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Root Meaning of the Sanskrit Alphabet

a The first sound, Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Indra, Soma, Vayu, Agni, Sun, Yama, the lifebreath, the formless God, absolute existence, beginningless, a symbol of knowledge and energy, Kala, Vasanta, Pranava, a happy man, a tortoise, a battle, the female quarters in a palace, Uma, sacrifice, negation. á Used for comparison, recollection, root word for maya; it removes depression, brings hope, fulfillment of materialistic desires, names and fames, sharpens the intellect and talent. i Relative existence, one hundred, a symbol of movement, the seed-syllable (bija) for Agni.

í Kamadeva, Lakshmi, to go, to pervade, to wish, to eat, to beg, gives success in life, the seedsyllable (bija) for the nectar of immortality (amrita), giver of energy (shakti-dayaka). u Pervasive, contained or progressive existence, to sound, to make noise, to roar, Shiva, Brahma, the seed-syllable (bija) for marana-uchhatana (a tantric spell), gives strength. ú Shiva, Moon, Protector, has hypnotic power.

^ Calling, ridicule, to give, to move, to go, to rise, to gain, to display, to attack, a symbol of prosperity, the seed-syllable (bija) for riddhi (material achievement), it gives quick evolution and prosperity. ý Terror, reproach, censorship, compassion, protection, pride, the seed-syllable (bija) of Bhairava (another name for Lord Shiva). ø Earth, mountain, mother of gods, helpful for self-knowledge, makes introvert, gives experience of Truth. øø A mother, a divine woman.

e To come, to approach, to submit, Vishnu; a symbol of stillness, or can also indicate movement (in other contexts); the seed-syllable (bija) that gives strength, health, and removes obstacles. ai o Shiva, the seed-syllable (bija) for Saraswati (goddess of knowledge), gives success. Brahma, a sacred syllable, gives fulfillment to desires, prosperity, beauty and youthfulness.

large drum. mastery. enjoyment. cavity. tenacity. Daksha. victorious. a dog's tail. contact. action. Shiva. luster. am aà Tolerance. a kind of drum. wind accompanied by rain. Vishnu. prepared from. light. sin. fear. Shiva. gurgling sound. bad. Bell. Seedless. property. sky. desire. soft form of energy. fire. Shiva. wealth. . serpent. clean. The sound of a bow string. air. jha Sleep. circle or the globe. attack. time. beating time. insistence. cloud. a deity. Shiva. The seed-syllable (bija) for peace. hurricane. dog. swift and brilliant action. killing. Shiva. Brahman. an idol. belonging to or connected with. violent contact. and. knowledge. submarine fire. Consonants ka Brahman. ten. disc representing the sun or the moon. A gandharva (celestial musician). the earth. þha An imitative sound (metallic sound rolling down the steps ). Vishnu. force. body. attrition or removal. nine. obstinacy. action. loud noise. kha Sun. field. Pure. persistence. bull. or Sesha. sense organ. contact. sense objects. jingling sound. hair. motion. perversity. Brihaspati. knot. production. thief. tale. crude.freewebs. Shukra. a fragment. Shiva. Vishnu. striking. mind. obstinacy. existence. strong motion. a dwarf. creation. ja Born. secret message. dullness. peacock. city. swift. æa æha Sound. invasion. a place resorted to or held sacred by all. an object of the sense. happiness. ga gha òa ca cha action. Imitative sound.Apsra-The Celestial Nymph Yahoo Groups au Sound. http://www. prince. king. ña þa Singer. Sun. a quarter. destroyed. Ananta. Yama.Courtesy . a word or sound. Kamadeva. Sound. Brahma. trembling. a thing lost. a part. dot. the seed-syllable (bija) for marana and ucchatana (tantric spells). lost. soul. rajasic. wish. going. hardness.2hostile action. a father.

Kubera. vehemence in union. soft touch or impact. wind. Vishnu. Shiva. a jackal's tail. a sign of danger. womb. to fill. light. protector. Yama. horse. Tail. Goer. impact or action. Vishnu. air.Apsra-The Celestial Nymph Yahoo Groups òa ta tha da dha na pa pha ba bha ma ya ra la Knowledge. cloth. supreme spirit. end. forty. a wicked man. completion. strong action in rest. touch. strong. barley. love. hard. sweetness. ça Cutter. pride. Shiva. repose. Varuna. moon. wise. lightning. action. Thin. soft. wife. Yama. reverence. sa Snake. gift. auspiciousness residence. . weapon. thief. Shiva. carriage. loss. forcible. arm. mover. fruitful. käa Destruction. love. äa Best. leaf. Indra. rest. undivided. identical. virtue. conciliation. Fire. breast. Narasimha. ocean. egg. fifty. sleep. moon. Brahma. empty. Drinking. destroying. manifest existence. formula. meditation. The planet Venus. destruction. impact. Time. Vishnu. heaven. finality. the shadow-planet Rahu. ego. gentle but effective relation. error. water. union. jewel. a kind of disease. poison. union. high mind. restrain. praised. contact. dying. blood. possession. certainty. water jar. vibration. Placing. sky. strong. mystical rite. force. mountain. Shiva. nectar. play. desire. Brahman. body. pride. http://www. limitation. Buddha. air. air. Giving. heat. not. nipple. disappearance. knowledge. Mountain.Courtesy . relation. ha Shiva. no. evident.freewebs. addressing. guarding. war. fear. unwearied. tiger. Varuna. water. va Powerful. Obvious. final emancipation. paradise. embracing. granting. destroyer. horse. possessive action. kindly relation. yawning. fame.

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