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Zimbra OS Admin Guide 7.1

Zimbra OS Admin Guide 7.1

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Published by: mbrion on Jul 18, 2011
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These step provisions accounts on the Zimbra server.

1.On the Overview dialog, select whether to migrate account information
from Active Directory (AD); from another LDAP server, or from an XML file.

2. On the Directory connection dialog,

a.Enter the details for connecting to your Active Directory or another
LDAP server.

b.Enter the maximum accounts to import at one time. The default is 0,
which means that no limits are set.


Open Source Edition 7.1

Zimbra Collaboration Server

Administrator’s Guide

c.Enable Automatically create missing domains, so that when an
account is imported and the domain they were on is not created already
created on ZCS, the domain is automatically created.

If you do not enable this, accounts from domains that do not exist on
ZCS are not created. Disabling this option, makes it easy to import
accounts from specific domains that have been pre created on ZCS.

d.Enter the following information about the AD or LDAP server:

•Server Name. The LDAP URL is entered as ldap://

•By default the port is 3268 for Active Directory and port 389 for
LDAP, but you can change this

•Use Security. Check SSL if this is used

•Bind DN and bind password

•LDAP filter. In this field enter the LDAP search filter to run. Here you
can define search criteria to collect the type of account information
you want to import. The filter in the field
(objectClass=organizationalPerson), is set to gather account
information, including email address, individual first, middle, last
names, postal and phone information if it is available. You can
change the filter.

•LDAP search base is used to configure what subsection of the LDAP
forest to search.

After you complete this dialog, click Next.

3. Set the password configuration option for the accounts to be provisioned.

Set either

Generate a random password for each account. If the wizard
generates random passwords for each account, you must download
the .csv file that is created as this file lists the passwords that were
created. You need to give the password information to each user.


Use the same password for all new accounts.

Check Require users to change the password after first login.

4. Set the Length of generated password. The default is 8 characters. The
password can be from 6 to 64 characters.

5. For split domain configurations, set the SMTP Host name and port.

6. Click Next.

The Migration Wizard connects to the directory server and generates a
report showing the number of domains found; number of accounts found on
the server and how many of those accounts are already created on ZCS.
This dialog also shows the password options you configured.

Zimbra Collaboration Server

Open Source Edition 7.1 95

Managing User Accounts

7. Click Next. The accounts are provisioned on the ZCS server.

A Provision Accounts dialog displays the number of accounts imported and
number of accounts that failed to be imported. A .csv file is created with the
list of all provisioned accounts. This list includes the password information
for each account.

8. Download the .csv file that lists the provisioned accounts and their
passwords. The .csv file is deleted when you close the wizard.

When this is complete, the wizard generates a .csv file with a list of new
accounts. Download this file for future reference. Choose a secure location to
store the file as it may contain password information for the user accounts you
provision. If you do not download the file, you cannot access the report later.

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