Nathan Halko

Query Does the color of a balloon affect the static charge that it can hold? Hypothesis When statically charged, a red balloon will attract more paper pieces than a blue balloon would. Materials Required  2 deflated balloons : one red, one blue  A hole punch  A ruler  A stop watch  1 sheet of A4 paper (computer paper)  Fabric(someone s shirt will do, just use the same one throughout)  1 balance(weighs in grams) Procedure 1. Collect all materials above. Rejoice, you are competent. 2. Inflate the balloons with your breath until they each weigh 3 grams a. Protip: Hold the end of the balloon closed, as not to deflate, and set some tape on the balance to keep the balloon on the balance. Subtract the tape s weight as not to mess with your measurements. Once you get the right weight, tie the balloon closed. 3. Use the hole punch to create 10 paper holes out of the sheet of paper. 4. Set these 10 paper holes in a horizontal line on a flat surface. 5. Take a blown up balloon and rub them against the fabric for 15 seconds (measure the time with your stop watch). Make sure that you rub it at about 2 swipes per second. 6. Hold the side of the balloon that was rubbed exactly 2cm above the center of the line of paper holes for about 10 seconds. 7. Record the results in the table below. 8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each color of balloon and trial performed.

Data Table Balloon Data Table 1 Color of Balloon vs Paper Holes Picked Up

Trial 1 Red Balloon Blue Balloon

Trial 2

Trial 3

Trial Average

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