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Zimbra OS Admin Guide 7.1

Zimbra OS Admin Guide 7.1

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Published by: mbrion on Jul 18, 2011
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From the Class of Service>default view, select which default Zimlets you
want to enable, disable, or make mandatory as described below. Default
Zimlets do not require any configuration to work.

Mandatory. If you want a Zimlet to be mandatory and always enabled in
users’ accounts, select mandatory. Users do not see these Zimlets on their
Zimlet page.

Disabled. If you do not want a Zimlet immediately available to users in this
COS, you can disable the Zimlet. Users can enable a Zimlet from their
account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.

Enabled. All Zimlets that are deployed are enabled. Users can disable a
Zimlet from their account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.

Zimbra Collaboration Server

Open Source Edition 7.1 137

Managing Zimlets

Note: Users can only enable or disable Zimlets which are optional. If you
select a Zimlet to be mandatory, it cannot be disabled by the user.

Note: Default Zimlets cannot be removed from ZCS.

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