Fall  2011  Grant  Subscription  Form

Yes,  I  would  like  to  receive  newspapers  for  use  in  my  classroom.    I  will  receive  Newsday from  September  19  to  December  14  one  day  a  week.    If  I  am  in  Nassau  County  I  will  receive them  on  Monday,  starting  September  19  or  in  Suffolk  County  I  will  receive  them  on Tuesday,  starting  September  20: I  would  like  to  receive              25            20            15            10            Please  circle  amount  needed. Teacher  Name(s): Grade: School  Name: School  Address: Town                                               Phone: District: Email:  Either  personal  or  school  where  you  definitely  will  receive  mail  (some  school  email  will not  accept  communication  from  Newsday): Please  tell  us  how  you  use  the  papers  in  the  classroom: Zip Cross  Street:

If  there  are  any  Mondays  (Nassau)  or  Tuesdays  (Suffolk)  during  the  fall  that  you  don’t want  delivery  please  list  the  dates  here:

Email  this  form  to  gail.angelo@newsday.com  or  fax  to  631-­843-­2210  or mail  to  -­    Newsday  In  Education,  235  Pinelawn  Rd,  Melville  NY    11747
This  offer  is  on  a  first  come,  first  served  basis  while  funds  are  available  for Nassau  and  Suffolk  county  schools.    This  form  must   be  filled  out  in  its  entirety  to  receive  consideration.    All  teachers  who  are  approved  will  receive  a  confirmation  letter  in  the  mail. At   the   end   of   the   subscription   an   affidavit   will   be   sent   to   participants   to   be   filled   out   and   sent   back   to   Newsday.    This   is   an auditing  requirement  and  future  requests  for  grant  subscriptions  will  be  dependent  on  receipt  of  this  affidavit. School  libraries  are  not  eligible  for  grant  subscriptions.    If  you  are  interested  in  papers  for  your  library,  please  go  to  the NIE   web   page   at www.newsday.com/nie,  scroll  down  to  the  link  for  school  libraries  to  see  all  info  to  order  Newsday  or   email  gail.angelo@newsday.com.

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