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BTS Parameter

BTS Parameter

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Published by: Rabiul Alam Tutul on Jul 17, 2011
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RACHBT ( rachBusy Threshold): This attribute defines a threshold for the received signal level during network access

and handover access. A signal level exceeding this threshold is interpreted as a busy RACH or a busy FACCH (When transmitting CHANEL REQUEST (RACH) or Handover ACCESS (FACCH). Range: 0...127 (-1 dBm step size) Default: 109

aMRFullRateCodec1: This parameter indicates the first AMR (Adaptive MultiRate) active codec in case of Full rate codec. Following bit rate can be set: RATE_01 4.75 kbps RATE_02 5.15 kbps RATE_03 5.90 kbps RATE_04 6.70 kbps RATE_05 7.40 kbps RATE_06 7.95 kbps RATE_07 10.2 kbps RATE_08 12.2 kbps Default: RATE_01 aMRFullRateCodec2: Default: RATE_03 aMRFullRateCodec3: Default: RATE_06 aMRFullRateCodec4: Default: RATE_08 aMRFullRateInitialCodec: This parameter defines the Initial Codec Mode. I.e. the Full rate active codec mode which must be sent at first during a call. Default: START_MODE_FR. aMRFullRateThresholds12:This parameter defines the couple threshold-Hysteresis” related to the active codec specified in the AMRFRC1 and AMRFRC2 attributes in case of Full rate code. Default: Threshold: 7 equivalent to 6 dB (rang0. to 63dB step size .5) Hysteresis:4 equivalent to 2 dB(range0 to 15dB step size .5) aMRFullRateThresholds23: Default: Threshold:12 equivalent to 6 dB (rang0. to 63.5dB step size .5) Hysteresis:4 equivalent to 2 dB(range0 to 155dB step size .5) aMRFullRateThresholds34: Default: Threshold:12 equivalent to 6 dB (rang0. to 63dB step size .5) Hysteresis:4 equivalent to 2 dB(range0 to 15dB step size .5)

It tunes the transition between ode modes determined by internal thresholds. A value lower than the default has the opposite effect. Step size 2dB Default: 2 Cell Reselection paramId: This value indicates presence of C2 cell reselection parameter Range: 1=present. Default is the optimum setting and normally requires no modification. Default: 0 (0-high priority. 1-priority) Cell Reselect Hysteresis: This parameter indicates the value of the received RF power level hysteresis required for cell reselection. 0=absent . Default: NOBCCHTRX (range: ALLTRX. Range: 0 t 7.aMRHalfRateCodec1: Default: RATE_01 aMRHalfRateCodec2: Default: RATE_02 aMRHalfRateCodec3: Default: RATE_03 aMRHalfRateCodec4: Default: RATE_04 aMRLinkAdapTuning: This parameter is used by the AMR Uplink Code mode Adaptation in the BTS . Meaning of value: EVERY_FRAME: Antenna hopping is performed every frame EVERY_SECOND_FRAME: Antenna hopping is performed every two frame EVERY_FOURTH_FRAME: Antenna hopping is performed every four frame Default: EVERY_SECOND_FRAME CellBarQualify: This attribute is used by the network to control mobile station GSM phase 2 cell selections and reselection. Default: 0dB equivalent to 100 antennaHoppingMode: This parameter specifies whether the BCCH TRX has to be included in the hopping sequence for Antenna hopping or not. AMP Half rate and Full rate is affected simultaneously. NOBCCHTRX) antennaHoppingPeriod: This parameter is used for Antenna hopping and specifies how many frames are transmitted over each antenna before the next one is used to send the frames. A value higher than the default shifts the transition towards higher carrier to interferer ratios.

Range: 0…63 dB Default: 12 Range: 0 (-110dBm). cells that have the attribute FULHOC set to TRUE will be preferred to cells that have this attribute set to FALSE Range: 0. 1 (0=FALSE... EXTCELL (extended cell). Range: True.63 (-47dBm) Step Size: 1 Unit: dBr Default: 12 backHoForbiddenTimer: Timer to inhibit back handover . Range: 1.. It is the minimum RXLEV required from an MS to perform the handover to adjacent cell .Default: 1 Cell Type: STDCELL (standard cell). 1=TRUE) Step Size: Unit: . maximum MS distance 100 km Default: STDCELL enableAntennaHopping: Default: False Enable EOTD: This parameter represents the flag to enable the setting of TSC (Training Sequence Code) equal to BCC for all channels transmitting on BCCH. maximum MS distance 35 km. This parameter represents the timer used to establish the time for which a back handover due to traffic reason or PBGT (Power Budget) has to be avoid..120 Step Size: 1 Unit: s Default: 100s fastULHoCell: Indicates whether the adjacent cell is a predefined fast uplink handover cell When searching a target cell for fast uplink handover. Range: 0 to 10000 Default: 6000 RXLevMinCell: This attribute holds the minimum received signal strength in a cell for a MS to be handed over to that cell. False Default: False Enhanced Pairing Threshold1: This parameter is the threshold that indicates when the enhanced pairing for TCH/H channels feature is enabled. the percentage of busy TCH in case of standard cell or complete area of a concentric cell. This parameter is used in the handover preprocessing function.

.126 (-63..... Handover Margin Static Offset. The value of this parameter is used to select a target cell for fast uplink handover Range: 0.+63 dB) Step Size: 1 Unit: dB Default: 69 gprsSupported: Indicates if the GPRS services are supported for the cell hoMargin: The value of this attribute is used as a threshold to prevent repetitive hand over between adjacent cells... Range: -63 to +63 dB by steps of 1 dB (Equivalent to 0..126) Default: 69 (6 dB) hoMarginDelayTime: Specifies the time an immediate handover request is delayed when a power budger handover to a microcell is requested. without altering the behaviour of the other handover types. Range: -63 to +63 dB by steps of 1 dB (Equivalent to 0.63 Default: 0 . Range: 0 to +63 dB by steps of 1 dB (Equivalent to 0.. should the handover be caused by received signal level or the power budget process.. A high value of HO_STATIC_OFFSET effectively prevents a handover into the respective cell during the runtime of the timer for that cell. levelHOMargin: This parameter represents a threshold to guarantee a handover to a target cell with a higher level than the serving cell.126) Default: 69 (6 dB) LevelOffsetNCell: The attribute defines the level offset that is added to the minimum receive level of an adjacent cell to become a target cell in case the ranking method 1 is specified in the hierarchical Cell Rank Flang .. specifies the value to increase the HO_MARGIN HO_STATIC_OFFSET is added to the handover margin of those neighbour cells of a lower layer structure whose timer has not yet been startet or is still running.Default: FALSE fastULRxLevMinOffset : Determines the margin for fored handover or directed retry. hoMarginDynamicOffset: Specifies the dynamic offset by which the handover margin is reduced after expiry of the timer hoMarginDelayTime hoMarginStaticOffset: Specifies the static offset by which the handover margin is increased as long as the timer hoMargirnDelayTime runs.

This timer is used to control the ’Prevention of Back Handover’ feature.254 Step Size: 1 Unit: 1 sec Default :30 TimerInhibitFailHo: Timer to inhibit handover failure repetition. Range: 1. 15 lowest priority) Range: 0.41). if a defined number of handover failures is reached (see MAXFAILHO 18. The BTS will exclude this cell from a target cell list in case of any kind of handover request for this specific time . priorityLayerNCell: The attribute defines the priority layer of the neighbour cell (0 highest priority .PenaltyPriorityLayerNCell: Determines if speed sensitive handover and ranking of target cells on the basis of priority are used for handover. The timer is started at the reception of a Channel Activation message containing a Cell I denifier (no target) ..15 Default: 0 LevelOffsetNcell: Level offset that is added to the minimum receive level of an adjacent cell to become a target cell in case the ranking method 1 specified in the hierarchical Cell Rank flag (HAND object) Microcell: Determines whether the adjacent cell is regarded as a micro cell timerFHO: Timer for forced handover started after a directed retry procedure.. This mechanism inhibits back handovers (power budget) to the old serving cell by excluding this cell (adjacent cell) from the target cell list generation for a this time. For this the BSC sends the message HO_FAILURE_IND (containing the CI of the adjacent cell) to the BTS.2.. Timer back handover controls the duration how long a former serving cell from which forced HO was performed to the new serving cell may not be considered in the HO decision algorithm of the new serving cell and may not be contained in the target cell list...320 Step Size: 1 Unit: 10 seconds Default : 12 TimerInhibitBackHo: Timer to inhibit back handover. This feature avoids consecutive handover failures towards the same cell (adjacent cell).. Range: 1.

.. .254 Step Size: 1 Unit: 1 sec Default: 7 TrafficHandoverMargin: Nominal cell border between cells Range: 0...Range: 1..126 (-63.+63 dB) Step Size: 1 Unit: dB Default: 67 trafficHoRxLevMinOffset: Represents an additional offset which is added to the handover minimum criterion to qualitfy an adjacent cell as a target cell for traffic handover..

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