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Baptism & Covenants

Baptism & Covenants

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Published by Jonathan Baird

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Published by: Jonathan Baird on Jul 18, 2011
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Baptism & Covenants

OUTLINE What does baptism symbolize? - Death, Burial, Resurrection What is the purpose of baptism? - Remission of sins - Membership in the church - Entrance into the celestial kingdom Why was Jesus baptized? - To be an example - To get into the celestial kingdom - Even being perfect, he still had to be baptized in order to fulfill all righteousness - To obey the law What other covenants do we need to receive before we can enter the celestial kingdom? - Baptism - Confirmation (receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost) - Ordination to the Priesthood (for men) - Endowment - Sealing (Temple marriage) RESOURCES I will make and keep baptismal covenants ! “Friend” May 2009 ACTIVITY Maze ! “Friend” May 2009

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