Purpose: To learn that word order in sentences help us make meaning of what we read.

Directions: Print on cardstock, laminate and cut out words of each sentence. I put the words and picture from a sentence into a separate envelope
or Ziploc baggie. These are made smaller on purpose so they are easy to store.

Students will: take an envelope and put the words in order to make the sentence make sense. They must pay attention to the punctuation. As
the first sentence could be Can I hop, but the period after hop tells us that it is I can hop instead. They will write their sentence and illustrate it.

This works well in a center, but you can do it whole group. Put magnets on the back and have students write the sentence in their journals as
they come in each morning. Higher students can expand on the first sentence by adding details to it or writing additional sentences: I can hop
at the pond. Or I can hop. I am a green frog.

A note from me: I made these up before I had all the cute clipart, but I don’t have licenses for any of them, so you get the clipart from Word. It is
what I am still using because I made these 3-4 years ago and bring them out at the beginning of the year.

Enjoy: Kim @ www.saylorslog.blogspot.com

I can hop.

Can you mop?

It is hot.

the I van.

My dog is good.

That is my

The ball is

The bug green.

The cat is glad.

This is my mat.

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