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Gemstones in Jyotish I

Gemstones in Jyotish I

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Published by: M K Mishra on Jul 18, 2011
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Gemstones in Jyotish I

Prescription of Gemstone is one of the most important aspects of remedies in Jyotish Shastra. The use of Gemstone is also endorsed by shastras such as Garuda Purana which gives elaborate description of the nature of the gemstones and their use. Even though gemstone use is one of the most popular source of remedies for all ills of the material world, may it be health, wealth or fortune, it is fraught with many misconceptions and erroneous notions of their selection and prescription. This article envisages providing consistent principles which would help the Jyotishas and laymen to select the right gemstones. GEMSTONES OF YOGAKARAKAS Since the gemstones enhance the influence of the planet in the life of the person, the gemstones for the planets giving yogas should always be chosen. To know the yoga givers or the yoga-karakas in a horoscope, studying classics such as Brhat Parashara Hora shastra should be studied. However, I shall provide here some guidelines which can help in choosing the gemstones. Lagna lord is the first and foremost yoga karaka in a horoscope, since is the owner of both Kendra (Quadrant) and Kona (Trine). He is protector of the Lagna, which represent health, vitality and the controller of the whole horoscope. The placement of the Lagna lord is extremely important for the overall strength of the horoscope and its gemstone can help a person overcoming all difficulties in life. The lords of two trines fifth and ninth are equally important. They are the two important houses which control the financial wellbeing of a person. If they are badly placed in the horoscope, then the person might suffer financially in life. Thus their strength is extremely important in addition to the lords of second and eleventh, who signify Wealth and Income. Each planet can give results on the following basis. 1. Lordship 2. Placement 3. Natural Karakatva (Significations) 4. Yoga (Exchange, Conjunction, Aspects) Hence it must be remembered that a good planet (lords of Lagna, 5th and 9th) / Yoga- karaka if placed in a dusthana (6th / 8th/ 12th), they can also give malefic results in addition to their inherent benefic nature to do good. Similarly if the yogakarakas are involved in other bad yogas, they can give bad results, while their gemstones are worn. Whenever there is a conjunction or exchange of two planets, their inherent and functional nature is greatly modified. When a benefic planet comes

the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio (8th house of natural zodiac) and is said to be MARANA KARAKA if placed in the 8th house from Lagna. whereby the native gains due to the loss of natural and functional significations of the planet causing the yoga. It is advisable to wear Neelam. They are the lords of the Dusthanas (6th/ 8th/ 12th). If the lords of the Dusthanas are placed in other Dusthanas in debilitation. then it confers Vipareeta raja yoga. in any chart is not good for longevity. For example. If the neecha-bhanga is happening with respect to the Moon. Exception to this is that. then the benefic nature of the planet is corrupted and it starts giving malefic results. while suggesting a gemstone for Jyotish remedial purposes. then Mantra would be a good remedy. VIPAREETA RATNA (OPPOSITE GEMSTONE) . GEMSTONE OF WEAK PLANET If a yoga-karaka (or any good planet in the horoscope. Hence a blue sapphire is used for enhancing the life-force. however the malefic planet gains out of the company and gives good results. if 8th lord Moon is involved in Vipareeta Raja yoga. Saturn’s stone for such cases. but the Mother (natural signification of Moon) and the marriage (8th house is the longevity of marriage) might suffer simultaneously. however. the more effective way is to find the planet who is causing neecha-bhanga to the debilitated planet. One of the ways is to wear the stone of the debilitated planet. The information regarding this is given at the detail section for each planet and their gemstones It must be noted that debilitation of some planets are desirable in a horoscope. Weakness of such Moon. When there is no cancellation of debility of other weaknesses then the gemstones for the supporters of the debilitated planet can be prescribed for causing cancellation of debility or for enhancing the life-forces that are being destroyed due to the debility. the native might enjoy rise in life. Such subtle effects should always be kept into consideration. lords of any houses other than 6th/ 8th or 12th) is debilitated. if Saturn becomes the Yoga-karaka and is placed in a dusthana. if it happens with respect to the Lagna. by its debilitation in the 12th house. For example. the native must not strengthen such debilitated planets that confer the yoga. However.into association with a malefic planet. To enjoy the fruits of Vipareeta Raja yoga. then wearing the gemstone of the planet causing the neecha-bhanga would make the debilitated planet come out of the state of debilitation. then its ability to do good increases. they must be strengthened.

the use of a Topaz (gemstone of Jupiter) removes the misfortune caused by Rahu. then it should be worn in the left hand. When the planet is a malefic for the horoscope. then the significations of the house suffer. GEMSTONES VS. its gemstone should be used in the left hand. Suka Nadi states that if Rahu is in the ninth house. then the person may suffer from poverty/ failure in the homeland after 36 years. a ruby. For example. the first house to be checked in any chart is the ninth house of fortune and Dharma with Jupiter & Sun as the significator. DASAS Hands in which the gemstones are worn to be chosen on the basis of certain criteria. If any house is occupied by an enemy of its Karaka. The same principle of Vipareeta Ratna (Opposite Gemstone) has been used here. they shall damage fortune and Dharma. Thus. The remedy is to strengthen the concerned Karaka by wearing its gemstone in the ring finger. if Saturn is in the ninth house.Vipareeta means opposite or gemstones used for weakening the effects of some planets in certain houses. similarly. Such use should be temporary covering the dasa-bhukti of the planet. the gemstone of the Sun (Saturn’s enemy) is worn. Keeping this principle in view. GEMSTONES AND LAGNA LORD . If instead a gem is to be worn for the main Dasa planet itself. if gemstones have to be prescribed to decrease the evil effects of a malefic planet. the maleficence of the planet can be reduced by wearing a counter gemstone temporarily during the Dasa-bhukti of the planet. To remove this evil. The right hand is ruled Jupiter and the left hand by Venus indicating increase (right hand) or decrease (lift hand) of life force. Rahu and Saturn are the enemies of these significator and if they are placed in the ninth house. FLAWED GEMSTONE A genuine gemstone of good quality should never be used with an imperfect or flawed gem or with one that is astrologically incompatible with it. an imperfect/inferior or incompatible gemstone can ruin the beneficence of other good gems. Just as the best of saints lose their merits by bad company. if Rahu is malefic then during its period a Yellow Sapphire/Topaz/Citrine can be worn in the right hand ring finger or Hessonite/Brown Tourmaline etc can be worn in the left hand middle finger. Rahu is the enemy of Jupiter and since it is placed in the ninth house. Suta Goswami (Garuda Purana) advises “not to wear a gem that is of inferior quality or incompatible even if it is set together with the divine Kausthuba Mani of Vishnu. Similarly. then the native has good fortune after wearing a Topaz.

but if it is the Sun.For determining compatibility of gemstones most astrologers go by the Naisargika Sambandha (natural relationship) of other planets with the stone of the principal/ruling planet.5. Gemstones of planets involved in Duryoga and other malefic combinations or where benefits accrue if the planets are weak and afflicted like the Vipareeta Rajyoga. then the Lagna lord is chosen. where the gemstone is worn). For example if the lord of the fifth house is inimical to the Lagna lord. Among all the methods of judging the suitability of a Gemstone namely. tatkalika sambandha and other sambandha. Hence utmost caution should be used in prescribing gemstones. . Since the Lagna is the controller of the Horoscope. then only Jupiter. The planets. the planets that are Param Mitra. then the use of a gemstone of the fifth lord can endanger the life children. and if none are there. Naisargika Sambandha of Planets Some astrologers also use Tatkalika Sambandha (Current relationship) between planets in a chart as this also takes the individual horoscope into focus. the impact of the Gemstone ultimately falls on the Lagna (more so. should never be used. Mars & Moon are compatible and their stones can be chosen. then all planets are compatible with it. If any planet is inimical to the lord of Lagna. Here. the naisargika sambandha. If the tenth and ninth lord are involved in a Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga. The Ruling Planet is the strongest one in trines to the Lagna or in the seventh house (1. Mitra or Sama to the ruling planet are chosen for supportive gemstones. since Lagna is the controller of the physical body. Thus if the ruling planet is the Moon. the best and most beneficial gemstones are those of the planets involved in a beneficial Yoga.7 & 9 houses). then their stones should be used together to augment the effects of the Yoga. should be a friend to the Lagna lord as per the naisargika sambandha. the use of its gemstone can damage / endanger the concerned people related to the house owned by the planet. whose gemstone is worn.

where we can witness. gemstones should not be used in this finger. The table shown below shows the natural relationships between the planets. Some astrologers prescribe Ruby / Yellow Sapphire for Power / Wealth respectively. Further gemstone cannot be worn in the finger of inimical elements. Normally for people who are spiritual / worship their Guru. Such combinations can be extremely dangerous for the native. In mantra recitation the beads should never touch this finger. for use in the index finger. Many astrologers give gemstones of mutually inimical planets such as Hessonite (Rahu) with Ruby (Sun) or Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter) or Red Coral (Mars). The Gyana Mudra has all fingers except this index finger stretched out with the index finger (of anger) being in touch with and controlled by the Akasha Tattva of the Thumb. Gemstones of planets in Moksha Trikona (4. the native is caught between many undesirable circumstances without his fault. which is opposed to the Vayu Tattva (Air element). even while turning the rosary (when we finish one circle of 108 beads).GEMSTONES OF MUTUALLY INIMICAL PLANETS Gemstones of mutually inimical planets should never be used simultaneously as they shall prove to be very adverse. this cannot be prescribed for the little finger due to Mars ruling Agni Tattva (fire element). Instead mantra of these planets should be advised. 8. It rules the “Ahamkara” and is the finger of “fall” or expression of anger. The natural fight between the owners of the gemstones can be visible in the life of native. For example. However these gemstones have been found to give better results of stable power and gradual stable growth in finance in the ring finger. Thus a planet in the ninth house influences the Dharma Trikona and its gemstone should be worn in the ring finger. FINGERS AND GEMSTONES The index finger is called Tarjani and is considered very inauspicious. Just as the thumb . Thus a Coral can only be worn in the ring finger (Agni Tattva / Fire) or middle finger (Prithvi Tattva / Earth). Tatwa in Palmistry The gemstone of a planet placed in a house should be worn according to the quadrant (Kendra house) is whose trines it is placed. 12) should not be prescribed as then they would be worn in the Tarjani (Index finger). if a Red Coral is to be worn for Mars placed in the seventh house.

The gemstone of a planet placed in or aspecting the 11th from Arudha Lagna shall give income from the sources indicated by the planet.is different from the other four fingers and in conjunction with them does all work. Maharishi parashara says that planets in the twelfth of Arudha Lagna (AL) can show the sources of expenditure. Arudha Lagna shows the image in this world or in other words. However one must remember that planets placed here shows the persons who would secretly oppose the native in various activities. 11th and the trines. Malefics are well placed here as it confer rajayoga while placed here in addition to the expenses shown. the gemstones of such planets can cause fall of image and troubles in career and various other troubles. the perception of the world related to the native. This is the material manifestation of the existantial reality of a person. The planets in the Arudha Lagna shows how the world perceives the native. The sources can be known by judging both the functional as well as natural significations of the concerned planet. Even though the promise of the wealth can be seen from different dhana yogas in the horoscope and the strength of the 2nd. it is very important to consider the placement of Planets with respect to the Arudha Lagna for final selection of an Gemstone. while that in the 11th from the AL show the sources of Income. the Akasha Tattva (Ether element–symbolized by the Thumb) permeates all signs of the other elements and is the driving force / Dhi Shakti. In addition the planets in the 7th from Arudha lagna shows the persons who would openly oppose the person in various activities. their gemstones can be given. 3. and this is more true with respect to the Malefics. the sources and the quantum of the gains or losses can be seen from the Arudha. provided the native can withstand the opposition shown by the concerned planet. If they are occupied by malefics. Thus if benefics are placed in the 7th from the Arudha Lagna. the gemstone for such planet can increase the expenditure of the native. If a planet is placed in or aspecting the 12th from the Arudha Lagna. GEMSTONES AND ARUDHA LAGNA Since the gemstones are taken for fulfilling the material pursuits in the life than anything else. 4. They should be occupied by benefics or exalted planets. the arudha lagna plays a very vital role in selection of the gemstones. Thus. The following guidelines can help in such judgement: 1. So the gemstones of such planets to be chosen after careful consideration of all factors involved. The 2nd and 7th house from the Arudha Lagna are the houses of sustainance of the Image. The . 2.

6. thus while prescribing the gemstones. Malefics in the 3rd or 6th gives material success whereas benefics in these places makes the person spiritual. It strengthens the heart and blood circulation. They should otherwise be placed with benefics or exalted planets and gemstones of such Moon. All planets either be benefics or malefics give good results and financial gains while placed in the 9th house from the arudha Lagna. 8. then the gemstone of the planet. It is symbolic of excellent health. These are called star rubies and are very highly . and believed to ensure beauty. 7. If gemstone of such planets is worn. some specimens of ruby exhibit asterism i. benefics or exalted planets can be beneficial to the native. Malefics placed over there can harm the health of the person and also the image. own house or friends house. love and passion. otherwise it can be harmful. Similarly the lord of the Arudha Lagna should ideally be well placed in either exaltation. mulatrikona. a six-rayed star can be seen in the interior of the stone.e. vigor. Its color ranges from purplish red (called Pigeon Blood) or bluish red to a yellowish red. gemstone of such planet would be beneficial to the native. sadness or sensuality. DETAILS OF GEMSTONES RUBY is the precious stone that occurs as a red. Unless any other adverse yogas exist. If such planet is in fall or unfavourably placed. makes one bold and courageous and eliminates depression. However. then the career becomes a bed of thorne for the native. For example. countering the evil has to be worn (please refer to relevant section for more information on this) 5. if Saturn is placed in such 10th. Stones of such malefics placed there should never be worn. an aid to firm friendship. Thus wearing the gemstones of the malefics placed in 3rd or 6th can help in fulfilment of objectives and gaining over all odds. transparent variety of the mineral corundum. The eighth house is also very crucial in a way that it controls the longevity of the person. one need to consider this factor as well. Increase name and fame. 10th house shows the impact of a planet in the native's career. unless they are debilitated. When cut into a cabochon (a nonconvex) form.presence of Moon or Jupiter in the Arudha Lagna gives long lasting fame. it would benefit the native by uplifting his image. Jupiter. malefics in the 3rd from AL can be detrimental to the health and longevity. Benefics are best suited here and malefics are prohibited.

which is the substance forming the inner layers of the mollusc shells. PEARL is a lustrous concretion consisting mainly of Nacre (Popularly called motherof pearl). . Pearl coloration varies as white. but natural and these pearls can also be used as astrological gems. If a solid pearl has an irregular shape. or drop. Spherical pearls are the best. Pearls are commonly known as pear.prized. The pearl is an abnormal growth due to a minute foreign particle invading the body of the mollusc. The ruby is a very brilliant. Both marine and freshwater molluscs produce pearls. bell. hard. durable. A good pearl strengthens mental faculties. A Bouton pearl is hemispherical. according to the shape. made largely of glass and should be rejected. The particle irritates the mollusc and becomes coated with layers of Nacre. and wearable stone. and cream. in contrast to cultured pearls. rose. Artificial pearls. black. Burmese rubies are considered the finest. calms emotions and increases peace of mind. This is an excellent gem for meditation. are entirely artificial. This is controlled. spherical pearls have been cultured successfully since 1920. Natural. it is known as a Baroque pearl.

By purifying the blood it helps in pregnancy & childbirth besides curing boils. The Red coral belongs to the eight-tentacle sub-class. EMERALD is the green variety of the mineral beryl making its wearer faithful & of fixed commitments. It removes obstacles and averts accidents.RED CORAL is a large class of marine invertebrates characterized by a protective calcium carbonate or horny skeleton (also called coral). Corals are divided into two subclasses. It helps in planning & forecasting by enhancing intuition & . It is an asset in money matters and makes a person debt free. each with an internal skeleton or six-tentacle (or multiples of six). discord and warfare. based on differences in their radial symmetry (symmetry around a central axis) of eight-tentacle animals.

It nullifies Kuja Dosha and promotes marriage and controls a malefic Mars in preventing jaundice and liver diseases. emeralds chip easily since it somewhat brittle. It is very helpful for pregnancy & childbirth. Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow. it also has the power of healing diseases of the eye. Good for general health. It has the colour of fresh young green grass as in the world's finest "drop of oil" emerald from Colombia. It sharpens the intellect and gives a photogenic memory thereby improving learning ability." and "Palmeira topaz. Excellent for business stability and financial matters. Oiling hides some of the whitish flaws (cracks) by filling the cracks and becomes an integral part of the emerald unless it is subjected to some type of degreasing procedure. special care should be given in wearing and handling." . It is a hard. communication and clairvoyance. orange-brown. A common flaw reduction technique is to boil the emerald in oil (sometimes tinted green) and is actually good for the stone in light of its fragile nature. it is one of nature's most wonderful gifts. YELLOW SAPPHIRE the symbol of universal love and brotherhood. promotes general well being and spiritual knowledge. Although a hard stone." "Madeira topaz. particularly the nervous system." "Spanish topaz. yellow brown. brilliant stone but it is much rarer and much more expensive than the Citrine (Quartz) stones commonly sold as "Rio topaz. and pink-brown colours.psychic powers. Hence.

deep blue Burmese sapphires will surely dazzle the eye. brilliant.DIAMOND Induces purity and fearlessness. Makes one more attractive. . Gives artistic abilities and worldly happiness. Fine. Strengthens bones and is useful for combating diseases of the sex organs. It counteracts enviousness from others and removes the evil eye thereby protecting from travel dangers and mental unrest and various forms of madness. BLUE SAPPHIRE The finest blue sapphires are from Burma and Kashmir. It alleviates long-term misfortunes by causing a change of place/residence.

a light-coloured line appears that moves as the gem is turned. CAT’S EYE is gem-quality chrysoberyl. This phenomena called chatoyance (asterism) is caused by a parallel arrangement of fine fibres of either foreign substance or minute hollow tubules. . giving the stone a resemblance to the eye of a cat. With cabochon cut (oval. The other varieties are of honey colour.HESSONITE has smoky-red lustre. rounded form).

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