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An E-business Analysis of Home Depot

An E-business Analysis of Home Depot

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Published by: Sha Sha on Jul 19, 2011
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An e-Business analysis of Home Depot1

An e-Business analysis of Home Depot

Shanillia Forbes

BUS352: E-Business

Instructor: Donna Falloon

July 10, 2011

Wal-Mart. Home Depot is a very large and successful home improvement company which is driven on customers service. and it shows with the company slogan and training classes for the customers. the company still remain the number one for Home Improvement. Office Depot.An e-Business analysis of Home Depot2 In this paper I will explain the impact on e-business and Home Depot benefit from doing business online and how consumers find it aconvenience to shop on line vs. I find their ecommerce much easier to shop from with their shopping tools. their e-commerce has wonderful add-on¶s like. I have purchased products online from companies like Target. but smooth way of operating their ecommerce. the stores. While the vendors for the company find it easier to maintain fewer inventories in the store but more in the warehouse. While Home Depot had a nine month e-commerce makeover. also Home Depot added facebook social networking ³ Like & Learn´ to their shopping page so you can find valuable information on facebook. and Home Depot. But one company stands out from the rest and that was Home Depot. More Doing´ slogan altitude. Their company as an attractive. ³ The Apron Blog´. they still remain to be one of the favorite e-commerce companies who operate merely from both the internet and stores. in which it helps to maintain and generate the Home Depot income. This paper will take you into the history of the company it¶s strategy and analysis of the company past and future and it e-commerce become successful taking the company to another level of greatness. the company knows that this usage has a very important impact on the company income that is generate from their ecommerce site. Their associates are well trained to place orders and educated their customers about using their e-commerce to order certain items that are not available in the store. I personal find it much easier for me to research my products online before I waste gas and stand in long lines for products that I can easily shop on line for. I also like the ³The More Savings. . and ³ Join The Conversation´. Best Buy.

by adding ³Do it yourself Blogs´ on their website.000 items to both the rapidly growing do-it-yourself home improvement market and construction professionals. and supplies for landscaping and gardening. most of which are clustered around urban areas. .com/history) How does Home Depot addresses the needs of customers. tools. wall and floor coverings. A typical Home Depot warehouse--more than twice the industry norm at an average of 105. paint. which became a big break for the company during their website nine months make over. and store wide demos to show customers simple projects and share new products that come available within the store. and southeastern regions of the United States. on the West Coast as well as in the southwestern.An e-Business analysis of Home Depot3 Company History: ³The Home Depot is the largest home center retailer in the United States and operates 478 warehouse stores and sells more than 40.´ (Homedepot. They have a garden club that the customers can join. The company's stores are located in 19 states. northeastern.000 square feet--stocks building materials. a Kids workshop. electrical supplies. the company as developed many workshops for customers to learn hands on training to do simple projects around the house. plumbing supplies. hardware. Home Depot as widen their internet e-commerce to suit their customers. California and Florida are the states containing the most Home Depot outlets.

com added more advanced features that get do-it-yourselfers.´ says Home Depot presidentof online Hal Lawton. The new design makes it easier to do that. service center calls and customer satisfaction surveys.´ (Hal Lawton. ³In the last three years 17% of all visits to home improvement e-commerce sites were from visitors researching a µhow-to¶ project and now that figure is about 40%. warehouses and retail locations. Lawton says ³Visitors aren¶t coming to the site just to find the cheapest price. The first goal was to redesign the home page and add more elements and content that accommodated HomeDepot.´ (Hal . contractors and others more quickly to a lot more information and easier shopping. And that¶s after spending considerable time analyzing customer comments from various sources such as e-mail. Home Depots current e-commerce strategy utilizes the company¶s existing stores as fulfillment centers or pick-up centers for products being ordered on-line by customers.com for help with solving a problem and quickly shopping for what they need at very competitive prices. Since then Home Depot added several major new design elements and features.An e-Business analysis of Home Depot4 The Internet role strategy that Home Depot uses and the management strategies the company uses comes after the Home Depot almost demolished its e-commerce site. ³They are coming to HomeDepot.000 SKUs between suppliers.´ he says. The goal of redesigning HomeDepot. research projects and find what they want quickly and easily.´ ³The new redesign reflects better ways to help customers solve problems.com was to marry deeper content with easier navigation and faster shopping. The new home page now features a wider top of the page navigation bar with reorganized drop-down menus for 16 major product categories.The redesigned of HomeDepot.com shoppers with bigger computer monitors and higher resolution. Home Depot.September 2010). A key component of Home Depots logistics is managing the transportation of over 40.

making it easier for store associates to help the customers get what they came for.Protection of Personal Data which provides parties collecting personal data online must comply with the same laws as those collecting personal data offline and the Code lays down the recommended practices for ensuring protection of personal data. Because Home Depot is brick and mortar business they must follow all government and regulation internet laws that are in place.(E-commerce News June 2010). merchandising and product pages also gives shoppers access to a new inventory of short features that feature quick tips on gardening and home improvement projects.An e-Business analysis of Home Depot5 Lawton.Electronic Transactions & Contracts. The more the company grows is the more jobs within the e-commerce is developed by the company to accompany the consumer¶s needs. These laws includes all copyright laws providing that copyright materials sent over the Internet or stored on web servers are treated in the same manner as copyright material in other media. project videos organized by major merchandising categories.com the ³how-to´ center gives shoppers access to featured products.On the retooled HomeDepot.´ The redesigning of their web-site as solvescustomer¶s urgency for their problems. 2010). or home improvement tips to do and get a list of supplies before entering the store. ³In 2009 Home Depot generated sales of nearly $500 million and came number 39 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. September 29. Home Depot e-commerce positions within the company counts as 10% of the company jobs with the company and many jobs are being added every month for customer¶s satisfaction. Regulation of online merchants which provides online merchants must comply . current promotions and project tips from sales associates. which provides the rights and obligations of the transacting parties. A new video player on the home. The online users are rapidly using the internet to research projects.

The Competitive advantage technology for Home Depot as included their data warehouse environment with the´ IBM DB2 software and its eServer pSeries Regatta hardware to devote all of its processing power to the management and manipulation of data from all parts of the company. Their status as TrustSg merchants will be revoked if they violate the TrustSg code of conduct´." ³The Home Depot's e-commerce site was not built in a day´. Home Depot will now be able to leverage technology and information even more effectively to enhance its business and customer service.An e-Business analysis of Home Depot6 with the same laws as offline merchants.30 Sep 2002).(IBM Provides Technology and ServicesATLANTA . 2009 Tim ."site needs to continue to be a how-to destination for do-it-yourselfers who have a question about a repair or remodeling job and the E-commerce.say¶s Michael Cooper who took over last year as the home improvement merchant's vice president-specialty channels.While there are many other internet regulations that Home Depot needs to following. Home Depot has taken every measure to follow the government regulation to assure their customer information is always protected.The Home Depot has built a legendary culture based on customer service.com should maintain relaying the same message across e-commerce as it does in its other forms of communication. But what he knew that their new company e-commerce web-site will change the way Home Depot operate their business and as defines some important roles the Media channel for HomeDepot. merchandising. ³TrustSg accredited merchants display the TrustSg mark on their websites to signal to online customers that they are legitimate and trustworthy. finance and human resources´.(E-commerce and the law website source). such as broadcast and print advertisements and the"Digital Orange Apron.(E-Commerce for RealAug 5. With a powerful IBM data warehouse as part of its e-business infrastructure. including operations.

An e-Business analysis of Home Depot7 Parry).Hence you can see that the more they can build the online business. and they are still opening stores and remain building customers relations to help maintain a strong brilliant company. . . While the Home Depot keeps building their business around the Ecommerce. there is no doubt that the company will remain one of the biggest Home Improvement retailers every known. That can be done by keeping the customer in mind. the more it will drive traffic to the stores. but differentiating itself from its competition.

com/ecommerce/news/0805-home-depot-ecommerce/ . 2009 4:35 PM. Home Depot Launches a Major Computer Initiative 'Key Partner' IBM Provides Technology and Services ATLANTA .An e-Business analysis of Home Depot8 Reference: Home Depot homedepot.internetretailer.com/history Home Depot e-commerce siteHal Lawton. 2010 by ecommercejunkie http://ecommercejunkie.com/2010/06/03/homedepot-com-gets-an-overhaul E-commerce and the law andE-commerce Regulations http://www.wss Live From eTail: Home Depot is Ready to Embrace E-Commerce For Real Aug 5.com Gets an Overhaul June 3.gov. 2010 http://www. Septemper 29.businesslink.30 Sep 2002 http://www-03. By Tim Parry http://multichannelmerchant.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/498.ibm.com/2010/09/29/home-depots-new-web-site-delivers HomeDepot.

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