Finch Farm Training Centre Halewood

Everton Football Club | Completed

The design philosophy for the training ground was to develop a state of the art facility based on several principles. The new pavilion and any hard landscaping was located in a similar position to that of the existing farm buildings and associated hardstandings. Any other buildings were limited to that of a groundsmens store enclosure and security lodge. The perceived building heights were kept as low as possible by emphasising a horizontal aesthetic and avoiding steep pitched roofs. The monopitch ridge level on the pavilion is at a similar level to the central ridge line of a typical domestic house. A suitable palette of materials, such as yellow ochre rendering and silver-grey zinc effect type claddings, were incorporated to blend in with the green urban fringe context. Gentle plateaus for the training pitches were also created to limit the effect on existing ground contours. The site was screened by a combination of both gentle inward mounding and also strengthening of the existing linear hedging and tree patterning to the perimeter.


Academy Training Facility

Location: Merseyside, UK Value: £9m

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