender Heads, Clutch Housing, Transmission Case, Bearing Cover, Crank Case, Crankcase Cover, Cylender Barel, Rocker Cover, Governer Housing, Stop Housing, Feedpump Housing, Governer Cover, Unloader Housing, Piston,Adoptor, Chassis & Covers for Networking Products, Filter Bowl, Filter Head, Instrument Block, Water Separator, Bottom Case, Intake Manifold, Thermostate Housing, Air Inlet Elbow, Bracket for Intercooler Support, Cylender Head Cover, Front & Rear Housing, Oil Sump, Intermidiate Plate Roof Rail, Bearing Frame, Laddle Frame, Retainer Cover, Support Feed Pump, Cover Tappet, Pulley, Cam Cover, Oil Cooler Cover, Compressor Bracket, Fuel Filter Bracket, Power Steering Bracket, Shifter Fork, Main Bearing Cap, Cam Shaft Bea Engineering Technologies Drum gear shifts, Rotor oil filters, Fork shifts, Cam shafts, Rocker arms, Connecting rods Enginetech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Rear view mirrors, Air filters, Deaeration tank, Plate type oil coolers, Air clearner service indicator, Fuel water separator, Exhaust brake assly, Brake oil tank Electric mirror switch, Injection molded components, Fuel tank cap, Cigarette lighter etc., Enkei Cast Alloy Ltd. Cylinder heads (2W, 3W & Commercial Vehicles), Crank cases, EGR Valve & Other Foundry Parts, Intake manifolds (4W), Charge Air Cooler Tanks (Tank Industry), Alloy wheels (2W & 4W), Engine Mounting Brackets(4W) Escorts Ltd. (Engineering Division) Shock absorbers for 2wheelers, 3 wheelers & 4wheelers, Telescopic front forks, Steering column, Steering command, Race housing, Shork absorbers for railways, Trucks & Trailers & Defence Essae Aucom Pvt. Ltd. Hot, War, Cold forged, CNC precision machined, Heat treated, Gear cut & surface finished components & sub assemblies

Estee Auto Pressings Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal pressed parts and Welded assemblies including seating parts, Brake dust covers, Brake chamber brackets, Cabin & Trim parts, Parts of air filterations units etc. Everest Electrical & Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Spare Wheel Carrier Assembly, Brake Assembly, Side Panel, Cover Plate, Bracket Assembly, Ring, Bolt Plat Assembly, Striker Assembly, Bracket Front Shock Absorber Assembly, Braket Front Shock Absorber, Bolt Plate Assembly Excel Polymotive Injection moulded, Blow moulded, Vacuum formed, Under the hood etc., Interior Components, Exterior components, Under the hood engine components, Blow moulded Ducts, Air in takers etc, Exotech Zanini Industries Pvt. Ltd. Wheel Hub covers, Monograms & Badges, Nameplates deck lid handles, Radiator grilles FAG Bearings India Ltd. Ball & Roller bearings Fairfield Atlas Ltd. Automobile and Industrial transmission gears, Gear systems Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Complete Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Cat Converters, Door Slide Impact Beams, Instrumental Panel Reinforcement Panel Tube FAURECIA Technology Center India Pvt. Ltd. Offshore Activities of CAD, Simulation & other Development Activities Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. Pistons, Rings, Spark plugs, Sintered products Fenner (India) Ltd. Belts, Oil Seals and Engineering Products www.

Fiem Industries Ltd. Head lamps, Rear combination lamps, Blinker lamps, Fog lamps, Work lamps, Reflex reflectors, Work lamp, Warning triangle, Rear view mirrors, LED lamps, LED flash lights & Sheet metal parts Fine Blanking Pvt. Ltd. Fine blanked components for Auto, Electrical Industries Tools Fine Brakes Brake linings, Clutch facings and Friction material Flash Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Sensors, Ignition Coils, Startor Motors, Stepper Motors, Magneto Assembly, Alternators, RR Unit, CDI, DC Flashers, Spark Plug Cap & Complete Automotive Solution for Electrical & Electronic Components Flywheel Ring Gears Pvt. Ltd. Flywheel starter ring gear, Flex plate assembly Friends Castings (P) Ltd. Engine Valve guides of alloy cast iron G B Rubber Products Rubber products, Rubber to metal bonded products Rings, Hoses G.S. Auto International Ltd. Automotive Suspension & Fasteners Parts, Machined Parts:-King Pings, Spring Pins, Shackle Bolts, Check Nuts, Axle Studs, U-Bilts & Genuine Nuts, Forged Parts:-Wheel Bolts, Spindle Damper, Shock Absorber Pin, Nuts, Centre Bolts & Misc. Bolts Non Ferrous Cast Components:-Aluminium Bronze Bushes, Ductile Iron Cast Components:Spring Hanger Shackle/Bracket, Base Plate, Threaded Rings, Compresser Mounting Brackets, Castings in weight Range 1-20 Kgs. Trailer Parts:- Trailer Axle, Trailer Rim, Trailer Brackets, Equalizer, Full Suspension Kits Gabriel India Ltd. Shock absorbers, Struts, Front forks, Gaskets, Piston rings, Clutch facings, Synchronizer rings &

Various other automotive components & systems Gajra Gears Pvt. Ltd. Transmission & defferencial gears for HCVs & LCVs Galaxy Bearings Ltd. Taper rollers, Cylindrical rollers, Thrust bearings, Ball bearings, King pin bearings, Double row bearings, Angular contact bearings Garg Industrial Corporation Dual clutch assemblies, Brake housing assemblies, Brake drums and casting components Gargs Engineers Ltd. Fuel Tanks, Exhaust Pipes, Brackets, Fuel Tank Supports, Tail Lamp, Wheel Chowk, Silencer Stg. Mtg. Bkt., Brackets Gatiman Auto Pvt. Ltd. Fuel tanks, Air tanks and Reservors, Mufflers and Silencers, Buckets for Earth moving Equipments, Composite material (FRP) parts for Racing Cars. Additionally Various Sheet Metal Parts and assemblies for OEM Gearock Forge Pvt. Ltd. Micro Alloy Forgings, Crank Shafts, Connecting Rods, Rocker Arms, Gear Shifter forks etc. Ghaziabad Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. Push rods - Forged, Tubular, Press fit, Rocker shafts, Rocker arms, Rocker shaft assemblies, Shifter rails, Spring compression, Torsion, Tensions, Wire forms and spiral Gilard Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Combination switches, A/C switches, Unit controls, Heater relays, Air heaters, Micro switches, Toggle switches, Connectors, Resistor Blowers, Terminals, Pick Up Assembly, Wiper Cover Assembly, Receptacles. GKN Driveline India Ltd. Driveshafts assembalies with Constant Velocity Joints

GKN Sinter Metals Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Related: Powder mettallugy parts, i.e., Timing pulleys, Bearing caps, Cam-to-Cam gear, Flange for oil pumps, Oil pump rotors, Water pump hubs, Oil pump rotors, Gears, Valve seat inserts, Valve guides, Rocker arm chips Parts for shock absorber parts, i.e., Piston, Rod Guide, Base Value, Sintered Self Lubricating Bearings, ABS Rings, Parts for petrol & diesel engines etc., Synchro Hubs, Synchro Keys, Support Rocker Arm Global Automotive Components (P) Ltd. Automotive gaskets, Rubber mounting parts, Sheet metal parts, Exhaust components - Clamps, Flanges, Shell Etc. Global Autotech Ltd. Aluminium plumbing lines, Hose pipes for cars, Automotive air-conditioning, Aluminium tube connectors, Rotors, Pulley for AC compressors, Full squeeze casting with machining, HPDC With Machining, Car AC compressors - Piston & Switch pates Steel shafts for steering & allied uses, Assemblies GNA Axles Ltd. Rear axle shafts, Spindles, Spindle shafts and Steel forgings GNA Duraparts Ltd. Internal ring gears, Bull gears & Bull pinion shafts, Straight bevel gears & Hypoid gears, Hub reduction gears, Companion flanges, Transmission speed gears Rear axle shafts GNA Udyog Ltd. Propeller shafts assemblies & components, Intermediate shafts assemblies, Steering columns, CV Joint Parts, Wheel Hubs, Flanges, UJ Cross Kits, Tie rod ends & Components for Hydraulic Lift Assy., Front Axle Assemblies, Pivot Pins Gold Seal Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. Parts & Accessaries o Motor Vehicle - Channels, PVC Profiles, EPDM Solid Rubber/Sponge Rubber/Windshield, Weather Strips & Rubber Extruded Profiles, EPDM Bi-Components Door Seals, Flock Channel, Other Cellular Rubber, Non Cellular Rubber, Cellular Rubber, Compound Rubber Unvulcanized, Compound with Carbon Blk, Reinforced or Otherwise Combined Textile Meterial Coolant Conveying System - Radiator Hoses, Reinforced or Otherwise Combined with Other Meterial Without Fitting

Goldy Precision Stampings Pvt. Ltd. Precision stampings in Shock absorbers, Transmission, Carburettors; Electrical Products: Shims, Thrust washers, Disc valves, Leaf springs, Circlips, E Clips, Gaskets (Non-Asbestos), Slide forming components Grace Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Lasteners Nuts Graziano Trasmissioni India Pvt. Ltd. Transmission Components Greenley Hi-Tech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Stub Axles, Brackets, Housings, Cylinder Heads GTB Automotive Systems (P) Ltd. Pricission turned & Machined Components, Axle Shafts & Propeller Shafts, Engine Components, Precision Machined Aluminium Components for Air Brake Systems Gulati Auto Electricals Pvt Ltd Automotive Locks & Fuel cocks, Ignition switches, Combination Switches etc. Guru Nanak Auto Enterprises Ltd. Rear axle shafts, Torsion bars & Brackets, Spindles, Spindle Shafts, Brakes S Cam Shafts, Wheel Spindle, Input Shafts, Output Shafts, CV shafts, Clutch shafts, Track bars, Steel forgings, Thrust washers, Intermediate Shafts Haldex Concentric Pumps (India) Pvt. Ltd. Oil pumps, Water pumps, Fan brackets Haldex India Ltd. Slag Adjusters (Manual & Automatic), Consep (Condenser Cum Oil Separator) Halonix Ltd. Automotive Halogen Lamps & General Lighting

Harita Seating Systems Ltd. Seat & seating systems for Tractors, Cars, Light & Heavy commercial vehicles, passenger busses, railways, construction equipments, off the road vehicles Two wheelers Harsha Engineers Ltd. Cages or Retainers for Ball & Roller bearings any material, Any type Hella India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Auto electronics parts: Horns, Switches, Head lamp Leveller, T sensor, Central locking systems, Accelerator Pedal Sensor Hema Engineering Industries Ltd. Swing arms, Top Bridge, Muffler, Computer Cabinet Hero Motors Ltd. Engine & Transmission assemblies & Components: Gear box assemblies for all terrain vehicle, 2 Wheelers, Ferrous cast & machined component assemblies, Sheet metal components, Contract vehicle manufacturers Highco Engineers (P) Ltd. Sheet metal pressed components and Fabricated assemblies Highway Industries Ltd. Hot and Cold forged and Precision machined components Hi-Lux Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture of Automotive lamps & their parts Hindalco Industries Ltd. (Wheel Division) Aluminium alloy wheels; Hinduja Foundries Ltd. Grey iron casting like Cylindrical blocks, Cylindrical heads, Transmission cases, Housings, Ductile iron casings like Wheel hubs, Carriers, Axle housings, Spider and spring brackets and Aluminium Castings Like Cylinder heads, Manifolds and Gear box housings

Hindustan Composites Ltd. Automotive Brake Linings, Compress Asbestos Fibre Jointings, Clutch Facings Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd. Propeller shafts & Parts theirof Hi-Tech Gears Ltd. Timing Gears, Transmission Gears & Shafts, Precission & Machined Components Hodek Vibration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Viscous vibration dampers, Rubber vibration dampers, Crankshaft flange Honeywell Turbo Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Information Technology, Designing, Logistics, Consulting Companies, Technical Service Providers, Advisory Services etc. Horizon Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal stamping components & Assemblies, Progressive press tools & Dies, Car Jacks, Mechanism of wiper arm assemblies, Stainless steel filters, CA tubes, Double seat assemblies for two wheelers, Bathroom radiators, CAD/CAM services & other IT enabled solutions and other engineering goods I E Auto Industrial Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Auto parts Ibex Products Pvt. Ltd. Fuel filter body assemblies, Fuel filter cover assemblies, Nipple assemblies, Dia cover assemblies, Case complete assemblies IFB Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Seat recliners, Sliders, Height adjusters, Window Regulators, Latches, Brake boosters, Door beams, Blower Motors & HVAC Motors and Power window motors and door latches IFB Industries Ltd. Fine blanked Components and sub assemblies, Fine blanking tools, Conventionally press components & Press tools

IM Gears Pvt. Ltd. Engine and Transmission parts for two wheelers & four wheelers, Precision machined parts Imperial Auto Industries Ltd. Automotive Hoses Stubes India Forge and Drop Stampings Ltd. Car & Tractor Axles, Wheel Hubs Cars, LCV, X Member Suspension Mouning Brackets, Impact Beams, Spindle, Sleev India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Lighting India Nippon Electricals Ltd. Flywheel Magnetos, Contol Unit (CDI/TCI), Ignition Coil, Regulator/Rectifier Unit & Integral Unit (Combined CDI + Ignition Coil) for 2, 3 Wheelers & General Purpose Engines & also Manufacturer & Supplyer of ECUs for Passenger Car Applications India Pistons Ltd. IC Engine Parts & Ferrous Castings, Pistons, Rings, Cylender Liner, Gudgeon Pin, Circlips, Alfin Inserts, Ferrous Castings Indian Diecasting Industries Customised fully finished :( Duly Die cast, Fettled / Trimmed / Deflated, Vibro Finished / Shot Blasted / Heat Treated / Metal Impregnated / Buffed / Polished / Machined / Riveted /Assembled, Copper-Nickel-Chrome Plated / Zinc plated / Passivated / Tin plated / Cadmium plated /Power Coated / Painted/ Lacquered etc. Pressure Die cast Components in Aluminium & Zinc Based Alloys and Diecasting Dies (Cold Chamber & Hot Chamber). Indication Instruments Ltd. Dashboard Clusters, Instruments & Sensers for Automotive, Marine & Industrial Use. Electronic: Clusters, RPM Meter, Speedometers, Hourmeters, Clocks. Electrical: Clusters, Fuel Gauges, Temporature Gauges, Oil Gauges, Voltmeters, Ammeters Mechanical: Clusters, Temporature Gauges, Oil/Air Pressure Gauges, Speedometers, Hour cum RPM Meters, Sensors/Switches: Pressure Sensors & Switches, Temporature Sensors & Switches, Fuel Sensors, Speed Sendors, Dashboard Switches, Engine Oil Level Switches, Misc.: Speedocables, Right Angle Drivers, Tell Tale Indicators

Indico Motors Pvt. Ltd. Tippers, Tip-Trailers, Trailers, Containers Indo Autotech Ltd. Fabricated sheet metal components & Sub assemblies Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. Engine valve collets, Rocker arm screws, Retainers, Turbocharger components, Fuel injuction system parts, Hydraulic and Fluid power, Precision components & cold forge parts Indo Shell Mould Ltd. Cast iron, Ductile Iron, Compacted graphite iron casting components, Pressure die casting, Low pressure die casting, Gravity die castings, Aluminium Castings, Machining, Sub assemblies etc. Industrial Engineering Syndicate Ignition switches, Light switches, Neutral switches, Hazard switches, Combination switches Industrial Forge & Engineering Co. Ltd. Link rod yokes, Clutch release forks, Shifter fork LH & RH, P Ring gears Industrial Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. Engine mountings, Silent block bushes, Couplings, Exhaust hangers, CV boots, Bellows, Hoses, Diaphragms, O rings, Seals and rubber extrusions Injectoplast Pvt. Ltd. Auto Parts: Interior Hard trim parts, Engine Modules & Under-hood / HVAC parts, Grab handles & Assist handles, Radiator end tanks, CVJ & Rack & Pinion, Starter alternator parts, Body canister parts, Suspension & Steering parts, Wiper motor parts (brush box), Door Parts, Ash tray assembly, Non Auto Parts-Weather Treatment System Parts, Electrical Switchgear Parts, Machine Building Parts, Electrical & Appliances Parts Innova Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. Rubber moulded & Rubber to metal bonded parts like Suspension bushes, Silent block bushes, Engine mounts, Anti vibration mounts, Steering coupling, Suspension sub assemblies like Control arms, Trailing arms, Exhaust hangers, Leaf spring bushes, Axle bumpers, TPU parts, Tuned viberation absorbers & Viberation dampers

Innoventive Industries Ltd. CEW/DOM Precision Steel Tubes, T ubular Parts, Auto Component , M. V. Parts Insulation & Electrical Products Pvt. Ltd. Seat Adjuster, Seat Raiser, Lock assembly for rear seat Investment & Precision Castings Ltd. Investment casting in ferrous & Non ferrous, Ranging from a few grams to 160 Kg single piece weight and 1.8 Mtr Long Involute Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Gears Shafts, Collors, Pinions IP Rings Ltd. Piston rings for Internal combustion engines, Transmission components IST Ltd. Precision mechanical parts of assemblies for automotives power train parts, Fuel system of carburettor parts, Oil jet assembly for tooling engines. Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. Multi Leaf Spring, Parabolic Spring, Tapered Leaf Springs Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. Sheet metal components, Welded assemblies, Exhaust systems, Fuel neck filler, Rear axles Jay Switches India Pvt. Ltd. Lock sets, Automotive door handles, Interior & Indication lamps, Plastic parts, Auto electrical switches, Retro reflectors Jaya Hind Industries Ltd. High pressure aluminium die castings components, Gravity die castings components Jayashree Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Extruded rubber parts, Molded rubber parts, Molded rubber to substrate bonded parts, Extruded profiles etc.

Jayem Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. All type of Automotive, Tractors and and Industrial gaskets Jay-Ushin Ltd Lock Sets , Door Latches, Combination Switches, and Other auto electric switches, Warning triangle JBM Auto Ltd. Sheet metal components, Assemblies and sub-assemblies, Tools, Dies and Moulds for Automobile Industry JHS Taigene Electrical Co. Pvt. Ltd. Starter Motor, Radiator Fan Motor, Blower Motor, DC Micro Motor, Climate Motor, Alternator Housing, Starter Housing, Water Pump Housing, Pressure Die Casting Parts JKM Daerim Automotive Ltd. Engine and transmission components, Chassis parts like Exhaust manifold assemblies, Inlet manifold assemblies, Rocker arms, Water pump assemblies, Oil pump assemblies, Fork shifts, Fuel rail, Turbo charger housings etc. Jtekt Sona Automotive India Ltd. Column type Electric Power Steering System, Worm Housing Assembly John Fowler (India) Pvt. Ltd. Industrial and automotive filters, HEPA, Coalescers, Panel filters Johnson Matthey India Pvt. Ltd. Automobile Exhaust Catalysts Jumps Auto Industries Ltd. Starter motors, Alternators, Dynamo motors (Generators), Armatures K. R. Industries Moulded Rubber Parts, O Rings, Oil Seals, Gaskets, Grommets, Dust Covers, Metal to Rubber Bounded Parts, Muffler Hangers, NVH Parts, Bellows, Mounting Pads

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:K.M.P. Manufacturing Company Automotive Water Pumps for Bush Car, HVC, LCV etc. Machined SG Iron C. I. Casting Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kalra Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Machined Forgings Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kalyani Forge Ltd Precision hot forging, Warm forging, Cold forging precision machining, Fracture split connecting rod machining Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kalyani Thermal Systems Ltd. Small Forging upto 20 Kg., Niche auto component for engine, Transmission gear box, Connecting rods, Crank Shafts, Cam Shafts, Shifter Fork, Knuckle, Yokes, Bushes etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kamal Rubplast Industries Pvt. Ltd. Oil seals, O rings, Gaskets, Metal to Rubber Bonded Parts, Strut Componend Bushes, Diaphrames, Membranes, Door Grommets, Boots, Bellows, Oil Seals

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kar Mobiles Ltd. Valves for Internal Combustion Engines Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kavia Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Press (stamped) parts, Cold formed parts, Machined component with assemblies and subassemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Kay Jay Forgings Pvt. Ltd. Steel forgings specialised in Critical engine components such as Crank shafts, Connecting rods, Lever kick starter assemblies, Yoke shafts, Steering components, etc., Deep drawn sheet metal components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Keihin Panalfa Ltd. Car airconditioning systems, Intake manifold assemblies and Electronic control units Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kern-Liebers India Pvt. Ltd. Parts for Automotive & Engineering Applications

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Keystone Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Car security systems, Power windows, Gear lock, Reverse Warning Systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Kiran Udyog Machined High Pressure Die Cast & Gravity Die Cast Components & Assemblies of Aluminium & Zinc, Engine Components: Rocker Valve Cover, Front Cover, Rear Cover, Bracket Altrernator, Bracket Compressor, Bracket Idler Pulley, Heater Outlet, Retainer Input, Holder Cam Shaft, Crank Cases, Cylender Blocks, L Cover, Transmission Components: Gear Box Housings, Fork Shifters, Housing Control, Cover Select, Auto Electricals Components: Starter Housing, Starter End RR, Wiper Housings, Wiper Holder, Drive End RR, DE Frame, SRE Frame, Steering, Rack, Pinion, Senser & Worm Housings, Complete Wheel Assembly for Scooters & Motorcycles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kirat Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Components for Automotive, Electrical & Healthcare Industry. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. (Auto Component Business Group) Bi-metal thin walled engine bearings, Bushes, Thrust bearings, Valves for Internal Combustion Engines, Bimetallic strips, Raw material for engine bearings,

Bushings & Thrust washers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Automotive transmission parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kiswok Industries Pvt. Ltd. DI & CI automotive castings, Brake drums, Special grey iron casting, Manhole Frame Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:KLT Automotive And Tubular Products Ltd. Frame assembly of chassis and ERW/CDW pipes and tubes Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Knorr-Bremse Systems for Commercial Vehicles India Pvt. Ltd Air braking systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Kongovi Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Plated Plastic Trims - Radiator Grille Assemblies (Moulded, Plated, Painted), Front Hood, Radiator Grille (Upper & Lower), Back Door Garnish, Chrome Inserts, Body Side Mouldings

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Krishna Auto Industries Welded under brackets for Telescopic front forks, Front axles for Tractors Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Krishna Maruti Ltd. Seats, Door trims, Mirror, Roof Headliners, Injection Moulded Parts, Sheet Metals, Suspension Frame, Fuel Tank Etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kriti Industries (India) Ltd. Plastic injection moulded components, Sub assemblies like Interior parts, Cooling, Flaps, Name plates Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kross Manufacturers (I) Pvt. Ltd. Cross bearing caps, U. J. forks, Coupling flanges, Axles, Spiders, Spindle shafts Control springs and Tractor parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:KSS Abhishek Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd. Seat belts, Power window & Buckles

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Kulkarni Engineers Sealing washers, Gaskets, Precision press parts for Two, Three & Four wheelers Kunstocom (India) Ltd. Thermoplastic custom injection moulds, Moulded products for HVAC, Instrument panels, Trims, Body, Gear shifters housings, Blowers & shrouds, etc. Kusalava International Ltd. Centricast Cylinder Liners, Sleeves in Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Valve Seat Inserts & Valve Guides, Heat Treated Wooden Pallets as per ISPM - 15, LED Display Boards L G Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd. Chains & Parts Thereoff (Auto & Industrial Chains), Rubber Belts & Bonded Assembly, Machined Components, Other Articles of Iron & Steel, Tools & Dies for Chains, Machine & Parts Thereoff, Parts & Accessories, Forged Rolled Items - Hot & Cold, Tensioner & Parts Auto/Perkinston, Sprocket Chain - Motor Vehicle Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Lakhani Rubber Works Rubber Moulded Components, Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts, Extruded Radiators, Heater Hoses, Branch Hoses, Air Hoses, Hose Modules, Power Steering Hoses, Fuel Hoses & Plastic Injection Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd. High Tensile Precision Cold Forged Fasteners & Components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lasko Engineering Co. Flywheel Ring Gears, Hydraulic Items, Brackets, Hub Pins, Fly Wheel Ring Gears Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lear Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Seating system, Wiring systems, Seating related mechanism Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Lifelong India Ltd. Plastic injection molded parts, Aluminium Die-casted & Sheet metal parts and assemblies involving other commodities (Automotive interior, Exterior and Under hood parts) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Liners India Ltd. Cylender Liners Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lucas-TVS Ltd. Starter motors, Alternators, Wiper motors and systems, Blower motors, Engine cooling fan motors, Other small motors, Ignition system

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd. Automotive mirrors (Rear view mirrors), Automotive filters (Air cleaners) , Plastic components (Injection moulded & Blow moulded parts) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Lumax DK Auto Industries Ltd. Gear Shifter Assembly, Head Lamp, Tail Lamp, Blinkers, Motor Adjuster Assembly, Complete Emission Systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Lumax Industries Ltd. Electrical: Automotive lighting solutions (Head Lamps, Rear Combination Lamps, Side Indicator Lamps and Other Sundry Lamps), Suspensions: Two Wheeler Chasses & Sheet Metal Parts, Interior/Exterior: Plastic Trim Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Luxite Industries Ltd. Clutch Release Bearings, Roller Bearings, Metal Chassis, Components, Strut Bearing, Master Roller Bearings, Steering Races M & M Machine Craft Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium die casting, Machining, Powder coating, Machining of tubular & solid components (Two Wheeler parts)

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:M and M Auto Industries Ltd. Precision metallic coil springs, Sheet metal pressed components www. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:M D Industries Shims, Spacers, Thrust washers, Hardened and ground spacers, Metallic and Non-Metallic washers, Circlips, Snap rings, Miscellaneous spring steel components Flat bearing races, Gaskets for Manifolds, Sumps & Heads Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:M K Auto Components India Ltd. Fuel Injection parts & Cold forged Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:M K Auto Industries (Regd.) Plate frictions, Clutch discs, Clutch shoe CTs, Centrifugal clutch assemblies, Clutch liners, Brake shoes, Disc brake pads, Brake linings, Forgings, Pressure die casting, Sheet metals Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:M M Industrial Controls Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Components Like Hyd. Tanks, Oil Tanks, Covers, Engine Hood silencers &

Operator Cabins Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:M V D Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. Auto electrical switches, Solenoids & Sensors Like Oil Pressure Switches, Reverse Light Switches, Stop Lamp Switches, Neutral Safty SwitchesThermostat/Temporature Switches, Battery Cut Off Switches, Ignition Switches, Tractor Switches, Engine Safty Switches, Engine Shut off Solenoids, Automatic Transmission Solenoids, Air Brake Solenoids, Starter Solenoids, Pressure Transducers, Temporature Sensors, Speed Sensors, Flashers, Relays, Buzzers, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Macas Automotive Friction Materials Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Machino Ltd. PP compound & advanced materials Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Maco Pvt. Ltd. Piston pins for all types of engines, Crank pins & Connecting rods, King pins, Differential pins & Other pin type components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Madhusudan Auto Ltd. Accelerator Cable, Clutch Cable, Parking Brakes Cable, Body Cable Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Madras Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. Manual slack adjusters, Automatic slack adjusters, Self-setting automatic slack adjusters Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Magnum Strips & Tubes Pvt. Ltd. All Ferrous & Non ferrous CEW/ERW precision tubes & auto components, Sheet metal, (MS/CR/ Stainless steel) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mahalaxmi Seamless Ltd. Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel Tubes & Pipes Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mahindra Forgings Ltd. Forging components like Crank Shafts, Stub axles, Levers, Arms, Steering knuckles etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Mahindra Gears & Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. Spur gears, Helical gears, Shafts, Couplings, Straight bevel gears, Synchronizer gears, Different cases, Stub axles and Turned parts for Transmission, Differential & Engines Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mahindra Hinoday Industries Ltd. Ductile Iron Castings (upto SiMo Grade) for Automotive, Tractor, Off-highway application & Wind Mill Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mahindra Sona Ltd. Propeller shafts, Cardan shafts, Universal joint kits & couplings, Steering columns and parts such as Steering universal joints, Spindles, Sleeves, Sliding joints, Rubber couplings, Intermediate Shafts, Clutch cover assemblies, Clutch driven plates Axle Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:MAHLE Engine Components India Pvt. Ltd. Camshaft Casting, Camshaft Machined, Valve Tappets Casting, Valve Tappets Machined, Valve Guides Casting Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mahle Filter Systems (India) Ltd. Filters, Filter elements for Automobile, Industrial , Aviation, Railway applications

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Maini Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. Precision machined components, Machined castings & forgings, Machined aluminium die castings, Assemblies & sub assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Makino Auto Industries Clutch Plates, Clutch Assemblies, Centrifugal Clutch Assemblies, Automatic Clutches (CVT), Clutch Friction Disc, Brake Shoes, Brake Lining, Disc Brake Pads Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mandap International Pvt. Ltd. Wheel rims, Rolled formed channels, Sheet metal products Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mando India Ltd. Hydraulic brake systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mann and Hummel Filter Pvt. Ltd. Filters and Filtration Systems for Automobile and industrial applications, Air intake manifold, Air intake systems, Crank case, Ventilation in plastics

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mansons Automotive Rubber Ltd. Road Vehcile Polymer Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mantri Metallics Pvt. Ltd. Flywheels assembly, Brake drums & discs, Exhaust manifolds, Housing & plates, Poly V grove pulley, Sub assembly Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mark Exhaust Systems Ltd. Exhaust systems for 2 & 4 Wheelers, Catalytic convertors for Euro II and III, Tube assemblies, Door sash, Fuel filter pipe assemblies, EGR pipes, Sheet metal parts & assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mayur Industries Ltd. Door pads, Floor mats, Canopy, Silencer components, Plastic & Extrusion components, Seats, PVC bags, Seat covers, Carpets, Sun visors, Roof lining, NVH components, Power Window Systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. Coated man made fabric with PVC, Coated non woven fabric with PVC, Textile fabric coated both side, PVC sheet Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:MEC Bearings Pvt. Ltd. Needle Rollers, Cylindrical Rollers, Shafts/Axles, Customised Cylendrical Pins Meenakshi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Two wheeler seat assemblies and Bus seat assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mehta Engineers Ltd. Specialised Heat Treatment in Sealed Quench Furnace, Machined Forgings, Chassis & Suspension Parts, Sheet metal & Tubular Fabricated Assemblies, Pressing & Machined Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Metaforge Engg. India Pvt. Ltd. Cold forged parts, Sheet metal components, Auto-Mobile parts like, Special Screws, Bolds, Pins, Break Rods, Tie Rods, Rivets, Tappet, Shafts etc & Wire formed parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Metal Form Radiator Pressure Caps (Sheet Metal/Plastic), Fuel Filler Caps (Sheet Metal / Plastic), Radiator

Filler Necks (Brass & Aluminium), Oil Coolers (Concentric, Tubular) & Other Radiator Accessories Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Metaldyne Industries Ltd. Engine components, Axle components, Gear box components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal, Tubular and Fabricated (Light & Heavy) parts like Construction Equipment CABINS and other parts, Two Wheeler chassis, Seat Frames, Assembly Lever complete change, fuel Tank Bracket, Lever Shift Assembly, Steering Rod, Pedal Assy, Accelerator, G.S. Control Link, Other Sheet Metal, Tubular and Fabricated parts as per customer requirements., Almost all type of surface coatings done-in-house. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:MEW Suspensions Pvt. Ltd. Anti Roll Bar Assembly, Axle Brake Assembly & Hot Coil Springs Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:MHB Filter India Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Filters & Filter Assemblies

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Microsign Products Clips, Clamps, Closures, Cable ties, Piping clips, Trim rivets out of Engineering Plastics Company Name:Product Manufactured:Mikroflo Filters Pvt Ltd. Design & Development of filter elements and Manufacture of filtration equipments for liquid and Gas (air) for I C Engines and Industrial Application Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Milton Plastics Ltd. Plastic injection & Blow moulds and Molded components for Major automobiles OEMs and Industrial application Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Minda Corporation Ltd. Electronic & Mechanical Security Systems, Window Regulator, Plastic Interiors, Die Casting, Surface Treated Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Minda Furukawa Electric Pvt. Ltd. Wiring Harness Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Minda Industries Ltd. Switches, Lighting, Battery, Blow Moulded Products, Handle Bar Assembly, Sensors, Actuators, Controllers, Alternator & Starter, Automotive Horns, Heater Control Panel, Seats Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Minda Sai Ltd. Wiring harness, Wire sets, Couplers, Terminals, Battery cables, Pig tail etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd. Instrument Clusters, Temperature Sensors, Speed Sensors, Fuel Level Sensors, Clock, Relays, Chimebells etc Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Minda Valeo Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. Lock Sets, Door Handles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mindarika Pvt. Ltd. 4 Wheeler switches: Lever combination switches, Power window switches, Panel switches, Plunger switches, Oil pressure switches, Electric outer rear view mirror etc Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mitsuba Sical India Ltd. Wiper motor and Link motion assembly, Windshield washer assembly, Fan motor assembly, Alternate current generator, Starter motor assembly, Power window motor Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mobility Solutions Ltd. Complete PU Seats, Window Frame, FRP Bus Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Mobis India Ltd. Pockpit Modules, Chassis Modules. Front End Module Systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Moon Paper & Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Water pumps, Oil pumps, Automotive Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. Wiring harnesses, High tension cords, Wires, Rear view mirrors, Injection moulded plastic components, Rubber components, Blow moulded components, Machined metal components, Higher level assemblies, Bumpers, Door trims, Modules Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Mrinalini Industries Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Parts, Tools & Dies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mubea Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Engine Valve Springs, Spring Bands, Clamps Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Multitech Auto Ltd. Machining heat treatment, Welding & subassembly of components for gear box, Axle suspension engine and Steering application Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mungi Brothers Automotive Sheet Metal Parts & Bus Body Building Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Munjal Auto Industries Ltd. Exhaust mufflers for Motorcycles & Scooters, Rims for motorcycles, Steel wheel rims for Scooter and Passenger cars, Precision sheet metal parts and assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Munjal Showa Ltd. Front forks, Shock absorbers, Struts, W/B rear door lifters, Gas charged fronts and Rear struts, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Mutha Founders Pvt. Ltd. Exhaust manifolds, Cylinder blocks, Cylinder barrels, Disc V groove pulleys, Brake drums, Refrigeration crankcases, W P hinges, Single cylinder bocks & heads, Gearbox hinges, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Mutual Industries Ltd. Plastic design engineering, Mould making, Injection molding, Decoration and Sub assemblies Nalin Rubber (P) Ltd. Moulded rubber parts, Metal bonded parts, Engine mountings, Pads, Seals, Gaskets, Hoses Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Capacitor discharge Ignition - Analogue/Digital, Regulator/Rectifiers, Wiring harness - Main, Small, Sub, Combination switch, Resistor assembly, Cap assembly noise suppressor, Switch assembly winker, Printed circuit assembly Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Nash Products Sheet Metal Components & Subassemblies for Exhaust, HVAC, Window Regulator, Door Latch, Chassis Systems, Starter Alternator, Steering Column Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Natesan Synchrocones Pvt. Ltd. Ferrous & Non-ferrous synchrocones (Synchroniser rings) with carbon lined/moly coated Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:National Engineering Industries Ltd.(Rubber Division) EPDM rubber sealing profiles for automobile industries, Railways and other industries Metal bonded rubber components, Hoses, Gaskets for Pipe Line & Containers Company Name:Product Manufactured:National Industrial Apperals Pvt. Ltd. Structure, Insulation, Door Pad, Kit for Sleeper Berth, Assy. Engine Sheelding Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:National Plastic Technologies Ltd. IT Peripherals, Automotive trim parts, Lamp housings, External trim parts, T V cabinets Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Neepaz V. Forge (India) Ltd. Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Camshaft, Stub Axles, Front Axle Beam, Differencial Case, Differencial Cover, Tie Rod Arm, Gears, Under Brackets, Piston Crown, Differencial Spider

Yokes Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Nelcast Ltd. Parts for Commercial Vehicles & Tractors such as Brackets, Hubs Carrier Housings, Differencial Cases, Flywheels, Manifolds etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt. Ltd. Automobile lighting equipments like: Head lamps, Rear combination lamps, Auxiliary lamps, Tail/Stop/Turn signal lamps, Fog/Driving lamps, LED lamps, Agricultural work lamps, Roof lamps, Beacons, Off road lamps, Other sheet metal and Plastic components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:New Engineering Works Connectors of Hydraulic & Pneumatic fittings like Spacers, Bushes, T-Sockets, Elbows, Spring Spindle. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:New Swan Enterprises Exhaust clamps, Fine blanked components & sub assemblies, Sheet metal components & assemblies, Door latches, Cold forged components, Seat recliners, PVC coated clips, Jack assemblies,Gear shifting parts pressure plates, Parking Brakes,

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:NGK Spark Plugs (India) Pvt. Ltd. Auto Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Auto Sensors Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Nicks Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. Automotive parts: Arm brakes, Clutch plates, Side gears etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Nipman Fastener Industries Pvt. Ltd. Various Types & Sizes of Screws & Bolts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Nippon Audiotronix Ltd. Automotive Electronics & Infotainment Products

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Nippon Thermostat (India) Ltd. Automobile Thermostats Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Nishan Automobiles Bimetal bushes, Steel bushes, Nylon bushes, Bronze bushes, Spring bushes, Suspension bushes, Spring pins, Wheel studs, Nuts, Stabilizer shafts etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:NRB Bearings Ltd. Loose needle roller, Needle roller bushes & cages, Ball & roller bearings, Automotive components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:NTF(India) Pvt. Ltd. Automobile interiors viz. Head liners, Door trims, Rear parcel trays, Trunk liners etc. Made out of Woodstock by Thermo compression process, Injection molded thermoplastic parts for automobile industry and exterior parts viz. Automobile body panels, Spoilers etc. made out of GRP by RTM process Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:NTTF Industries Pvt. Ltd. Precision press tools, Injection moulds, PDC dies, Stamped metal parts and plastic moulded parts (both thermoplastic and thermoset moulded). Development of product assemblies-Electromechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies Ocap Chassis Parts Pvt. Ltd. Automobile steering and Suspension parts

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:OK Play India Ltd. Plastic Auto Components, Toys & Play Ground Equipment Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Omax Autos Ltd. Assemblies & Sub assemblies of stamped/Welded components including surface treatment, Sub Assemblies of Machine Components & Sprockets Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Oswal Electricals High Pressure Die Cast, Machined and Assembled Components of Aluminium Alloy for Automotive Industry, White Good Industry and General Engineering Industry. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Owari Precision Products (India) Pvt. Ltd. Synchroniser rings Pacco Industrial Corporation Engine and Fuel management components like Throttle body, Fuel rails, TPS Carburettors and its spares, Fuel pumps (Mechanical & Electrical), Diesel injection components, Emission parts like PCV valves, Check valves, Gears, Cranckshafts, Connecting rods for Two wheelers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Padmini VNA Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. Valves, Controllers, Sensors Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Panse Autocomps Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal parts, Automotive application stampings, Tubular welded assemblies, Body parts, Under body parts for Cars, Trucks, UVs, Motorcycles, Chassis Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Paracoat Products Ltd. Sound deadeners, Insulators-Firewall (Inner & Outer), Floors, Hoods, Roofs, Expanded Polypropelene Parts, Anti-vibration pads, Stiffeners, Moulded carpets, Floor mats, Heat shields, Car interiors, Piller Filters etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Paranjape Autocast Pvt. Ltd. Shell moulded grey iron castings and machined components:: Cylinder blocks, Sleeves, Cylinder heads, Diesel engine parts like finned cylinder, Inlet & outlet manifolds, Adaptors, Housing rocker arms, Pump components like Housings, Covers Hydraulic and steering components like valve bodies, Cylinder for braking and air compressors, Aluminium castings & machined components: Cylinder heads, Braking system components like bracket holder, Calipers, Master cylinders, Charge air cooler tanks, Pipe intets, Inlet manifolds etc

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Parkash Automotive Industries (P) Ltd. Gaskets, Shims and Sheet metal components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Paul Components Pvt. Ltd. Oil seals, Valve stem seals, Vibration dampers, Gaskets, Mounts, Molded rubber parts, Metal to rubber bonded parts, 'O' rings, PCV valves, Hoses etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pavna Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Fuel Lock Assembly, Fuel Taps, Auto Parts, Presure Die Casting Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pee Aar Exim Pvt. Ltd. Shroud Fan Assembly & DC Assembly Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pefco Foundry (A Div. of Kores (India) Ltd.) Ductile iron castings, Centrifugally cast cylinder liners/sleeves, ROT rolls, Valve seat inserts and Valve tappets Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Perfect Circle India Ltd. Piston rings, Centrifugal cast, Tuctile iron tubes, Plates for Oil pumps and Transmissions, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Perfect Industries (India) Nuts & Bolt Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pfeda Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. Steering Wheel, Dash Boards, Gear Knobs, Vaccum Formed Parts, Arm Rest, Cushins Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:PHA India Pvt. Ltd. Door module system components All door latches, Hinges, Strikers, Side impact beam, Mounting brackets Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pinnacle Industries Ltd. Automotive Seats, Automotive Interiors, Hatracks, Windows, Flooring, Dashboard, Steering wheels, Side panels, Sun visors, Roller blinds, Furniture - Sofas, Arm chair

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Polyplastics Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. Accessaries for two or three wheelers, wheel rim, Cover, Wheel caps, Door handles, Plastic molded parts, Body side moldings, Ashtrays, Number and Name Plates, Window regulator, Grills, Garnishes, Electroplated emblems, Plastic olecorated part Chevy Bowtie, Fues box, A/C control brackets, Moulding tools & dies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pooja Forge Ltd. Cold forged high tensile fasteners and Special cold formed parts for automotive industries Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Poona Shims Pvt. Ltd. Plate type Oil Cooler, Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Cooler, Aluminium Oil Cooler Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Porwal Auto Components Ltd. SG Iron & Grey Iron casting components for Automobile and Engineering Industry e.g. Hubs, Differential Carriers, Brake drums, Gear box housing, Brackets etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Prabha Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Auto electrical products like Wiper motors, Kit wind shield washer systems, Solenoids, Battery isolation switches, Spare tyre lifters (Winch), Sheet metal assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Prabhat Industries Automobile leaf spring, Spare parts, Rubber suspension parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Pravin Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium Pressure & Grvity Die Cast Auto Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Precision Auto Industries Fuel Tank, Deep Drawn Sheet Metal Parts, Tubular Parts & Welded Assemblies.

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Precision Autowares Pvt. Ltd. Automotive lube oil pumps, Water pumps, Hydraulic pumps, Steering pumps, Engine balencer assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Precision Camshafts Ltd. Chilled cast iron Camshaft casting and Machined camshaft

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Precision Pipes & Profiles Co. Ltd. Extruded Parts: Outer/Inner belt mouldings, Windshield moulding, Roof mouldings, Door opening trims, Air spoiler/Dampers, Molded Parts: Door Trim / Door Lining Assemblies, Door Protectors, Quarter glass mouldings, A/B/C pillar garnish Interior and Exterior parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Premium Mouldings & Pressings Pvt.Ltd. Steering wheel, Automobile parts

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Presco-Mec Autocomp Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal components , Fabricated parts & Sub assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pricol Ltd. Instruments, Gauges, Sensers, Switches, Oil Pumps, EGR Valves, Engine Parts, Fleet management Systems, Remote Keyless Entry, Immobaliser Systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Pritika Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. Automotive components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:PRS Permacel Pvt. Ltd. Automotive decals, Single & double sided tapes, Surface protection films, Vehicle surroud solutions, Trailer graphics, Brand protection soltions(KAVACH), Electrical & thermal insulation meterial Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Punjab Bevel Gears Ltd. Crown wheel pinions, Straight bevel gears & Pinions, Transmission gears & shafts, Axle Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Purofil Auto India Pvt. Ltd. Oil filter, Diesel filter & Air Filter QH Talbros Ltd. Steering & Suspension components- Inner, Outer and Suspension ball joints, Control arms, Drag links, Centre link, Tie rod assemblies, Gear shifter, Torque rod, A-frame, Stabilizer link assemblies, Forged control arm (Wishbone), Complete steering linkage assemblies R.K. Profiles Pvt. Ltd. EPDM Rubber Profiles, W/S Rubbers, Flocked Glass Run Channels, Door Rubbers, Architectural Profiles, Sponge Profiles, Expansion Joints, PVC Trims & Profiles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Radiant Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Injection Plastic Components, Assemblies & Sub Assemblies for Automotive, Electrical, Lighiting & Industrial Application Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Raghu Engineering Rear axles shafts, Precision machining

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Raja Forgings & Gears Ltd. Transmissions gears, Axles Shafts, Crown wheel pinions etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rajatdeep Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Power windows, Car alarm systems, Car parking sensor, LCD Monitors, Auto Gear Locks Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rajhans Pressings Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal component, Welded assemblies & Machined components for automobile Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rajsriya Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mufflers, Front fork, Clutch Assemblies , Clutch Housing, Structural fabricated components, Machined components, Pressed components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rambal Ltd. Precision turned parts, Piston rods, Shock absorbers, Transmission shafts, Front suspension systems, Dampers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd Railway Wagon & Coach Equipments and Auto Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Ramsays Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Cold forged parts, sub-assemblies, Special fasteners, Moulded parts etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rane (Madras) Ltd. Manual Steering and Suspension systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rane Brake Lining Ltd. Brake linings, Clutch facings, Disc pads, Railway composite brake blocks Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Rane Engine Valve Ltd. Valves for Internal Combustion Engines, Valves Guide for Internal Combustion Engines, Valves Tappet for Internal Combustion Engines Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd. Steering Columns Assembly & Steering Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd. Power steering systems, Seat belt systems Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Ranee Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Injection moulded and Blow moulded plastic parts for Automotive sector

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Rangamma Steels and Malleables Brake drums, Hubs, Rotors, Clutch pressure plates, Spring brackets, Brake discs, Suspension brackets, Shackles, Flywheels Torque Arm, Suspension Rubber Bushes, Sheet Metal Parts

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


Rasandik Engineering Industries India Ltd. Tailor Welded Blanks, Tools & Dies, Fuel Tanks, Jack Assemblies, Exhaust Systems, Sheet Metal Components, Sub Assemblies, Engineering Solutions, Skin Panels, Oil Pans, Engine Mountings, Cross Members, Cross Beams, Welding Jacks & Fixtures Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Raunaq Automotive Components Ltd. Gears & Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rawats International Pvt. Ltd. Forged & Machined components Like H B Suppoer, B P Support, Clutch Levers, Forks, Connecting Rod Cap, Coupling, Flange

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Remsons Industries Ltd. Control cables for Automobiles & Engineering Industry, Speedometer cables (flexible shaft) & Gear shifter mechanism with Push pull cables Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:RDH Auto UJ Cross, PS Components, Forging, Wheel Spanners Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Rico Auto Industries Ltd. Engine: Cylinder block (ferrous), Cylinder block (aluminium), Cylinder head (aluminium), Oil pump assembly, Fuel system parts, Exhaust manifolds, Turbine housing, Centre housing, Compressor housing, Flywheel assembly, Main bearing caps, Balance shaft assembly, Water and air connections, Cylinder head covers, Intake manifold covers, Lube oil filter head, Front & rear covers, Side & valve covers, Crank cases, Timing cases, Oil pans, Brackets, Transmission: Clutch assembly, Differential case, Transmission case, Transmission support assemblies, Gear shift forks, Gear shift covers, Intermediate plate, Pressure plate, Rear case; Chassis, Suspension & Braking system: Wheel hub assemblies, Alloy wheel Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rico Castings Ltd. Automotive castings Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Right Tight Fastners Pvt. Ltd. Nuts (Nylon nuts, Castle nuts, Slotted nuts, Hex collar nuts, Assembly wheel nuts, Wheel nuts, Flange nuts, Flange nylon nuts, Cleveloc nuts, Hex nuts, Lock nuts, Weld nuts, Other special nuts, Sizes M5 to M85) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Rinder India Pvt. Ltd. Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Indicators, Other Auxilliary Lamps Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Ring Plus Aqua Ltd. Flywheel starter ring gears, Integral shaft water pump bearings, Flexplate Assembly Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Rising Sun International Trailers, Equalisers, Balance rod bushes, Silent blocs, Valve seals, Radiators, Exhausts, Engines, Suspensions, Gear box mountings, Truck suspension cushions, Torque arm bushings, Complete Torque Road Sets, Rubber Gaskets for all applications, Boots, Bellows for all applications, Cabin buffers, Brake diaphragms, Repair kits etc. for Buses & Pick ups, Heavy duty trucks, Trailers Cranes, Generators, Off road vehicles Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Rockman Industries Ltd.(Auto Div.) Alluminium High Pressure, Low Pressure & Gravity Cast & Machined Components. High Pressure: Main transmission Housing, Differential Cover Housing, Gear Cover Housing, Clutch Cover Housing, Shift Fork Assemblies, Locking Bracket Assembly Transmission Fixing Bracket, Transmission Bearing Segment, Crank Case, Crank Case Cover, Wheel Hub Assembly, Brake Pannel Assembly, Seat Grip Handles. Low Pressure: Cylender

Heads, Pipe Inlet Joints. Gravity Cast: Alloy Wheels for 2 Wheelers, Housing Shock Absorber Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Rojee-Tasha Stampings Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal pressings & Sheet metal fabrication for Automotive Industries Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Roop Automotives Ltd. Steering yokes, Universal joints, Steering sub assemblies, Housing, Precision turned components, Fabricated parts, Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Roop Polymers Ltd. Rubber & plastic moulded components, Rubber & plastic extruded components, Rubber to metal bonded parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Roots Industries India Ltd. Automotive electric horns & spares Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Roulunds Braking (India) Pvt. Ltd. Disc brake pads, CV linings, Brake shoes

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd. Propeller shaft assemblies and components, Fully finished gear (including Heat treatment and teeth grinding, Honing), Machined ferrous castings such as Clutch housings, Gear box housings, Flywheel housings, Exhaust manifolds, Transmission and Engine Gear and Shafts, Rear Axle and Front Axle S M Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 3 & 4 Wheeler Exhaust systems with catalytic convertors / without catalytic convertors, Two Wheeler silencers, Brass Copper & Aluminium radiators & Heat exchangers, Automobile press components & Fabrication assemblies, HDPE spray suppression systems & Mudguards, Connecting Rods Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:S. K. Spring Co. Springs, Sheet Metal Components, Filter & Filter Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:SAC Engine Components Pvt. Ltd. Camshafts, Balancershaft, Value Tappets (Cam Followers) and Rocker Arms Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sadhu Forging Ltd. (Gear Division) Timing & Engine Gears, Transmission Gears & Shafts, Crown Wheels & Pinions

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sainik Spring Works Springs

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd. Glass, Laminated Safty Glass, Tempered Safty Glass, Tempered Toughened Glass, Laminated Windshields Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sakthi Auto Component Ltd. Steering Knucles, Ventilated Brake Discs, Slack Adjusters, Case Differentials, Calliper Cylenders, Brackets, Solid Brake Discs, Brake Drums for Passenger Cars, Bearing Caps & Callipers, Axle Housings Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Samarth Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. Pressed, Fabricated Components and Assemblies for Chassis & Body Assemblies (Assembly bonnets, Assembly Front Panels, Assembly Cross Members, Skin Pannels, Assembly Reinforcement, Assembly Wheel Arch & Mudguard, Axle & Doom Cover Etc.) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Sanatan Autoplast Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Moulded Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sanauto Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. Starter motors, Armatures & its spares, Wiper motors, Pinions, Drive assemblies, Friction clutches, Transmission gears & Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sandeep Metalcraft Pvt. Ltd. High precision cnc turned & Machined light engineering components and assemblies and their testing, Strictly as per Drawings and Specifications of the customer for use in Automobiles, Defence & General Industry Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sandhar Technologies Ltd. Automotive Locking Systems, Rear View Mirrors, Door Latches, Door Hinges, Door Handles, Sheet Metal, Tubular Parts,Zinc & Aluminium Die Casting, Plastic Injection Molding, Molds & Dies, Steel Wheel Rims & Assemblies, Handle Bar Assemblies Clutch & Fender Assemblies, Brake Panels, Structural Parts for Off Road Vehicles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Sanjeev Auto Parts Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. Transmission Sub Assemblies, Gears & Shafts, Shifter Fork, Other Machined Precision Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sankar Sealing Systems Pvt. Ltd. Cylender Head Gaskets, Secondary Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets, Heat Shields, Power Train NVH Solution Shims Etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Arm Valve Rocker, Fork Gear Shifter, Connecting Rod, Crank Shaft, Rocker Shaft Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Santech Motors Pvt. Ltd. Tippers, Tip trailers, Trailers & their parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sathya Auto Pvt. Ltd. Jack, Tool Kits, Towing Hook, Radiator Cap, Sheet Metal Pressings, Tubular Parts, Forged Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Satyam Auto Components Ltd. Sheet metal components, Stamped components like Fuel tank, Fendors, Frames etc., Welded components like Frame body & Sub-assemblies for frames Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sawalka Kel Pvt. Ltd. Pressed sheet metal parts, Welded and riveted sub-assemblies, Tubular components, Roll formed components in mild steel, Stainless steel and aluminium with multi desciple surface finish, The range includes aluminiu m extruded window assemblies Window frame and channels, Glass run and support channels, Sashes , Head Light Rim , Wheel cap, Decorative mouldings, Fuel filler pipe, Tread Plate, Bonnet motif, Ash tray, Bumper, Radiator grill, Rear number plate light Assy. Etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Seema & Co. Switches Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Seinumero Nirman Pvt. Ltd. Steering knuckle, Stub axle tube, Spindle wheel, Diff case, GB housings, Cylender head & Valve body Etc Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Sellowrap EPP India Pvt Ltd EPP Moulded Components for Automobiles & Packaging Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sellowrap Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. Self adhesive foams, Tapes, Plastic injection moulded components, protective film components : Door trim components, Gaskets & Seals, Cable cover, Water shields, Listing rail, Bushes, Cable clips, Insulation components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Senior India Pvt. Ltd. Automotive Exhaust Systems, EGR Coolers & Tubes, High Pressure Pipes & Common Rails, Stainless Steel Hose & Assemblies, Bellows: Aerospace Bellows & Assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sensing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Thermostat Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sep India Pvt. Ltd. Precision machined components from Bar stocks, Forging or Casting Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Setco Automotive Ltd. Clutches, Clutch components, Press parts, Precision components, E.L. Compressors (Of Highway & Construction Equipments), Hydraulics (Of Highyway & Construction Equipments). Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sharda Motor Industries Ltd. Exhaust Systems, Catalytic Converters, Independent Suspension System (IFS) Seat Frame, Fuel Tanks, Sheet Metal Parts, Steel Tubes, Upholstery etc Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sheet Shapers Sheet Metal Pressed Components & Welded Assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Shivam Autotech Ltd. Gears & Shafts, Cold, Warm & Hot Near Net Shaped forgings Shivani Locks Pvt. Ltd. Automotive door latch locking systems, Central door locks (Power latch systems), Door strikers, Hood stickers & Trunk lid stikers, Inner door handles, Bonnet/Hood latch, Trunk lid latch, Fuel lid latch, Level opener assemblies for fuel lid, Back door & trunk lids, Hood lock release systems, Assembly window regulators & Screw jacks Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. Engine components: Pistons, Pistons Rings, Engine valves, Piston Assembly with Liners (Kit Set) Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Siemens Ltd. Plant Design, Automotive Design & Simulation, Electrical Power Distribution & Automation, System Integrators, Automation & Switchgear Equipment for Various Applications in Press, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Powertrain Shop & Final Assembly Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sigma Corporation India Ltd. For Passenger cars: Rubber moulded parts, Engine & transmission mounts, Strut mounts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic mounts, Active hydraulic engine mounts, Hydraulic bushes, Rubber exhaust parts, Harmonic dampers/TVD's, Drive line couplings For Trucks & Trailer: Engine, Transmission & Body Mounts, Air brake chambers, Axle dust covers, Suspension rubber bushes, Suspension hangers, 'U' bolts, Forged & casted suspension parts, Axle, Brakes & Wheel machined parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sigma Freudenberg NOK Pvt. Ltd. Oil seals: Radial shaft seals, Damper seals, Washing machine seals, Valve stem seals, Precision rubber moulded parts, Boots and dust covers for automotive and industrial application

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sigma Moulds & Stampings Pvt. Ltd. Critical Sheet Metal Components of Small to Medium Sizes, Tools & Moulds Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sigma Vibracoustic (India) Pvt. Ltd. Anti-vibration rubber metal (NVH) application for power trains , Suspensions, Chassis & Drive train, Products like Engine, Transmission & Strut mounts, Hydro mounts, Body bushings & TVD's for passengers & comercial vehicles, Air suspension springs for tru Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Simmonds Marshall Ltd. Automotive & Industrial fasteners, Nyloc self locking nuts, Cleveloc all metal self locking nuts, Weld nuts, Wheel nuts, Castle/Slotted nuts, Nyloc cap nuts, Nyloc wheel nuts, Flange nuts & special nuts to customers drawings Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Singhbhum Mechinometal Pvt. Ltd. L. A. Hub, Machined Components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


SKH Metals Ltd. Fuel tanks, Axle housings, Manifold converters, Exhaust systems, Suspension frames, Cross members & control arms, Cabin systems for off road & earth moving vehicles, Gear shift mechanism, Seat frames . Etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:SOGEFI MNR Filtration India Pvt. Ltd. Air filters & Air filtration System for automotive application Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. Manual rack & Pinion steering, Hydraulic rack & pinion steering, Re-circulating ball screw assembly (Manual), Electric power steering, Rear axle assembly, Drive shaft assembly, Propeller shaft, Corohorn - Rigid, Tilted & Collapseble, Case differencial assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sona Okegawa Precision Forgings Ltd. Bevel Gears & Pinions, Synchroniser Rings, Differential Case Assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sona Somic Lemforder Components Ltd. Steeing Ball, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Suspension Joints, Suspension arms, Linkages Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Soni Auto & Allied Industries Ltd. Leaf Spring Assemblies, Parabolic Leaf Spring Assemblies, Helical Coil Springs Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Spaco Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. Carburettors and components thereof for Two & Three wheelers & for Stationery Engines, Throttle body, Precision die cast, Turned parts, Air suction valves Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Special Engineering Services Ltd. Propeller shafts, Catalytic converters, Seating systems, Fuel tanks, Exhaust systems, Side impact beams, Different vacuum forming & Sheet metal components, Rly. axle boxes, Adaptors, Magnet frames, Suspension tubes, Other different components as per drawings & specifications. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Special Tools Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts & Assembly for Automobiles & White Goods Industries 0120-2897522

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Spicer India Ltd. Axles, Propeller shafts & Components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Spring India All types Of Spring, Steel sheet metal Components Like Clips, Clamp rings, Washers, Dipsticks, Dowels, Hose clamps, Snap Rings ,Cage nuts, Speed nuts, Pal nuts, Circlips , Retainers, Push On Fix, Brackets, P Clamps, Stainless steel formed components and specials. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Spun Micro-Processing Pvt. Ltd. Gear & Gear Blanks, Pinions, Crowns, Cluster Gears etc, Transmission Shafts, Gear Box Parts, Flywheels, Pullies, Precision Machined Parts for General, Engineering Machines, Parts of Internal Combustion, Engine Parts of Motor Cycles/Scooters, Clutch Parts, Hub, Sleeves etc., Breaking Hubs, Brake Levers, Pressure Plates/Piece etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sree Lakshmi Industrial Forge & Engineers Ltd Crank Shafts, Cam Shafts, Connecting Rods, Front Hubs, Diff. Cases, Shifter Forks, Track Rod Levers, Bottom Clamps, King Pins, Retention Plates, Bell Crank Levers, Two Hooks, Companion Flanges, Pinion Drives, Yokes, Full Finished Gears etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sri Bhavani Castings Ltd. Auto Casting Made of S G Iron, Shifter Forks & G B Covers, Brackets, Shackles & Brackets,

Breakdrums, Hubs, Clutch Brakes, Clutch Component Hubs Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Standard Radiators Pvt. Ltd. Copper, Brass and Aluminium Radiators, Inter coolers, After coolers, Charge air coolers, Oil coolers for Automobiles, Construction Machineries, Stationary Engines, Agricultural Machineries Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Steel City Metal Products (P) Ltd. Rocker Arm assemblies, U-Bolts, Sockets, Coupling Bodies, Pins, Cycle Pins

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Steel Strips Wheels Ltd. Steel Wheels Rims Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sterling Tools Ltd. High tensile cold forged Fasteners Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Stork Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Mechanical control cables, Precision Turned Parts

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Stork Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. Engine Mountings, Bushes, Cables, Stablizer Bars Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa Pvt. Ltd. All types of Helical springs Fuel injector springs, Compression springs, Tension springs, Torsion springs, Flat and Wire forms, Suspension springs, Stabilizer bars, Engine valve springs, Dye springs, Diaphragm springs, Halogen lamps Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Subros Ltd. Automotive airconditioning systems & parts thereof Sudhir Forgings Pvt. Ltd. Auto Parts: Flange, Handle Holder, Rear Axle Cut Out, Front Axle, Bearing Housing, Tractor Parts: Steering Arm, Stub Axle, Spindle Front Axle etc., Pipeline, Carbon Steel Flanges Upto 10", Miscellaneous: Hammer Heads, Fingers, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sujan Industries Rubber and Metal to rubber bonded molded components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Sulzer Metco India Ltd. Carbon Lining of Synchronizers (Gear Transmission Components) Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sumati Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Assemblies & Fabrication, Gear Shifter Forks, Three Point Linkages, Forgings, Machinings

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sumit Enterprises Bumpers, Bracket reinforcements, Cross members & frames

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sunbeam Auto Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium Die Casting & Machined Components for 2 Wheelers & 4 Wheelers, Auto Pistons, Crank Case, Crank Case Cover, Grip Rear, Holder Steps, Cylender Block, Body Cylender Head, Case Transmissions, Alternator Housings, Starter Housing, Throttle Housings Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


Sundaram Auto Components Ltd. Plastic Division: Injection molded plastic interior, Exterior and Under Hood Components like Bezels, Air-Vents, Steering Column Covers, Grab Handles, Gloves Boxes, Housings, Cam covers, Radiator covers, Radiator tanks, Filters Timing Belt covers, Oil-separator assemblies, Radiator fans and shroud, HVAC parts, Twowheeler styling parts, Rubber Division: Injection and compression molded rubber parts for Commercial Vehicles, Four-Wheeler, Two-Wheelers and Industrial applications like Fuel hoses, Air hoses, Radiator hoses, Air cleaner ducts, Metal-to-rubber bonded components, Bellows, Air-brake diaphragms, Pump diaphragms Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd. Asbestos free & asbestos based brake linings, Asbestos free woven clutch facings, Asbestos based moulded clutch facings, Asbestos free disc brake pads, Asbestos free flexible rolls, Inset bonded brake shoes for two wheeler application and Railway brake blocks Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sundaram Industries Ltd. (Rubber Div) Anti Vibration Products : Bellows, Boots, Dust covers, Diaphragms, Grommets, Gaskets, Seals, Bushes, Pedal Pads etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sundaram-Clayton Ltd. Other articles of Aluminium, Parts of Diesel Engine for Motor Vehicles, Parts of Motor Vehicles Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sundram Fasteners Ltd. High tensile fasteners, Cold extruded parts, Powder metal parts, Iron powder, Radiator caps, Gear shifters, Hot forged parts, Automotive pumps, Water Pumps Assembly, Rocker lever assemblies and Other automotive components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Sunpac Auto (India) Pvt. Ltd. Head lamps, Plough lamps, Tail lamps, Work lamps, Number plate lamps, Interior/Roof lamps, Fog lamps, Reflectors, etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Sunstar Precision Forge Ltd. Crank Shafts, Crown Wheel Forging, Companion Flang, Bottom Clamp, Spiders, Shift Fork, Tie Rod Arm, Steering Arm, Beavel Gear, Front Wheel Hub, Input Shaft, Planet Ring Gear & Other Forgings Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Super Auto Forge Ltd. Cold Forged / Cold Extruded Heat Treated Precision, Machined Components like Brake Pistons, CV Joints, Ball Studs, Cold & Warm Forged parts from Steel and Aluminium, Sockets, Inner & Outer Races, Calliper Pistons, Master Cylinder Pistons, Steering & Propeller Shaft Yokes, Suspension Ball Joint Assemblies.

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Super Circle Auto Ltd. Disc brake pads, Brake shoes, Brake linings, Roll linings, Piston rings, Backing plates, Unlined brake shoes, Steel whool etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Super Seals India Ltd. Oil Seals, Rubber Components, Metal & Rubber Moulded Components, Timing Belt, Windshield Wiper Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Supercircle Pvt. Ltd. Piston rings Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Suprajit Engineering Ltd. Automotive cables, Speedometers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Suraj General Engineers (P) Ltd. Brake light switches, Heater switches, Reverse gear switches, Trunk lid switches, Knobs & Plastic moulded components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Suraj Precision Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. Race bearings, Fuel pump rotors, Gears, Cam rings, Drive Shafts, Power Steering Gears Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Surya Springs Springs, Wide Rings & Insert Wire. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Susira Industries Ltd. Engine valve push rods, Valve seat inserts, Valve tappets, Valve spring retainers, Piston cooling nozzle assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Syndicate Wiper Systems Pvt. Ltd. Windscreen wiper arms & Blades T K Precision Pvt. Ltd. Springs: Tension, Torsion, Compression, Clips, Washers

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:T K W Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. Rivets, Brake Linings

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Takata India Pvt. Ltd. Seat Belts, Air Bags, Steering Wheel Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. Sheet Metal Control Arms, Sheet Metal Welded Sub Assemblies, Rubber to Metal Bounded Components, Automotive & Industrial Gaskets, Gasket Materials, Heat Shields, Forgings Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Talbros Engineering Ltd. Rear Axle Shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Talbros Pvt. Ltd. Rubberised cork sheets and blocks, Cork gaskets Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. Bumpers, Pillar trims, Cockpit, Air vents Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Ltd. Seating systems and components like Foam, Head rest, Arm rests, Metal rests, Metal frames, Seat trims, Floor console Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tata Toyo Radiator Ltd. Aluminium brazed heat exchangers viz. Radiators, Intercoolers, Heater cores, EGR coolers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tata Yazaki Autocomp Ltd. Wiring Harness for 4 Wheelers & Commercial Vehicles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Taurus Flexibles Pvt. Ltd. Brake actuator hoses, Teflon hose assemblies, Hydraulic brake hoses, Air brake nylon tubes, Power steering hose assemblies, Fuel injection pipe assemblies Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Taylor Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Moulded Rubber Components & Metal to Rubber Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


Tech Auto Pvt. Ltd. Sprockets & Drum Sprocket Assemblies for Motorcycles & Mopeds, Front Seat Back Side Panels, Head Rest Assemblies, Latches, Risers & Headrest Tubes for Automotive Seats, Compressor Muffles for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Application Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Technico Industries Ltd. Window regulator (Power & Manual), Hinges (Doors & Hoods), Seat Sliders & Recliner, Other sheet metal components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Teksons Pvt. Ltd. Radiator (Aluminium & Copper/Brass Construction), Heat Exchangers (Charge Air Coolers, Oil Coolers), Radiators Cum Oil Coolers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tenneco RC India Pvt. Ltd. Front forks and Rear shockers for 2 Wheelers; Front struts and Rear shock absorbers for 4 Wheelers Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Terminal Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Cable Terminals, Plastic Connectors, Fuse & Relay Bases

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tespa Tools Pvt. Ltd. Precision Machined Parts, Housing Gears, Electronic Assemblies, EMI Flashers, Filters Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Textek Electroniks Pvt. Ltd. All types of automotive electronic flashers, Head lamp relays, Horn relays, Melody makers, Reverse horns, Wiring harness Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:TG Kirloskar Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Plastic components and sub assemblies

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) Services Offered 020-3023111, 020-30231322 020-25434190 Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

The Indian Smelting & Refining Company Ltd. S.G. Iron / Ductile iron castings, Machined components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:The Supreme Industries Ltd. Plastic moulded components and assemblies for Auto & Industrial sector Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Toyota Boshoku Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Automotive seats, Door trims , Carpets, Sunvisior & Other interior parts

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. EOU:Transmission and parts of transmission for Automobile industry DTA: Rear axles, Front axles, Propeller shafts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Trelleborg Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Anti-vibration parts for the automotive sector (includes Bushes, Engine Mountings, Dampers, PU Rubber Parts, Hydro Mounts, Strut Mountings) etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Trigno Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Automotive windshield wiping linkages & systems, Deep drawn components, Power tool products, Wire products, Brush holder assemblies, Commutators

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Trim India Pvt. Ltd. Blow moulding & Injection moulding components, Door trims, Luggage Carpet Floor

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:TRW Sun Steering Wheels Pvt. Ltd. Steering wheels assemblies (PU, Thermoplastic), Dashboard crash pads Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Tube Investments of India (Units Tube Products of India) Electrical resistance welded steel tubes (ERW), Cold drawn welded steel tubes (CDW), Cold rolled steel strips (CRSS)and Tabular components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Tulsi Castings and Machining Ltd. Ductile iron casting for automotive & non automotive sector, Brake carrier & calliper, Brake parts for passenger car & heavy commercial vehicle, Axel parts, Inserts for engine, Crank shaft, Planatry carriers Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Turbo Energy Ltd. Turbo Chargers From Range 0.7 Ltr. To 23 Ltr. For Automotive, Industrial & Marine Applications Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Turbo Gears India Pvt. Ltd. Gears & Shafts Company Name:Product Manfactured:Website:Twenty First Century Auto Locks Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium & Zinc Pressure Die Casting Components, Steering Locks and Locking Devices, Handles, Oil Pumps & Oil Filters, Zinc Die Castings Company Name:Product Manfactured:-

Website:Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. Connectors, Cable assemblies, Cable & Fiber optic interconnection systems, RF & Wireless interconnection systems, Application tooling and Other Electromechanical electronic components, Engineering & designing Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd. Gasoline Systems & Products, Gasoline Engines(4 Wheelers): Throttle body assembly, Fuel rail assemblies, High pressure fuel filter, 4 Wheeler carburator, Intke manifold, Pressure regulator, Gasoline engine (2 Wheelers): VM Carburator model BS Carburator model, Gasoline engine - Pumps, Gasoline fuels pumps, Diesel Systems & Products: Oil pump assembly, Vaccum pump assembly, Piston cooling nozzle, Water pump assembly, EGR Controller, EMS System products: Throttle body, Fuel pump, Air compressor, Fuel rail assembly, Emmission control & Other products: Secondary air valves, Positive

crankcase ventilation value, Electronic solenoid fuel pump, Genset carburetor, High pressure die cast products (Al & Zn): Rack housing, Gear box, Collap Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:UCAL Polymer Industries Ltd. Elestometer to Metal Bonding & Molding Operations, Plastic with Moulding & Welding, Assembly Operations Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Ucal Products Pvt. Ltd. Lubricating Oil Pumps, Oil Filter Body, Oil Filter Brackets, Electronic Fuel Pumps, Cast Iron Pumps Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:UMC Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. Spring leaves & Assemblies for Motor vehicles Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:UNI Deritend Ltd. Investment Castings Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Uniproducts (India) Ltd. Roof Liners, Heat Shields, Parcel Trays, Carpets, Other NVH Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Unique Suspensions Pvt. Ltd. Automotive U-Bolts, Threaded rods & studs

Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Unitech Machines Ltd. Lighting & Signalling equipments, Plastic moulded & Sheet metal components, Wiring harnesses, Horns, Rear view mirrors, Switches, Rubber moulded & Rubber to Metal bonded components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Universal Wire Forms Spring Steel Sheet Metal Fasteners Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Urastun Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sheet metal forming, Stampings, Roll formings, Heavy fabrication Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


Usha International Ltd.(Unit Shriram Fuel Injection Industries) Nozzle, Element, Delivery Valve, Single Cylender Pump, Single Cylender Injector, Multi Cylender Pump, Auto Components: Crank Shafts, Engine Components, Cylender Heads, Rocker Parts, Valve System Parts, Piston Systems, Starter Motors

Vaid Elastomer Processors Ltd. Silicon hoses , Low pressure hoses, Automotive hoses, Oil coolers hoses, Brake Hose, Fuel and Radiator hoses, Air cleaner hoses, Vacuum hoses, Wrapped and Braided hoses with inner NBR/PVC and outer Neoprene, EPDM and Polycyclic Fuel, Brake, Clutch and Fuel Tubes (Single Layer and Double Layer Co-extruded Fuel Tubes of Nitride/ PVC and Hyplon.), Moulded rubber components like Molded Hoses, Large Molded Ducts, Integrated Bellows, Exhaust Hanger Parts, Polyacrylic Gaskets, Dampers, O Rings, Seals, Oil and Heat resistant Bellows and dust covers as per customers specifications and /or international, Extruded profiles of various sizes and shapes from EPDM, Natural Rubber and or any type of rubber Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Valeo Engineering Center (India) Pvt. Ltd. Engineering Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Vanaz Engineers Ltd. Non-ferrous forgings & Die castings, Synchrocones, CNG/LPG conversion kits, Industrial valves and Pressure regulators Company Name:Product Manufactured:-


Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Engine Valvas, Crank Shafts, Crank Pins, Cam Shafts, Transmission Assemblies, Front Wheel Hub Assemblies, Steering Spindle Assemblies, Catalytic Canverters, Starter & Wiper Motors, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Regulator Rectifier Digital Instrument Cluters. Magneto AC Generators, Body Switches, Lighting Systems - Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Cabin Lights, Direction Indicators; Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Interior Piller Trims, Door Panels, Floor Console, Bumpers, Fenders, Claddings, Wheel Arches, Under Body, HVAC Parts, Injection Molded Painted Components & Sub Assemblies, Mirror Assemblies, Air Cleaner Assemblies, PU Foam Pad & Seating Systems Assembly, Multilayer Co-Extruded Thermoplastic Sheets, Moulded Parts for White Goods & Customer Electric Parts, Side Wall & Cockpit System Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Varun Radiators Pvt. Ltd. Copper & brass radiator assemblies, Aluminium radiator assemblies, Engine cooling systems for radiator assemblies, Engine cooling systems for DG sets, command & control cables Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Joint Venture. Unit - Eicher Engineering Components), Transmission & Differential Gears, Housing, Gear boxes assemblies, Hosing, Sheet Metal & Fabricated Components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Vibrant Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. Electric horns Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Victora Tool Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Auto Components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Vijayshree Industries Pvt. Ltd. Fuel tanks, Cross members, Spare wheel carriers, Air tanks, Purge Tanks, Tubular assemblies and Other sheet metal components Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Vikrant Auto Suspensions Leaf spring assemblies for 4 WD, Trucks, Trailers, Parabolic springs Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Vinayaka C.N.C. Centre Pvt. Ltd. Fuel Injection Components

Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:-

Vir Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. Rubber to Metal Bonded products such as Silent block bushes, Engine mountings, Rubberised sprockets, Tensioner guide cam chains Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Viral Engineers Grease nipples, Clevis pin, Drain plug, Banjo bolt, Angular ball, Joint assembly, Sump plug Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Website:Visteon Automotive Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Radiator, Evaporators, Heater ventilator air conditioners, Compressors, Cooling modules, Intercooler, A/C hoses, Front end modules, Cockpits, Instrument panels, Instrument clusters, Fuel delivery modules, Diesel vent modules, Starters, Alternators, Molded & Painted plastic parts, Embedded software Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:VNM Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Rubber Moulded Components WABCO-TVS (India) Ltd. Air & Air Assisted Brake Products & System for Commercial Vehicles 044-42242000, 26238000 044-26238009, 26241278; Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Wahi Sons Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Stampings & Welded Assembly,Fine Blanked Parts & Assembly, CNC Turned Parts & Assembly, Welded & Related Assembly 0124-4340400-499 0124-2291507 Company Name:Product Manufactured:Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Western Auto Spares Cylender Liners Sleeves, Air & Water Cooled Barrels 079-22742173, 22743838 079-22740833 Company Name:Product Manufactured:Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Western Thomson (India) Ltd. Automobile Thermostats 044-24473306 044-24473311 Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Wheels India Ltd. Wheels for Commercial Vehicles, Wheels for Car and Utility vehicles, Wheels for Agricultural vehicles, Wheel for Construction Equipments, Speciality Wheels - Wire Wheels & Bolt Together Wheels, Forged Aluminium Wheels for Trucks, Buses & Utility Vehicles, Air Suspensions, Steel Structural for Power Plant Equipments, Precision Machined Components for Wind Energy Equipments 044-26258511 044-26257121 Company Name:Product Manufactured:-

Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Wings Automobile Products Pvt. Ltd. High Tension Ignition Coil Assemblies, Transistorized Ignition Coils, Interlocked Autostacked Laminations, Tranformers fo LCU's (Line Control Units) & Inverters, C. B. Points, Condensers, Stator Plate Assemblies etc., Ignition Coil for Four Wheelers 0129-2250829, 2250830, 2250831, 2250832 0129-2250820; Company Name:Product Manufactured:Phone No:Fax No:Email ID:Website:Wire Rings Snap rings, Die springs, Conical spring washers, Round and Shaped oil tempered wires 022-28141445, 28141454 022-28190213

XLO India Ltd. Steering Gear Assemblies, Steering Column Assemblies and Components their-in

Yeshshree Press Comps. Pvt. Ltd. 4 Wheelers: Back Plate, 3 Wheelers: Rickshaw Body, Cargo Tray, Mudguard, Shoe Holding Disc, Starting Handle, Connecting Tube etc., 2 Wheelers: Brake Pedal, Center Stand, Side Stand, Holder Step, Fairing Frame, Guide Kick etc. Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:Yoshama and Company Pvt. Ltd. Springs and Wire forms ranging from 0.1 mm to 5 mm. ZF India Pvt. Ind. Driveline Technology for Off Road, Commercial Vehicle, Special Driveline Technology and Axle Systems, Axle Gear Assembly, Axle Casting, Axle Internal Parts Company Name:Product Manufactured:Website:ZF Steering Gear (I) Ltd. Mechanical and Power Steering Gear Systems, Spares and Accessaries