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Mobile App Formats Final

Mobile App Formats Final

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Published by: Chris Kennelly on Jul 18, 2011
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Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats

V e rs i o n 2, re le as e d 22 M a rc h 2011

© 2011 Interactive Advertising Bureau

http://reviews. apps will remain an important way that mobile consumers access information and services. The industry is in the midst of thoughtful and exciting conversations around topics like whether the long-term future is going to be more browser-based versus app-based. however. the sample size of participating publishers is small. the mobile application (“app”) market has only continued to grow and diversify. This second iteration of the IAB’s Prevailing In-App Ad Formats study will highlight some of the changes we observe in ad sizes from July of last year to January of 2011 based on a survey of ad formats currently being sold by IAB publisher and ad network members.html P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . we are able to make inferences about market developments.000 in the Android Marketplace1 clearly underscore publishers’ rapid embrace of the app as a way to deliver content. 1 Lookout analysis reported in CNET. and think about their relative prevalence when planning their ad offerings.com/8301-13970_7-20032228-78. We hope that publishers planning to launch or relaunch apps look at the sizes outlined here.Prepared by the Mobile Advertising Committee of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Introduction Since the IAB released the first version of this study in July 2010. and by extension advertisers’ opportunity to deliver messages to an engaged audience on a burgeoning medium. and whether tablets are mobile devices or something else entirely. Feb. Much remains unsettled and uncertain in the realm of apps. Marketers hoping to make sense of a rather chaotic landscape can also hopefully find some guidance in the ongoing results of this study. operating systems.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 2 . for the short term. and 150. The 350. for several of the app platforms included. and screen dimensions further increasing the already exciting (and bewildering) possibilities for publishers and marketers looking to reach consumers on mobile or portable devices. with new devices. Regardless of the long-term outcome of these debates.000 apps in the Apple App Store. 16. As before. 2011.cnet.

iab.2 300x250s are small on a modern PC screen. fitting on all screens and offered by publishers across most OS platforms: the workhorse 300x250 IAB Medium Rectangle.Methodology The IAB fielded a brief survey to members who sell in-app ads. asking them to list the ad formats they currently support. Based on the data. is included as an appendix to this document.e. i. and smallish on a tablet.com A summary table showing the ad size data by OS platform. Their familiarity to agencies and publishers alike may make them a comfortable choice of ad size amid many others that are unique to the in-app ad universe. across nine platforms for mobile/portable devices.. width first. 300x250 means 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. For IAB Ad Unit Guidelines see http://www. but they’re about half-screen-size on a 320x480 smartphone. 2 Dimensions in this report are given in pixels. we note a few overarching points that may help guide the market. Points of Commonality 300x250: One size to unite them all The data suggest that one ad size seems nearly universal.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/508676/508767/Ad_Unit. aPP PlatForMs included • • • • • Android-Smartphones Android-Tablets Blackberry iOS-iPad iOS-Pre Retina Display • • • • iOS-Retina Display Palm/HP’s WebOS Symbian Windows Phone 7 Twelve IAB member companies responded with ad formats they support: ParticiPating Publishers • • • • • • 4INFO AccuWeather Associated Press IGN JumpTap NBC Universal Digital Media • • • • • • Pandora Time Inc. Univision Wall Street Journal Digital Weather Channel Interactive Whitepages. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in .a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 3 .

although this survey included only 12 publishers. made-for-tablet ad sizes and sizes that hearken back to established standards from the Web. We strongly believe that new and highly effective ad sizes and formats will emerge for tablets. we wonder just how many custom or unique sizes exist throughout the market as a whole.Figure 1: 300x250 ad running in Weather Channel’s iPad application (Source: Weather. as the iPad approaches its first anniversary. the conclusion based on this survey is that there aren’t yet any dominant in-app iPad ad formats. those companies reported a total of 35 distinct ad sizes. or at least a presence across multiple publishers: 728x90s and (as previously mentioned) 300x250s. This diversity across a small sample size gives us pause. but it seems that publishers right now are seeking a balance between unique. Today. Two IAB web standard ad sizes do appear to have some traction. Indeed.com) iPad ads go every which way The first IAB in-app ad survey went in field mere months after the iPad hit the market. and so we were not able to say much about ad sizes for that platform. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . This compares with about 15 distinct ad sizes for iPad in the July 2010 data.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 4 .

They can be accessed here: http://mmaglobal. And we also note that the February 2011 version of the MMA’s mobile ad format guidelines3 will make 320x50 a standard size. driven by smartphones and rich media. Their newest ad standards were released for public comment in early February 2011. we found that the Mobile Marketing Association’s 300x50 standard mobile banner was fairly common across apps. and most if not all of those can and will accept 300x50s in that space as well. Although not included in the survey. and represent a fairly significant departure from previous efforts. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in .com/policies/global-mobile-advertising-guidelines. 3 The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published creative guidelines for mobile Web ads since 2003.Figure 2: Tight integration with content and unique ad sizes in Associated Press iPad App (Source: AP) 320x50 or 300x50 emerging as smartphone app banner size of choice.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 5 . Apple’s iAd also supports expandable 320x50 banners (more on expandables in a moment). as most of the app publishers participating in this survey support 320x50s for their Android and iOS apps. This continues to be the case. In the first edition of this survey.

but if the industry gravitates to four main options for expandables. to Apple’s “retina display.” screen resolution of 640x960.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 6 . Although these devices have been on the market for eight months. at least in a limited way. a 640x100 banner.Retina display support is so far limited for participating publishers. and landscape pre-roll. iOS expandable ad sizes are a pretty good proxy for sizes available for Android and WebOS devices. as new and better displays become the norm for those manufacturers). And Apple’s iAd (not included in the survey) also includes landscape banners for iPhones and iPads (480x32 and 1024x66. We expect this will change as the relative composition of legacy iOS devices versus retina display devices shifts in the market (and of course a similar evolution is happening with Android devices. The 300x50->300x250 and the 320x50->320x480 showed slightly more prevalence than the other two formats on iOS devices. In the first edition of this report. Figure 3: Expandable ad: 320x50 expanded to 320x480 (Source: 4INFO). with publishers offering expandable 1024x66 and 1024x90 sizes for iPads. and 320x50 expands to either 250. participants in this study reported 4 main expandable sizes: 300x50. 300. Rich media ads expand in a variety of sizes. that does not seem excessive for publishers or agencies. we noted that no publisher offered a landscape-oriented banner. For iPhones. respectively). One publisher is selling 480x320 (landscape) pre-roll video ads on iOS devices. We’ll be continuing to watch this area in future surveys. and indeed it has. Even publishers that have launched Retina Display-optimized apps continue to support ads designed for the lower resolution screens. In the past year iOS devices shifted from the screen resolution of the original iPhone/iPod Touch. A few landscape banners. We predicted that would change. 320x480. expands to 300x250. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . only one publisher participating in this survey offers an ad size specifically for them. or 480 pixels.

coupon redemptions.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats • Think audience not device. calls. “likes. for rich media and static ads on smartphones and tablets. we hope this project helps planners understand that they really can think audience first. and especially who you are trying to reach. • It’s not the click that counts. richer metrics that will provide far more insight. apps downloaded. and impressions. We offer the following as food for thought for marketers considering adding in-app ads to their broader marketing strategies in 2011. US mobile data networks evolving from 3G to 4G will increasingly easily support these file sizes. and publishers. stores located. it’s far more important to consider the message you’re conveying. While some publishers hew closely to the MMA’s standards for file weights for their smartphone banners. Publishers and mobile ad networks say they still sometimes see 7 . operating systems. Interactions. But in most cases it’s a poor indicator of success. we asked IAB members if they had any advice or emerging best practices for in-app advertising. and plan your mobile strategy accordingly. another camp increasingly seems to allow 30-40KB files. In most cases this is a mistake. familiar thing to do—there are better. Clicks to mobile landing pages are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do (and measure) with mobile ad campaigns. marketers start with a specific device (often a hot new one) in mind and attempting to design a campaign to suit the device. The click became a key metric on the Web mainly because it was simple and universal. For rich media this higher weight makes sense. By highlighting ad formats that facilitate in-app ad campaigns that can reach across multiple devices. although it behooves publishers to continue quality assurance programs to make certain that ad loading does not negatively impact app performance.” texts. views. In-App Advertising Recommendations As with the first edition of this report. device second.Figure 4: Expandable ad: 300x50 expanded to 300x300 (Source: AccuWeather) File weights continue to show great variation. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . shares. As with all aspects of media planning. Marketers need to be wary of defaulting to clicks and clickthrough rates for in-app campaigns just because that’s the easy. are all possible success metrics--and nearly everything is measurable.

a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 8 . agencies. Working with those same institutions. innovative. and beautiful creative executions they’ve done on tablet devices in the past year. device makers. vendors and others in the ecosystem on ways to deliver more utility from this survey. Marketers should explore the full sweep of options to figure out what will fit best with and complement most strongly their larger campaign goals. This will bring greater accountability and certainty to the metrics that marketers rely on. and Media Rating Council have finalized guidelines for mobile web ad measurement. Mobile Marketing Association. However. We continue to welcome comments from marketers. not just popularity. we think this document could evolve to become a database for in-app ad formats organized by publisher. the IAB will talk with members and vendors this year about ways to begin assessing not just what’s out there. including sponsorships. At least one IAB member has wondered whether this As we stated at the end of our first Prevailing In-App Ad Formats. the following initiatives are on our plan. in addition to simply how prevalent they are in the marketplace. case studies. publishers. document could evolve to address how well these various ad sizes work. In addition to fielding a third iteration of the survey and updating this document later this year. • Tablet ad creative showcase. We plan to launch a section of iab. and video commercials. identifying ad formats that are gaining traction in the marketplace. The IAB. This document is meant to guide the industry • Effectiveness. Further IAB In-App Initiatives In-app advertising plays a major role in the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence strategy for 2011. In addition. we plan to launch a project to extend the mobile web guidelines to apply to in-app ads as well. P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . and will likely be of interest to readers of this document: • In-app ad measurement guidelines. the IAB envisions holding educational events and webinars highlighting research. interstitials.• Look beyond the rectangle. exciting. This project has assumed that popularity at least in part reflects effectiveness. in hopes of creating excitement and inspiring great work on this transformative platform. but what’s working well.net to showcase these. alongside the IAB’s existing Creative Spec Database. and other learning to help participants in the industry understand how the market is evolving. We have asked IAB members and others to send us examples of • An ongoing industry dialog on in-app ads. In-app ads already encompass a whole range of creative possibilities. audio ads.

"up to" MMA size 30KB 150KB gallery interstitial welcome mat or interstitial precached. 15KB. testing HTML5. 15 secs max <5KB 5KB <1KB logo MMA size interstitial sponsorship logo landscape only MMA size <5KB. bottom banner interstitial interstitial (runs 6 seconds) "two column horizontal" companion to audio ad interstitial following banner precached. "up to" interstitial. 5KB 40KB <3KB 40KB 40KB 100KB <2KB MMA size "rectangle" "thumbnail" "button" MMA size <50KB. rectangle precached. not deployed. "up to" File Weights 200KB Notes 768x620 safe area "full page" welcome mat or interstitial P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . 720kbps bitrate.Appendix iOS: iPad: screen resolution: 1024x768 Ad Format 1024x899 1024x768 1024x90 expands to 1024x768 1024x90 1024x66 expands to up to 1024x768 1024x66 1004x768 768x1024 768x90 expands to 768x1024 768x90 728x90 640x960 600x800 555x206 500x500 320x480 320x50 300x250 expandable to any size up to max 300x250 300x50 expandable to any size up to max 300x50 250x250 216x36 210x175 200x120 185x30 168x28 160x600 120x60 120x20 76x1024 38x38 1024x768 pre roll text links pre and/or postroll video Prevalence 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 7 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 5 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 up to 30 chars 15 seconds max.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 9 . 40KB runs in 1024x90 space runs in 768x90 space. 40KBx2 15KB 30KB 20KB 30-45KB <25KB max.

rich media precached File Weights Notes retina display only video pre-roll ad. 30KB. 10KB. 8KB 40KB <50KB. 720kbps bitrate (size=320x50) horizontal gallery interstitial interstitial. landscape only welcome or interstitial 238x324 38x38 MMA Standard Sizes pre and postroll video Android-Tablets Ad Format 1024x1024 1004x70 728x90 320x50 expandable to 320x250 320x50 300x250 300x50 expands up to 300x250 300x50 160x600 1 1 1 1 vertical gallery interstitial sponsorship logo Prevalence 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 File Weights Notes 600x600 safe area 580x70 safe area 40KB 30KB 30KB 40KB 30KB 30KB P r e Va ilin g M o bile in . 8KB 40KB <5KB 15 seconds max. 40KB 30KB <5KB <5KB <7.5KB 30KB. regular or rich media expandable.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 10 . 10KB or 40KB (rich media). 15KB.iOS: Phone: 320x480 or 640x960 ("retina display") Ad Format 640x100 480x320 320x480 320x416 320x100 320x53 320x50 expands to 320x480 320x50 expands to 320x300 320x50 expands to 320x250 320x50 307x220 300x250 300x50 expands to 300x250 300x50 Prevalence 1 1 2 1 1 2 4 1 2 8 1 3 3 10 15KB 40KB 40KB 40KB 30KB <7. 10KB.5KB.

5KB Notes splash/welcome screen Prevalence 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 6 2 2 6 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 <4. <5KB. 30KB. 30-45KB.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 11 . 8KB expandable to full page 40KB 30KB <5KB. 8KB 30KB <7. 30KB 15KB.5KB 10KB 30KB. 8KB <4. 720kbps bitrate custom sponsorship logo 40KB 40KB 40KB 30KB <7. 8KB expandable to full page. static expandable to full page interstitial interstitial File Weights 30-45KB Notes companion to audio.5KB.Android-smartphones Ad Format 500x500 480x75 480x70 320x480 320x416 320x53 320x50 expandable to 320x480 320x50 expands to 320x300 320x50 expands to 320x250 320x50 300x250 300x50 expands up to 300x250 300x50 240x320 216x36 168x28 120x20 38x38 text links pre and postroll video Palm/HP/WebOS Ad Format 320x100 320x50 expands to 320x250 320x50 300x50 expands to 300x250 300x50 216x36 Prevalence 1 1 3 1 4 1 File Weights 30-45KB 30KB 30KB. <3KB <2KB <1KB <5KB up to 30 chars 15 seconds max. subject to resize high res (droid).5KB. expandable to full page P r e Va ilin g M o bile in .

8KB <4.5KB. 8KB <3KB 30KB <5KB custom sponsorship logos interstitial Notes spash/welcome screen P r e Va ilin g M o bile in .5KB. 8KB 30KB 30KB <50K <7.5KB Notes Prevalence 2 3 1 File Weights 15KB. <40KB 10KB. 8KB 15KB Notes splash/welcome screen Win Phone 7 Only now playing screen Prevalence 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 5 2 1 1 File Weights 15KB 30KB 30KB 10KB.a P P lic at io n a dV e rt is in g F o rM ats 12 .Blackberry Ad Format 480x150 420x40 expands to 420x280 420x40 320x50 320x40 expands to 320x240 320x40 300x250 300x50 216x36 38x38 MMA Standard Sizes Windows Phone 7 Ad Format 320x50 300x50 216x36 Symbian Ad Format 300x50 216x36 Prevalence 2 1 File Weights <7. <5KB. 8KB 10KB 30KB.

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