y A food/herbal drug/supplement is adulterated if: y Filthy y Putrid y Decomposed y Contaminated or otherwise unfit for food y Prepared. packed or held under unsanitary conditions y Injurious to health .

y GMP categories: y Personnel y Building and facilities y Equipment y Plant sanitation y Production and process control .

y Personnel y Disease control y Personal Cleanliness y Education and Training y Supervision .

y y y y y y y y y y Personal Cleanliness Wearing working gear Maintaining adequate personal cleanliness Hand washing Removing unsecured objects that might fall into food. equipment or containers Covering or removing hand jewelry that cannot be sanitized Wearing gloves .

y Wearing hair nets. drinking. face masks etc. y Using appropriate space areas y Cloth storage y Smoking y Eating. chewing gum . beard y covers.

y Building and Facilities y Design y Location y Maintenance y Physical plants y Lightning and y ventilation y Pest control y Storage .

y Equipment y Design y Materials y Plant Sanitation y Cleaning and Sanitizing y Procedures y Use of Appropriate Chemicals Ability to be cleaned and sanitize .

y Production and Process Control y Receipt and inspection of raw materials y Testing and evaluation to minimize contamination y Processing procedures to prevent contamination y Procedures which protect food during y storage and transportation .

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