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Published by: parsa1980 on Jul 19, 2011
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To ask somebody where they’re from, you only need
to decide if you’re addressing somebody formally
with Sie,or informally with du(one person) or ihr
(several people). Then you choose one of these three
questions to ask “Where are you from?”:

Wo kommen Sie her?(voh kô-men zee hehr)

Wo kommst du her?(voh kômst dû hehr)

Wo kommt ihr her?(voh kômt eer hehr)

To say where you’re from in German, the magic
words are

Ich komme aus . . .(îH kô-me ows)

(I come from . . .)

Ich bin aus . . .(îH bîn ows)(I am from . . .)

These few words go a long way. They work for coun-
tries, states, and cities. For example:

Ich komme aus Amerika.(îH kôm-me ows
â-meh-ree-kâ)(I come from America.)

Ich bin aus Pennsylvania.(îH bîn ows
Pennsylvania)(I am from Pennsylvania.)

Ich komme aus Zürich.(îH kô-me ows tsuu-rîH)

(I come from Zurich.)

Chapter 4: Enjoying Small Talk

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German Phrases For Dummies


Ich bin aus Wien.(îH bîn ows veen)(I am from

Meine Freundin kommt aus Lyon.(my-ne froyn-
dîn kômt ows lee-ôn) (My friend comes from

Wir sind aus Frankreich.(veer zînt ows frângk-
ryH) (We are from France.)

Some countries’ and regions’ names are used
with the feminine definite article, die(dee)
(the). The United States is one such country.
In German, you say Ich bin aus den USA.(îH
bîn ows dehn oo-êss-ah) (I am from the U.S.).
Or you might venture the tongue twister Ich
bin aus den Vereinigten Staaten.
(îH bîn ows
dehn fer-y-nîk-ten stah-ten)(I am from the
United States.).

Because the verb kommen(kô-men)(to come) is so
important for discussing where you’re from, here’s
the conjugation:



ich komme

îH kô-me

du kommst (informal)dû kômst

Sie kommen (formal)zee kô-men

er, sie, es kommt

ehr, zee, êss kô-mt

wir kommen

veer kô-men

ihr kommt (informal)eer kômt

Sie kommen (formal)zee kô-men

sie kommen

zee kô-men

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