Executive Summary Florida Congressional District 8 Methodology Five hundred likely voters in Florida Congressional District 8 were interviewed in a random sample taken September 3-6, 2008. Respondents were screened for voter registration and their likelihood of voting in the November Presidential election. The sample was balanced according to all known demographic factors. All interviews were conducted by telephone. The margin of error for this survey is ± 4.4%, with a 95% confidence level. Conclusions The political climate in Congressional District 8 is well suited for Alan Grayson to defeat incumbent Ric Keller. This is reflected in Alan Grayson beginning the race with a four point lead, garnering 44% of the vote to Keller’s 40% in the initial head-to-head match up. 65% of the voters feel the country is headed in the wrong direction versus only 26% who feel it is going in the right direction. Barack Obama is running even in this district, and the voters appear to want a change in the direction of the country. In addition to a favorable national political environment, Ric Keller also receives only a 43% favorable rating and a 35% unfavorable rating, indicating that voters are unhappy with him personally. Questions If the election for the U.S. House of Representatives were held today, would you vote for… Democrat Alan Grayson Republican Ric Keller undecided 44% 40% 16%

Overall, would you say the United States is headed in the right direction or has gotten off on the wrong track? Wrong track Right direction 65% 26%

If the election for President were held today, would you vote for… Republican John McCain Democrat Barack Obama undecided 44% 44% 10%

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