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QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Name 2. Gender:i.Male [ ] ii.Female[ ] 3. Age: i.19-25 [ ] ii.26-30 [ ] iii.31 and above[ ] 4. Edicational qualification: i.Higher secondary[ ] ii.

Diploma [ ] iii.Under graduate [ ] iv.Post graduate [ ] 5. Marital status: i.Married [ ] ii.Unmarried[ ] 6. Are you aware of the various committees that redress the grievance? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 7. If yes for above question kindly list out the various committees available 8. Are you aware of the members of the various committees? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 9. Are you aware of the weekly/monthly meetings of the various committees which are being held? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 10. .In case the grievance has to be immediately redressed to whom do you communicate? 11. Is there any informal channel to redress your grievance such as i.Co-worker[ ] ii.Peer[ ] iii.If others,please specify( ) 12. Is the real basis of your problem identified? iStrongly agree[ ] ii.Agree[ ] iii.Disagree[ ] iv.Strongly disagree[ ] 13. Does your higher authority listen when your grievance is presented? i.Listens patiently[ ] ii.Shouts at you[ ] 1

iii.Does not listen at all[ ] 14. Is imporatance given to what is right rather than who is right? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 15. Are you constantly informed on what is being done about your grievance? i.Very often being informed[ ] ii.Seldom being informed [ ] iii.Does not inform at all [ ] 16. Is an atmosphere of cordiality and co-operation facilitated through mutual discussion and conference? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 17. Is there a positive and friendly approach during grievance handling? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 18. Do you feel that discussion and conference is given more importance rather than executive authority? i. Strongly agree[ ] ii. Agree[ ] iii. Disagree[ ] iv. Strongly disagree[ ] 19. Is there a spirit of give and take and sharing and working together? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 20. Has the mechanism being followed resolves you grievance? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 21. How do you feel about the decision given corresponding to your grievance? Is it i.Highly satisfactory[ ] ii.Moderately satisfactory[ ] iii.No satisfaction[ ] 22. Is there regular follow up to ensure that the right decision has ended up in satiafaction? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 23. Is there any temporary relief provided until proper decision is made so that it does not raise any adverse effects within the organization? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 24. Do the various committee members actively engage in resolving your problem? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 25. If the decision is not satisfactory are you given opportunity to take it to hjgher officials? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ] 26. Do you feel open to share your grievances? i.Yes[ ] 2

ii.No[ ] 27. Do you feel that the supervisor possesses necessary human relation skills in terms of understanding your problem? i.Very highly skilled[ ] ii.Moderately skilled[ ] iii.Not skilled[ ] 28. Are the matters relevant to the grievance kept confidential? i.highly confidential[ ] ii.Not kept confidential[ ] 29. Are the procedures for conveying grievance simple and easy to utilize? i.Very simple[ ] ii.Difficult to utilize[ ] 30. Is the supervisor given authority to take action necessary to resolve the problem? i.Has given authority[ ] ii.Does not have authority[ ] 31. Are proper records maintained on each grievance? i.Yes[ ] ii.No[ ]