Strategies Grameen should follow to remain top in the telco Industry


Technical Concern y y y y y Make the call rate lower Crystal Clear Voice quality: Even though GP has very wide spread network, but the voice quality isn t far superior than its competitors. Network: Cover, even if the slightly uncovered area of the country. Making the International Roaming more convenient as the growing number of people travel abroad. Providing ISD call service ethically as well as following the regulation, by avoiding illegal VoIP.

Marketing Concern y y y y y y Create new Market Segment, focusing specially the low income rural customer and develop the new package to cater this customer base. Offer a Cheap Hand Set and allow the rural customer to buy through installment. Customer retention through different incentive programs: ___________? Promotion about the comparison of Service between GP and its competitors. New Promotion Campaign, Who you are, using Grameen phone or Mobile Phone . Focusing, GP provide a complete lifestyle solution. Create a Unique Mascot like ZOZO and popular Theme song.

Customer Service Concern y Widening its Customer Service center, making the 121 call free, Web Page base customer solution (Call history, Bill and payment, F&F activation, Caller Tune, other self service) etc.

CSR Concern y CSR: Can launch a similar or alternative program like: Tree Plantation of BAT and Floating Hospital of Unilever.

Issuing Transport Ticket. . etc. etc. Employee Tracker. IT. Role ModelAirtel in India Others y Creating new Value added Service: Travel Service through Mobile. Mobile Money. Reserve the Hotel. in order to save the cost.Operation Concern y Out Source different operation in as many type of activity as possible: Transport. HR Department. Customer Service. Setting new tower.

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