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Rotary Newsletter Jul 19 2011

Rotary Newsletter Jul 19 2011

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Published by David Keller

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Published by: David Keller on Jul 19, 2011
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JULY 19, 2011

Newsletter etter Ro ta r y N ew s l
Rotary Club of Campbell
Cancer Relay for Life

Survivors Enjoy Rotary Breakfast
On a beautiful Saturday morning, a handful of hearty Rotarians, lead by Janine Payton turned out for the American Cancer Societyʼs Campbell Relay for Life. Their main goal was to feed the 130 or so cancer survivors who were on hand to take the first lap around the track at the Campbell Community Center starting at 10:00 AM. ! So Bill Ellington and Bill Highley were there unloading and setting up all of the equipment and supplies needed for the event. Mary Beth Seratt was on hand to lift heavy objects, to transfer items from the trucks to the cooking area, to get the tables ready, to scramble up dozens of eggs, and generally to do what needed to be done. Bill Highley cooked the sausages, John Shannon and Janine worked out a method for cooking the scrabbled eggs that got perfected just about the time the last egg needed to be cooked, and our own Mayor Jason Baker was there to serve those who came out to walk and those who came out to support them.

THURSDAY, JULY 21 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING Dr. Sue’s first Board meeting of the year will be held at 6:00 PM at her office complex 1101 S. Winchester, in Suite 250. All members are welcome. MONDAY, AUGUST 8 DINNER SERVICE @ EHC The Hungry are not only hungry at the Holidays. Please help us serve dinner to our homeless neighbors from 4:30 to 5:30, if that long. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13: DAY @ THE A’S Support Camp RYLA and have a terrific day at the ballpark. You can also buy tickets for EMQ/FF kids. TUESDAY, JULY 26: NEXT SPEAKER Robert Pence, President of the International WWII War Brides Association will be our main guest speaker. Jerry Ross will do the introductions.

! This is the third year that the Rotary Club of Campbell has been a sponsor of this event--one of the largest and best organized in the country, and the second year that we served breakfast to the survivors.

Two Presidents Debunked
! In the beautiful setting of Kit Whitneyʼs lovely back yard, and with delicious food and drinks, we bid a fond farewell to the two presidents who served our hybrid clubs this year. Kay Chleboun took center stage to thank Jerry Ross, “The smartest man in the world” for his great leadership, especially in this year of change from

Willow Glen to Campbell. Master of Ceremony Rick Davis then introduced Marv Bamburg who regaled out going President Ravi Chari (aka “Ravi the Ridikulus”) with all of the worldʼs calamities and natural disasters which occurred under Raviʼs reign. The crowd of about 60 well wishers were on hand to toast our great leaders.


JULY 19, 2011


Our first Board Meeting will be held this Thursday night at my office complex, 1101 S Winchester Blvd., Suite M250 at 6pm.  It is open for all who wish to attend.  If there is something that you would like to bring up, please put it in writing, with detail, and forward it as email to the Board Member/Avenue of Service Chair that it pertains to.

What a wonderful gathering we had on Saturday night.
Thank you so much Kit and Robb for your hospitality and beautiful home.   It was a wonderful night to be outside spending time with friends. I was so pleased to see Tammo and Eddie, recently returned from Europe, enjoying our Rotarian company. I was also very pleased to see prospective members Jennifer and Ramak.   It was a good way for us all to get to know each other better and I look forward to them joining our club. It was also enjoyable to see our permanent visiting Rotarian Ted.  I certainly enjoyed the debunking of both Ravi and Jerry. The evening was a lot of fun, and I am glad to see such a large turnout for the evening. Thank you all who joined us, Rotarians, friends, and family members.  Tammo is returning to Germany on Tuesday. We do look forward to Eddie speaking to our club about his experiences in Switzerland and the impact it had on his life.   Dave Keller is back from Europe and is rejuvenated about our signature event, Valley Flavors. He sent out an e-mail today and wants to have a meeting after our club meeting tomorrow. The day of the event is coming quickly and I am looking forward to the participation of lots of our members. The other day I was thinking, "wouldn't it be fun in a couple of years from now to be recognized as THE local food tasting event of the year introducing new restaurants and establishments." That would mean that we have to work on establishing ourselves in the community on an annual basis so that people will start recognizing us and know that we are in the community and showcasing new and young entrepreneurs. So toward that end, we have to get going by assisting Dave and his team to make this event enjoyable, fun, tasty, known in the community, and yes a profitable fundraiser. Ticket sales have to go beyond our intimate group of Rotarians. I think this is the best way to get ourselves more known in the community.   Speaking of getting ourselves known in the community, Adam Beck mentioned the Campbell Music in the Park. His company has a booth there and would be very happy to have Rotarians join him at the booth to hand out flyers and discuss Rotary. This is another outreach opportunity for us to let people know about our fundraisers and to invite people who might be interested in becoming prospective members to join us. I think it would be a fun evening and I

am hoping that we have many volunteers for it. Please let Adam know of your availability.   Jim Morelan contacted me and is interested in serving as the R I scholarship chair for our club. I gladly accept his request to chair this position. I don't remember that there has been a scholarship chair in our club since I have been a member. He tells me that this was a key influence in his life and in joining Rotary. He also told me and I was fortunate to meet her, that Warren Gilbert married one of the Rotary scholars, Teatoo. She has agreed to come talk to our club about her experience as Rotary scholar during foundation month.    I am sorry that you ran out of time at our last club meeting and I was unable to complete the board and Avenues of Service. I had also asked Bill Ellington and Ed Van Nordeck to spend a couple of minutes talking about their ideas for fundraising. I am interested in getting a couple of investigative committees together to look into these ideas becoming profitable fundraisers for us. Please consider joining the investigative committees so that we can look into future ideas to include in our club. As he mentioned, Bill, is looking for an alternative to the food booth that we have.   Please check out the attachments that I have included. Day at the Aʼs is on August 13. Bettina is organizing that event. The district is having a free membership seminar on August 18 at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel. This is a good way to get some ideas from RI and the district. Lastly, Valley Flavors is coming soon. This flyer gives some information about why we are interested in having a fundraiser and what we are doing in the community.   One last item. I am sorry that the U.S. women's soccer team lost to Japan yesterday.   Yet after all that Japan has encountered in these last months I am glad that this soccer event was able to stir a nation in a positive way. The announcer was mentioning that soccer teams in Japan had split up because there was no longer a place for them to practice. One young woman that worked at the power plant was out of a job another woman lost four of her friend's in the devastation. All of these major tragedies seem to have been put aside as the young women playing soccer were able to unite and rejuvenate a country which lost so much. Congratulations to the women of Japan.

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Club Officers 2011-2012 Club Service: Marvin Bamburg International Service:Bill Mahan Vocational Service: Jerry Ross Community Service: John Shannon New Generations: Janine Payton

Membership: Adam Beck TRF: Mike Anderson Financial Strategy: Carl Middione

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