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IMPORTED BEER (Please ask far selection) Corona Tiger Heiniken Cobra 30012501290/250/- DOMESTIC BEER Kingfisher Golden Peacock Black Label 120112011201- .

few agree as to the origin of the first..The Martini. And. Although. The Martini has evolved into a cocktail of personal preference.The origin of the Martini . that and the Martini throughout the most exasperating ns history has always been the premier sipping beverage of the well process has made the Marum.the classic American cocktail. and the nut like herbs of dry Vermouth. no heeled. both the must satisfying it is one of the most popular of cocktails. mixed drinks. . we invite you to rediscover with us this classic cocktatl. It is certain.. Martini which was built around the exquisite synergism of the Juniper berry flavour of Cin. however. THE CLASSIC MARTINI Gin Dry Vermouth Olive or Lemon Twist BOOTLEGGER Gin Dry and Sweet Vermouth Olive Or Lemon TWJ3t THE GIBSON Gin THE STERLING BLUE Extra Dry Martini Vodka Dry Vermouth Dry Vermouth Cocktail Onions Olio Dr Lemon Twist THE EXTRA EXTRA DRY MARTINI Shaken Gin Dry Vermouth not stirred" Lemon Twist fupees two hundred and eighty . Whatever your preference. The endless evolurtonery two people agree as to how it should be made. honestly. ISobscure.

IS believed that the ancient Scats began producing Whiskey in the middle ages. Scotch Whiskey was created to reward the Scots far hay] ng to endure their land's cold and dark climate. It . single malts are considered the "Creme de la Creme" of Scotch Whiskey. Scotch Whiskey and Scotland are states that. Scotch Whiskey was recognized and revered as the national drink ofScoliand SlngJe Malts are heralded worldwide for uniqueness. pungent smelling drink that fathers used to pour as an emblem ot status. An amber. and by the turn of the twentieth century. and intense character.Anold Scotush sey. has recently encountered its own renaissance Rivalled by few. IMPORTED Glenbvet Glenfiddich rupees Iwo hundred ami ninety five Standard meaSIII"(? 30 m{_ RUSTIEST NAIL A perfect combination and Drambuie of Single Malt Whiskey MALT SOUR" Single Malt over Ice and our Sweet 'n' Sour Mix with splash of Club Soda rupees three hundred and twentyfive . extensive array of flavours and styles.

that the famous Cognac of today was the result of a bad grape harvest. Cognac is the result of a collaboration between nature and man . production of Cognac began seriously in the seventeenth century. Amber and mellow with a delicate bouquet and a nne and penetratlng scent of vine in flower. the soil of the region> the nme honoured technique. and the people devoted to making the Cognac. Remy Martin VSOP Martell VSOP rupees !WO hundred and ninety five Standard measure 30 mi. It is believed by some. Martell VS rupees r!-Vo hundred and ninety Standard measure 30 mi.The most famous of all grape-based Brandies. forcing Cognac grape growers to distil mediocre.grape> sotl. the wood. light bodies Wines-into heartier and tastier Brandy. the world's finest Brandy. the aging. and chrnate come mto play>while time does the rest Remy Martin XO Martell XO rupees ilvo hundred and ninety five Standard measure 30 mi. one can appreciate all the things that make thts elegant Brandy so special: the location of the vineyards. five .

Mango Liq ueu r Cream. topped with Soda over Ice MAl-TAl A perfect blend of White and Golden Rum. BULLDOG Kahlua. mixed with Mango Lychee Peach VIRGINIA A perfect blend of citrus Juices. Arnaretto. Club Soda COIIIledJuices rupees forty PINACOLADA Rum and Pina COlada mix Have it Frozen or on the Rocks Apple lulce rupees forty KAMIKAZE A perfect blend of Vodka. Sweet 'n' Sour. Club Soda. served shaken and strained Aerated Drinks rupees stxty Freshly squeezed Fruit Juke rupees eighty COLORADO Vodka. mixed with Sweet 'n' Sour and Pineapple Juice Evtan Natural Spring Water rupees one hundred and twenty Mineral Water rupees sixty CIGARETTES Please ask for selection rupees two hundred and tl-Venty five . Coconut and Cream rupees one hundred and thirty five Sweet 'n' Sour and Soda JAMAICAN Malibu.TEXAS TEA A blend of five spirits with Sweet 'n' Sour Mix topped with Cola VIRGIN DRINKS PTNA COLADA BLOODY MARY DAIQUIRIS Strawberry HAWAIIAN Malibu mixed with Pineapple Juice. Blue Curacao and copped with 7 Up and Club Soda VOLCANIC Vodka. Pineapple Ju ice. rum. Bailey'S Cream. Rum. Bourbon over lee.

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