I was, walking up the road, when suddenly I heard a scream. My heart started to pound. I began to run faster and faster. I heard footsteps, I knew whatever it was, was getting closer. I was running so fast, that I tripped. I saw a shadow. A dark figure appeared in Front of me. It threw me into a van. He told me not to scream, but I screamed, then before I knew it, he stabbed me. He left me on the floor bleeding to death, I was breathless. My dad found me a week later in astonishment. He thought I was dead; he eyes were dripping with tears. He rang the ambulance as soon as he could. When the ambulance arrived they carried me in to the vehicle, we drove off. As we arrived they told my dad to wait in the waiting area, they took me into a room and put me on a bed. After an hour my dad decided to peer through the window. They were feasting on my brain, whilst slurping my blood. So my dad rushed into the room and tried to stop them, once the zombies had finished with me, they went for my dad…

By Sophia khan & Jodie Leivers

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