414 North Orleans, Suite 403 , Chicago, IL 60654 P:312-335-9900 F:312-970-5660 STONESOURCE.

COM PROPOSAL 12/07/2010 Company: Address: Attention: Project: Ship To: Regency Tile 880 West Lake Street Suite #812 Roselle, IL 60172 Chris Simon 360i 1540 Hecht Dr., Unit L, Bartlett, IL. 60103 Phone: 630 893 4661 Fax: 630 893 4665

Job #


Quantity 370.00


Description 12"x12"x1/2" Kirby, honed

Unit Price $19.52 Subtotal Delivery Tax Total

Amount $7,222.40 $7,222.40 $600.00 $451.40 $8,273.80

Availability: Currently in stock. Approximately 1 week from date of order and receipt of signed proposal and submittal approval. Submittals were sent via car messenger on 12/7/10. Notes Deposit: FOB: Terms: Tax Rate: 0% FOB Seller's Warehouse - Freight Prepaid Net 30 6.250%

Please sign and return this Proposal along with the deposit as confirmation of this Non-Cancellable order. All Lead Times are from receipt of signed Proposal and Deposit. There is No Returns, Exchanges or Cancellation on Special Order Items. Quantity from factory may vary due to packaging, full box count, full slab measurements and will be billed accordingly. Prior to delivery of material, balance of payment for cash accounts is to be made payable by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express), certified/cashiers check, money order, company check or cash. Stone Source will only provide storage of material ordered for up to 30 days. After 30 days the material may be subject to a storage fee of $250 per day or $0.10 per square foot per day, whichever is greater.

Customer Approval: BY: Date:

Proposed By: Ronda Marr Date: Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!








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