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PRESENTATION INCLUDE  History  Introduction  Nokia in India  Mission and vision  Change in strategy  Market STP 4 p s  SWOT analyses  Conclusion .

‡ It s the leading manufacturer of mobile devices. ‡ Nokia offers a wide range of mobile devices with the experience in music. ‡ Company recorded revenues of 41. ‡ It also provides the services for network operators. gaming and a lot more. video. incorporated in 1967.121 Million in 2007 ‡ about 20. . imaging. rubber and cable manufacturing company to a major manufacturer of mobile devices.3 % increase from 2006. ‡ Nokia started of as a pulp.History ‡ Nokia is a Finland based company.

. in Tamil Nadu. the 1100.etc. ‡ Nokia's first Made for India model. the tenth Nokia facility Globally.Nokia in India ‡ First ever GSM call in India was made on Nokia 2110.1108.after the China Plant. and Nokia s second largest production site in Asia . ‡ Nokia developed models suited for the Indian Conditions-1100. was the largest selling model in the Indian GSM handset market. ‡ The Growing of India led to setting up a Factory at Sriperumbudur.

finish cable works ltd.  Multimedia  Enterprise solutions. ‡ In 1967 firms known as finish rubber works ltd. . and Nokia were merged to form Nokia corporation.  Networks.Introduction ‡ The roots of Nokia go back to the year 1865 with the establishment of a forestry industry enterprise location in Finland. ‡ The company has four important function:  Mobile phones.

a joy to use.Mission statement ‡ Everyone has a need to communicate and share. ‡ Today. and beautiful. ‡ Nokia helps people to fulfill this need and we help people feel close to what matters to them. . ‡ We focus on providing consumers with very human technology technology that is intuitive. The communications industry continues to change and the internet is at the center of this transformation. ‡ We are living in an era where connectivity is becoming truly ubiquitous. the internet is Nokia's quest.

Vision statement ‡ Nokia wants to create a new world. ‡ The way of thinking. ‡ Similarly. but men also seem to forget that beliefs and thoughts differ from person to person. believes are simultaneously related in a logic approach. build. and encourage people from all countries to communicate with each other in order to create a world where everybody is connected. Nokia wants to create a world of creativity and experience. experiences. ‡ Their vision is to create. . shared experiences. ‡ Humans learn from people around them. to transform a big planet to a small village.

wireless internet . advance phone . Differentiations .Technology .computer software .premium price .Change in strategy ‡ ‡ ‡ Low cost Low price Voice calls only .wireless chips .

‡ N gage Séries:(Rs 8.6120.1110.1208.Market segmentation ‡ Entry level:(Rs 2.000-16.1112 etc. .1100.PSP and Xbox.000-17. Sets include in this series are 6300.000) Nokia targeted decent people in this series .6233.500-6. ‡ Classic Series:(Rs 7. These sets include game like play station .000) Nokia targeted game lovers in this series .3120 etc.000) Nokia targeted low income people and first time mobile buyers in this series . Sets include are 1200.

E61i.5610. ‡ Premium series:(Rs 80. Sets include in this series are Sephora arte. ‡ E-series:(Rs 18.E66. Sets include are E51.N95. ‡ N-series:(Rs 18.Segmentation ‡ Xpress music:(Rs 13.N91 etc. .000-1.000) In this series music lover are targeted.5320 etc.N80.E90 etc.E71. Named as on step ahead multimedia.5310.000) This series is also called multimedia computer.500.5800.8800Gold.N81.000-35.N73.000) This series is for business people. Sets are N70.8800arts etc.000) In this series Nokia targeted people which show visual status.000-50. Sets are 5220.000-60.N96.

Market targeting ‡ In India a developing country Nokia has mainly targeted  Entry level  Classic  Xpress music series .

Nokia enable you to get more out of life .Market Positioning ‡ Nokia has created a distinct position in customer mind by ‡ Nokia logo .> ‡ Slogan > ‡ Standard ring tone ‡ Standard message tone ‡ The specific message that is conveyed to the customers in every advertisement is..

e. Flat sets. Each set has its own booklet with information about its. Slide sets . .1112 etc.1208. Nokia 1100 set has Brand name: Brand name is written on each set. The models of Nokia are based on features.1110i. . Quality: Nokia gain brand personality and market shares because of its quality.1100.4 ps Product ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Variety: In every series of Nokia there are large number of sets thus large variety. Design: Nokia sets are of various design such as Flip sets . Features: Each set of Nokia has its own features .g.1110. entry level include 1200.e.g. Packaging: On packaging of Nokia set detail information about the set is given and packing is made attractive by picture. Sets with rotating camera etc.

Price ‡ Nokia has a reasonable price for every series. ‡ Price is listed on every packing ‡ Nokia also offer cash allowances: By buying 1200 and 1208 get 50Rs 75Rs on buying 1650 100 Rs on buying 2630 and 3110 200 and 250 Rs on buying 6300 and 5310 .

.Promotions ‡ Advertising: Though TV .Dummies and display stands. Radio and Newspaper. Philips TV . watches and digital diary With N73 mobile offer 2500Rs original Blue tooth free. Sign boards . Bill boards . ‡ Personal selling: By product training to Distributer(what is product) ‡ Sale promotion: Gift like Yamaha bike . With 6220 offer leather Wallet. Mitsubishi split AC . Posters . With 6300 offer caps and shirts. Broachers .

Mobile zone and Advance telecom. Nokia mobiles are mostly available through every mobile outlet .United mobiles.Place ‡ Channels: Nokia > Distributer > Whole seller > Retailer > Customer ‡ Coverage: Nokia is widely available all over Pakistan ‡ Distributer: Nokia main distributer are I2.

Strength and Weakness ‡ STRENGTH: 1 Largest network of distribution and selling 2 One of the best innovator WEAKNESS: 1 The price of the product 2 large organisation .

Opportunity and Threats OPPORTUNITY: 1 Target right customer at right time 2 Internet THREATS: 1 Emerging of other mobile company 2 Changing technology .

‡ Another major factor that allowed Nokia to be so successful was the demands of the customers. the customers were continually searching for faster. and determine the factors that differed and advantaged Nokia over the other company. such as SonyEricsson. ‡ Finally. ‡ Evidently. smaller operators.Conclusion ‡ It is most probably due to Nokia's innovation and continual progress that the company was able to attain such a high stand in the market. it would be very interesting to also deeply investigate another major company. and it is because of these demands that Nokia was able to reach its level. . better.

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