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Download VMware ACE 2 Enterprise Edition Beta


1. Download VMware Workstation 6 (Build 39849) for Windows below. If you already
have Workstation 6 installed, proceed to Step 2.
2. Print or write down your VMware ACE Serial Number for unlocking ACE authoring
capabilities on Workstation 6 (for Windows only). This will also act as your Enterprise
key for enabling ACE clients.
3. Go to the Help menu in Workstation 6, choose "Enter Serial Number," and enter the
key from Step 2 in order to be able to create and deploy ACE virtual machines.
4. To be able to centrally manage ACE clients, download the ACE Management Server
as a ready-to-run virtual appliance or via traditional installers for Windows or Linux.

VMware Workstation 6 (Now available with ACE authoring capabilities)

Beta Version | 2/8/07 | Build 39849

Serial Number: 0A136-0C0U4-78487-4ALRE

Please copy the appropriate serial number or print this page. This serial number is
needed to unlock ACE functionality in VMware Workstation. You will be prompted for
this during the installation of VMware Workstation.

VMware Workstation ACE Edition (.exe) Binary (.exe)

273.5 MB
(md5sum: 1ac91449a2828ef54c1644f2d090ad19)

03/05/2007 16:21

VMware ACE Management Server

Beta Version | 2/8/07 | Build 40211

The ACE Management Server is available as a pre-built, pre-configured VMware virtual

appliance that is ready-to-run! Windows 2003, Red Hat, and SUSE installation options are
also available below.

VMware ACE Management Server Appliance (.zip) Virtual Appliance (.zip)

39.2 MB

VMware ACE Management Server for Windows (.exe) Binary (.exe)

15.1 MB

VMware ACE Management Server for Red Hat Binary (.rpm)

Enterprise Linux 4 (.rpm) 5.4 MB

VMware ACE Management Server for SUSE Enterprise Binary (.rpm)

Linux Server 9 (.rpm) 5.4 MB

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03/05/2007 16:21