The sixth Dolphin Eldad Beck, Yediot, July 18 2011 Berlin -- The German government has accepted Israel’s

request to participate in funding the construction of a sixth Dolphin submarine that will be turned over to the Israel Navy. This was reported by the German weekly Der Spiegel. The German government has decided to cover one third of the submarine’s construction costs, in the amount of EUR 135 million. This amount is already included in the budget proposal of the German Finance Ministry for next year, under the heading “creating defensive systems for Israel.” The German aid for building the submarine will be paid over the coming four years, and will be turned over to HDW, a shipbuilding company in Kiel, which is building the submarines for Israel. Der Spiegel obtained a document from the US embassy in Israel, which includes a report about the expected deal and determines that the German financial aid for building the sixth submarine will be paid as part of the compensation payments for crimes of Nazism. This would appear to be the payment of the debt of former East Germany for Jewish property looted by the Nazis. The authorization of the German participation in construction of the sixth submarine was discussed in meetings held last week in Israel by German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak. The German government’s decision is expected to meet with objections on the part of German left wing parties, which are in the opposition, due to the fear that Israel is upgrading the German Dolphin submarines so that they will be able to carry nuclear weapons on board for offensive purposes.

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