1. What does ASP stand for?

Active Standard Pages Active Server Pages All Standard Pages All Server Page

2. ASP server scripts are surrounded by delimiters, which? <script>...</script> <%...%> <&>...</&> <%>...</%>

3. How do you write "Hello World" in ASP Response.Write("Hello World") World") 4. "<%=" is the same as: <%Equal <%Document.Write <%Response.Write <%Write Document.Write("Hello World") "Hello World" System.ou.println("Hello

5. What is the default scripting language in ASP? JavaScript PERL EcmaScript VBScript

6. How can you script your ASP code in JavaScript? Start the document with: <% language="javascript" %;> document with: <% language="javascript" %;> JavaScript is the default scripting language End the

Start the document with: <%@ language="javascript" %;>

7. How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "get" method? Request.Form Request.QueryString Response.write Response.writeln

8. How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "post" method? Request.Form Request.QueryString Response.write Response.writeln

9. <a href="page2.asp?color=green">Go</a><br%> How can page2.asp get the "color" parameter? Request.QueryString("color") Response.Parameter("color") Response.QueryString("color") Get("color")

10. Which ASP property is used to identify a user? The Application object An ASP Cookie The Server object The Request

11. What is the correct way to include the file "time.inc" ? <% include file="time.inc" %> file="time.inc"> <% #include file="time.inc" %> <!--#include file="time.inc"--> <include

12. Which one of these events is a standard Global.asa event? Session_Start Global.asa doesn't have any standard events Session_id Application_OnStart

13. Global.asa is required for all Web sites True Only for ASP Web sites False Only for PHP Web sites

14. Which of these objects is NOT an ASP component

Wend For.correct answer b) XML c) WML d) JSP 3) The Asp..correct answer b) < asp:listitem > c) < asp:button > 4) The first event to be triggered in an aspx page is. BTO 1) Which of the following languages can be used to write server side scripting in ASP.NET Framework class hierarchy? System. the out put will be rendered to browser in following format. is a) < asp:label > . MMC BÖC.CreateObject("Scripting. How do you create a FileSystemObject? Server. What does "Option Explicit" do? Requires explicit variable declaration programming language into one rated NC-17 Makes the computer give you additional errors Implicit variable declaration Converts a PG rated 18.File Access AdRotator Counter LinkCounter 15.Windows. a) (your answer) HTML .Loop While.web. Tag name b) Add Source. DAO. CDONTS ADO. correct answer c) Page_click() 5) Postback occurs in which of the following forms..fi 19.correct answer a) 2) When an . Tag prefix ..UI. Which set of acronyms is not associated with ASP? CDO. Tagprefix. RDS.page 7) Which method do you invoke on the Data Adapter control to load your generated dataset? Fill( ) . which provides an alternative way of displaying text on web page. ASP comes with a standard component that displays a different advertisement each time a user enters or refreshes a page. PWS.net server control. ODBC IIS. correct answer a) Page_Load() a) Winforms b) (your answer) Page_Init() b) HTMLForms c) Webforms a) a) c) 6) What namespace does the Web page belong in the ..correct answer a) Add Tag prefix. Tagname . what is the name of this component? AdRotator Advertise RotateAds Advertisement 16...correct answer b) System.Page c) System.CreateObject("FileSystemObject") Create Object:"Scripting.Page .Next If. Which of the following is not a valid VBScript looping statement? Do...correct answer b) ExecuteQuery( ) c) (your answer) Read( ) 8) How do you register a user control? Add Src. Where does ASP code execute? On the web server State In the client's browser On any machine it wants to Reportedly somewhere in Washington 20. OU812..FileSystemObject" Create("FileSystemObject") Server.NET? (your answer) C-sharp b) VB c) C++ d) a and b .FileSystemObject") 17.Web.aspx page is requested from the web server. GNR.

Net? StateServer c) Session Object d) al of the above 23) Select the type Processing model that asp.UI.Web.9) Which of the following is true? a) User controls are displayed correctly in the Visual Studio .Ascx .correct a) 1 .correct answer b) 12) How ASP.Output.net simulate Static c) Linear d) Topdown a) InProcess .Webcontrol System.Customcontrol c) System.dll d) SQLIIS.Net correct answer d) none of the above a) Output Caching b) DataCaching 22) Where is the default Session data is stored in ASP.Output.correct answer d) Datagrid a) Datalist b) 10 b) DropdownList .correct answer d) More than 30 27) Select the control which does not have any visible interface.correct answer a) Session Objects b) Application Objects a) SessionId b) c) a and b b) b) 20) Which property of the session object is used to set the local identifier? LCID . a) (your answer) TagPrefix b) Name space of the dll that is referenced c) Assemblyname d) All of the above . d) More than 3 19) How do you manage states in asp.correct answer d) Response.config file in a system 16) What is the extension of a web user control file? 17) Which of the following is true? is a method of System. Code is interpreted seperately b) Scripting is separated from the HTML.UI.Asmx a) IsPostBack is a method of System.Output.Customcontrols.Write() allows you to flush output b) Response.correct c) b) SQLXML.correct answer 11) Custom Controls are derived from which of the classes a) System.Web.correct answer b) b) False c) .Write() allows you to stream output 14) Why is Global.dll . 10) To add a custom control to a Web form we have to register with.Web.Net Different from classic ASP? a) Scripting is separated from the HTML.correct answer c) User and Custom controls are displayed correctly in the Visual Studio .correct answer b) 2 c) 3 18) The number of forms that can be added to a aspx page is. the DLLs can be executed on server correct answer c) Code is separated from the HTML and interpreted Code is interpreted separately 13) What's the difference between Response.Aspx 15) There can be more than 1 machine.Page class answer a) .correct answer a) True .dll a) 1 26) What is the maximum number of cookies that can be allowed to a web site? c) 20 .UI.Web.Page class b) IsPostBack c) IsPostBack is a readonly property of System.UI.NET Designer b) Custom controls are displayed correctly in VS.Output.asax is used? Declare Global variables c) No use a) Implement application and session level events . Code is compiled as a DLL.Webcontrol .Write() andResponse.Write()? a) Response.NET Designer.Write() allows you to write formatted output .correct answer b) .Page class .correct answer a) Yes .Web.correct answer c) Item d) Key 21) Select the caching type supported by ASP.correct answer a) Event-driven .Web.net application c) Viewstate d) All of the above . c) Repeater .correct answer 24) Does the EnableViewState allows the page to save the users input on a form? answer b) No 25) Which DLL translate XML to SQL in IIS? LISXML.Net Designer .UI.Output.UI.Write() allows you to buffer output c) Response.dll a) SQLISAPI.

A Web Service (XML Web Service) is a unit of code that can be activated using A.Close( ) Session. Record Monitering Invocation . FTP requests D.Discard( ) c) b) 29) Which of the following is not a member of ADODBCommand object? ExecuteScalar c) ExecuteStream d) Open .Abandon .Connection 1 . Remote Monitering Invocation D.End e) Session.Data . A major advantage of the Web services architecture is.Data. True B. it allows programs written in different languages on different platforms to communicate with each other in a standards-based way.correct answer d) Session.correct answer e) CommandText a) ExecuteReader 30) Which one of the following namespaces contains the definition for IdbConnection? a) System. HTTP requests C. False D.Data. What is RMI ? A.Common c) System.Interfaces b) System.correct answer d) System.Data. Not always true C. HTTP response B. None of these 2 . Record Method Invocation B. None of these 3 .28) How do you explicitly kill a user session? a) Session. A. Remote Method Invocation C.Exit b) Session.

COM is: A. A. Component Object Model 5 . Universal Data. Web service Directories B. Data and Integration . UDDI is: A. Web service Discovery C. Web service Directories allows us to locate ________ of Web services. Discovery and Integration B. Com Object Model D. Which of these is not an infrastructure that is needed to support Web Services ? A. providers C. consumers B. None of these 7 . Computer Object Model B. Common Object Model C. users D. Web service Description 6 . Universal Description. Web service Data Report D.4 .

Discovery and Integration A. Web services C. Universal Description. System. Which namespace consists a minimal and complete set of types needed to build a Web service ? A. Discovery and Integration 8 .Web. HTTP-POST C.Services.Web.Protocols: .Services C. Universal Description. System. System.Web. Network services D. HTTP-SOAP D. United Description. System.Services.Services. Discovery and Integration D. Which of these is not the wire formats supported by Web service ? A. Software services B.C.Discovery D. Hardware services 9 .Description B.Web. HTTP-GET B. HTTP-GET-POST 10 .

Description B. C# (C-Sharp) B.Protocols 12 .Services.Services 14 . Which namespace defines a number of types that represents invocation protocols (HTTP-GET.Services. System. System.NET files .Web.Services. System.Services. A.Services.Web.Services.Description C. ASP. System.Protocols D.Web.Services.Web.11 .Web.Web. System.Discovery D.Description B.Services. Which namespace allows us to interact with WSDL programmatically ? A.Web. System.Services.Web.Web.Web. System.Discovery 13 .Web.Protocols B. The wsdl. System.Discovery C. System.Services D. HTTP-POST and SOAP) ? A.Web. System. System. System.exe utility generates _____ code by default.Services C. Which namespace allow a consumer to discover the Web services installed on a given machine ? A.

We can directly give them the path of our Web Server and deploy the DISCO file on the A. VB. ISP C. The DISCO file has an extension of A. .vsdisco B. 16 .NET files D. W3C . The DISCO files are stored in the virtual directory of IIS along with the A. asm file. B. with all the other related files and in some location where the user wants.vsd 17 . D. None of these 15 . Server B. asmx file. .vsdis D. Web Server D. . .C.disco C. asmx directory. C.

Services namespace ? A. the Web service assembly and related assemblies and other support files like Web. None of these 20 . Deploying a Web service is copying the Web service entry point file (ASMX file). to the target Web server. A. WebAttribute C. etc.Web. UDDI C. WebMethodAttribute B. COM 19 . We use _____ if the number of consumers using our service are relatively small. Which of these is not a member of the System. True C. A.18 . DISCO B. WebService D.config. Not always true D. WebServiceBindingAttribute . RMI D. False B.

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