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Published by: Robin Cesc on Jul 18, 2011
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The more navigation aids that you can provide to the search engine spider, the more likely your content
will be found and listed prominently on the search site. A sitemapis a tool that can help both your users
and the spiders find everything on your site. Like a master index, the link to the sitemap is usually one
of the lower items listed on the main navigation menu. Fortunately, there are a number of Joomla exten-
sions that provide automatic sitemap generation.

Joomla Sitemap Extensions

There are a number of extensions on the Joomla site (extensions.joomla.org) that will create a sitemap
of the Joomla system. Probably the most widely used and the most popular is an extension called Joomap.
The Joomap extension uses the stylesheets from the currently selected default template to display the
sitemap in the site style, as shown in Figure13-7.


Chapter 13: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

33941c13.qxd:WroxPro 8/25/07 3:26 PM Page 337

Figure13-7: Joomap uses the site template stylesheets to display the sitemap.

Joomap will create a sitemap that includes the normal menu structure, categories, sections, and even
Virtuemart categories (if you have that extension installed). Joomap will also output a sitemap in the
XML format that Google Sitemaps requires. There are also a number of plug-ins for Joomap that will
allow it to index content from other Web applications such as Gallery2.

Google Sitemaps

Google offers an online sitemap service that will automatically create and maintain the sitemap for you.
Most Joomla sitemap components (including Joomap) use the Google API to integrate the Google Sitemap
into the Joomla system. The Google Sitemap will help optimize the page spider to understand your site.

You can access more information on the Google Sitemap here:


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