The client wanted to develop his property but he doesn t have any idea on how to start building and designing any structure. Who should he ask for help and assistance and may act as his adviser to negotiate between him and the contractor? a. Engineer b. Architect c. Consultant d. Sub-contractor 2. A manufacturer wanted his business to be more popular in the country and he intends to supply products in all companies around the world so he decided to ask the Architect to help him by giving him extra fees, discounts, gifts and favors. If the Architect deals with the condition, what Ethical Conduct is he going to prohibit? a. Architect s Responsibilities in relation to Manufacturers, Dealers and Agents b. Architect s Responsibilities in relation to Contractor c. Architect s Responsibilities in relation to His/ Her Colleagues and Subordinates d. Architect s Responsibilities in relation to the People 3. The architect and client discuss about the initial problem of the project, the conceptual architectural and allied solution. Moreover, the project needs to generate financial support and acceptance from the governing agencies or from the public which is stated on Pre-Design Services under what specific subject? a. Consultation b. b. Architectural Programming c. c. Promotional Services d. Value Management

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