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Portia and the Purple Pegasus

Portia and the Purple Pegasus

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Published by: Jessica R. Dreistadt on Jul 19, 2011
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Jessica R.

Dreistadt Copyright 2010

Portia and the Purple Pegasus My name is Patience and I live in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. When I fall asleep at night I become Portia, the Princess of Possibility, and I wander the world with my purple Pegasus. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were the first places we visited. We ate soft pretzels and pickles while watching the Philllies and Pirates play from fifty-five feet above. We went to Paris where we watched pretty ballerinas wearing puffy, pink tutus perform piques, plies and pirouettes. In the park, poised ladies who were perched under pastel parasols ate yogurt parfaits and pastries while the persnickety poodles laying on their laps licked their little lips. In Poland I pondered the profound prose created by prophetic poets as I listened to Chopin's Polonaises played on a piano in a posh yet charming cafe while Pegasus propelled her partner as they performed the polka at a nearby party.

Jessica R. Dreistadt Copyright 2010 We went to the picturesque peninsula of Peloponnese where we ate phyllo dough wrapped around pears, plums, papaya, and prunes in a palace made of plaster and pearls with Phoebe the Greek moon Goddess. At the pyramids in Egypt we painted portraits of the Pharaohs on papyrus. We walked among a pride of lions on the plain who were plainly proud as they prowled past panthers to pursue a prized python. A Persian cat purred as we pet her paws until a Pekingese poochie playfully pounced upon her. She ran down a path of pebbles to hide inside a pagoda that protected her from both the poochie and the precipitation In Punjab we practiced poses with yogis who were perfumed with patchouli after sipping warm peppermint tea poured from a shiny pewter pot on a patio scattered with the petals of pansies and peonies. In the Philippines, Pegasus protected the people from an eruption of Mount Pinatubo. They lined up on her back as Pegasus swiftly sailed to a safe place. We crossed the Pacific Ocean and soared over Polynesia, stopping at Puna Pau on Isla de Pascua to experience the pleasantries of paradise.

Jessica R. Dreistadt Copyright 2010 In Peru, we played with with palomino ponies peacefully gathered in a pristine pasture between Machu Picchu and Mount Putucusi. We helped farmers plow a plenitude of potatoes while the potters who would later eat them passionately discussed politics and philosophy. I also helped a plucky woman wearing periwinkle and speaking patois in Port-au-Prince prepare a feast of porridge, plantains, and pinto beans for as many people plagued by poverty as we possibly could while Pegasus dropped parachutes of peanut butter and peach marmalade sandwiches, pepperoni pizza, and pumpkin pie for a plentiful picnic to please our peculiar palates. One hundred hungry Hispanolan hutias scurried for our succulent scraps. We stayed at a paradore in Puerto Rico and took photographs of palm trees and pedestrians in picturesque Porta Caribe. In Panama we watched petrifying piranhas eat chlorophyll-filled plankton and played parchisi at the Presidential Palace. I just love to wander the earth with my winged horse. We meet many prolific people and have a preponderance of adventures! Where will my imagination wander when I fall asleep tonight? Perhaps Pegasus and I will go to Algeria, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, El Salvador, Fiji, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Luxembourg, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Wales, Yemen, or Zimbabwe. Won't you and your imagination please

Jessica R. Dreistadt Copyright 2010 join us on our journeys too?

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