Dear All This has reference to the recently concluded Shriram Transport NCD.

The NCD got subscribed the very 1st day 5 times over and it had a overwhelming participation from Retail clients. By now you would have known that the NCD allotments have happened on Wednesday and allotees have got the credit as per the allocation formula, in their DP accounts. Please be informed that the official listing of the NCD is slated for 18th July.

OPPORTUNITY..........(15 days)
Please note that the clients would be getting refunds from the Registrar to STFL shortly. An opportunity to HSL as well as the clients would unfold in the form of a "Limited period" offer on Shriram Unnati Fixed deposits from

15th July to 31st July 2011 with higher yield for clients upto -13.70% for NCD clients/

shareholders who are being given special rates.
Let us all contact our clients and communicate this benefit and get them to avail of this benefit. Modality: The subscription can be done from - Internet /IPOT system at branches - Physical forms However for Physical forms, please remember to mention - NCD application numbers / Demat A/c number on the form Please note that Clientwise - Application numbers are available on Bulletin Board under Author- Reshma temkar (Please write this number on the application form "Top" very clearly before submission to the banker in case of physical form.) Branch /TBK / TPP / Income credit -1.5%

* For regular clients the interest rates remain unchanged

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