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Metro Manila Developmental Screening Test (1)

Metro Manila Developmental Screening Test (1)

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Published by: richardbgarcia on Jul 17, 2011
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METRO MANILA DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING TEST MMDST- is a screening test, not and IQ test -sought to establish baseline information

on the developmental characteristics of Filipino children -determines what babies and children can do at certain ages Sectors involved: -first the personal social (the ability to socialize) -fine-motor adaptive (the ability to use his hands to pick up objects and draw) - language (the ability to hear and to follow directions) and lastly the gross motor (the ability to jump, walk and sit). Objectives -To screen it the developmental milestone of the child is appropriately developed for his/her age. -To know the capability of the child at his/her age -To know how the personal-social, fine motor adaptive, language and gross motor develops. Ratings: a.) P- pass b.) F- failure c.) R- refusal d.) N.O.- no opportunity Materials 1. Cubes 2. Cheese Curls 3. Cheese Curls and bottles 4. Bell 5. Ball

1 month and 7 days . 2008 Computation: (Year) 2008 2004 04 Mother: Alicia Alavar Father: Silverio Alavar FINE MOTOR ADAPTIVE Draws 3 parts R The child refused in drawing a picture of boy or Picks Longer line P a girl with only 3 parts The child was able to pick the longer line having 3 out of 3 trials GROSS MOTOR Balance on one foot in ten seconds Hops in 1 foot P P The child was able to stand on either foot in 10 seconds for 3 trials The child was able to hop in 1 foot in a place without Walk heel to toe P holding to anything The child was able to walk heel to toe in straight line (Month) 02 01 01 (Day) 28 21 07 __________________________ Age: 4 years.Child’s Profile Name: Jasmin Joy Alavar Date of Birth: January 21. 2004 Date of Test: February 28.

developmental milestone was partially achieve Student Nurses: -no difficulty in conducting the test P P of 3 analogies The child was able to give a logical answer for 3 out of 3 questions The child was able to follow 3 directions correctly . felt comfortable .overcome shyness. tired.for more than 4 steps placing toe 1 inch or less in back of her heel having 2 out of 3 trials.was behaved. LANGUAGE Opposite Analogies P The child gave appropriate opposite word having 3 out Comprehensive (cold. cooperative . hungry) Comprehensive 3 prepositions Recommendation Student nurses: -nurses must be prepared -nurses must be well equipped with knowledge School -fair in going to Tibungco should be part of tuition fee -scheduled time should be strictly follow Family -gain knowledge for child development Community -improve cleanliness in community -inform about things regarding child development Conclusion The child: .was not able to pass all screen test .

decrease mucus viscosity .5% syrup Children from 5 to 12 years old 10 ml 25% syrup 4 times a day Mode of Action .10 ml 5% syrup 3 times a day Children between 2 to 5 years old 2.acts by altering the structure of mucus .DRUG STUDY Generic name: Carbocisteine Brand name: Solmux Classification: Mucolytic Suggested Dose: Adults—2 caps or15 ml 5% syrup With improvement---.5 -5 ml 2.facilitates mucus removal by ciliary action or expectorant Indications -disease of respiratory system .inflammatory diseases of middle ear and sinusal nose Contraindications -Hypersensitivity -Ulcerated stomach -kidney problems -acute lometulonefrit -anesthetic -pregnancy -breastfeeding Drug interactions .

swelling angioneuroticeski kwinke) Adverse effects -digestive intolerance -gastric discomfort -nausea -diarrhea -skin rash – due to presence of methyl hydroxybenzeate Nursing Responsibilities -used cautiously in patient with peptic ulceration history -diabetic patient take consideration to quantity of sucrose in the product Recommendation -help each member in doing correctly the activities -the group should act as a whole -student nurse should be ready and active to avoid mistakes -fellow students next year should continue the study for better improvement .-drug-drug interactions such as -cephalosporins -oral hypoglycemics -anti-fungals -metronidazole Side effects -Nausea -vomiting -pain in epigastria -diarrhea -jeluden-kisherne bleeding -allergic reactions( skin rashes.

wikipedia.uk/document.org.aspx?name=Carbocisteine http://carbocisteine.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleaning http://en.medicines.com/profile http://en.helpful in finding appropriate family background information Acknowledgement Thank you to: -D3 group -Alavar family -Fortuno family -Asis family -conductor/ driver -parents -Tibungco community -God References: http://en.org/wiki/Public_health .org/wiki/Carbocisteine http://medguides.-each member and community should participate and contribute something Conclusion -poverty is still widespread -family coping index is on average level -IDB.livejournal.wikipedia.

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