General Knowledge

Q.1: Is a social science devoted to studying the production, distribution and consumption of wealth? A. B. C. D. Economics Political Science Sociology History

Q.2: Who is the Chief Minister of Sind? A. B. C. D. Qaim Ali Shah Shaukat Aziz Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah Arbab Ghulam Rahim

Q.3: Pakistan economy has a ……. : A. B. C. D. Pure Command Economy Pure Market Economy Mixed Economy Other

Q.4: Who is the Chief Justice of Pakistan? A. B. C. D. Ali Ahmad Kurd Abdul Hameed Dogar Waseem Sajjad Nasir Aslam Zahid

Q.5: What is The Holiest Place on Earth for Muslims? A. Al - Kaaba B. Masjid Al Nabvi C. Masjid Al Aqsa D. Madinah Q.6: Which Building Was Targeted For Terrorism in New York? A. Empire State Building B. Sears Tower C. World Trade Center D. Patroness Twin Tower

Q.7: What is The National Air Lines of Pakistan? A. Pakistan Important Airlines B. Pakistan Domestic Airlines C. Pakistan National Airlines D. Pakistan International Airlines Q.8: Who Is The President Of USA? A. George W Bush B. Al Gore C. Bill Clinton D. Barak Hussain Obama Q.9: What Are Tsunami's? A. Ocean Currents B. Electrical Currents C. Ocean Waves D. Sound Waves Q.10: The world Economic forum was held recently in: A. Switzerland B. Kuwait C. Iran D. Brazil Q.11: How many years the South African president Nelson Mandela was in prison? A. 20 B. 18 C. 19 D. 17 Q.12: What is the Universal Product Code (UPC) adopted for? A. Fire safely code in buildings B. Earthquake-resistant building code C. Bar code D. against adulteration in eatables

14: Which ocean is deepest ocean? A. Madrid C. Arctic Q.17: The World Trade Center was attacked by Terrorists on: A. To spend C. 9th September 2001 B.18: The capital of Norway is …: A. John Cabot C. Oslo D. 11th September 2001 D. 10th September 2001 C. None of these Q. All of the on administration on welfare programmes on defence above Q. Dinar D. Warsaw B. None of these Q. Afghani B.15: Why does government collect taxes? A. To spend D. Atlantic C. Robert Peary D. Pacific B. To spend B.16: Who was the discoverer of ‘America’? A. Indian D. Lek C.Q. Australian dollar Q. Vienna . Christopher Columbus B.13: What is the currency of Afghanistan? A.

None of the above Q. Calcutta C. Rapidly increasing in the United States D.21: The International court of Justice is in: A. France D. Petroleum B. Lahore D.22: Javaid Mian Dad name is associated with: A.23: Where was the session of Muslim League held when the resolution demanding the creation of Pakistan was passed? A. Badminton B. Cotton C. Nepal B. Pakistan Q. China D. Bombay B. Hockey Q. Athletics C.Q. Cricket D.24: "Black Gold" is also a name for: A. India C. Netherlands Q. The number of infants who do not live past their first year of life C.19: Infant mortality rate is: A. Coal D. England C. Other Q. Carbon . America B.20: The highest mountain peak is in: A. The number of children who live past their first year of life B.

28: The capital of Pakistan was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad during the regime of: A. K 2 C. Punjab Province is about: A. Gaza Strip & Jericho B.PLO Agreement initially applies to: A.26: In the total area of Pakistan.29: Which of the following crops contributes most to Pakistan’s export? A. Colombo D. Gen. Heifa & Negar Desert .27: The second highest mountain in the World is? A. Mount Abu D. New Delhi B. Cotton D. Tyre & Bakka Valley C. Dhaka Q. 50% Q.25: The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at: A. Wheat Q. 25% C. Katmandu C.Q. Sugar Cane C. 70% D. 15% B. Mount Everest B. President Iskandar Mirza C. Yahya Khan B. Golan heights & Sinai Desert D. Rice B. Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Bogra Q. Alps Q.30: The internal autonomy granted under Israel. Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan D.

D. Washington B. Italian Lira Q. Michael C. Japanese Yen. Hockey Cricket Football Baseball Q. A custom among certain races of joint wine taking D. Putin: A.35: Ikebana is: A. A game like judo B. French Franks. US Dollar B. A Japanese style of flower arrangement C. Vladimir Q. German Marks. Uri D.34: The Headquarter of the International Monetary Fund is at: A.Q. Swiss Franks D. Russian Rouble. Japanese Yen.32: What is the first name of former Russian President the Mr. C. A dance style of Japan Q. German Marks. D. British Pounds.33: What is the National Sports of Pakistan? A. London C. Tokyo Q. Australian Dollar C. B.31: Which of the following groups of currencies are the strongest in the world? A. New York D. German Marks. C. B. 26 January 27 August 01 January Non of these above . Albert B.36: The UNO was founded on the: A.

Brazil B. 30. D. 31. C. 1992 D. $400 billion $ 40 billion $ 04 billion $ 14 billion Q. 1982 B. Italy D. C.Q. King of Saudi Arabia died on 1st August.41: Shah Fahad. C.42: FIFA Football World cup 2007 was won by: A. B. France C. Foot None of the above Q. C. Etisalat China Mobile Emirates Telecom Sangtel Q. B. Prince Abdullah was named new king who was the crown prince since: A. D. August August August August 31. B.39: Successful bidder in the PTCL privatization was: A. 1996 1998 1996 1997 Q. D.37: Prime Minister of UK is: A.40: The cost of the tri-nation (Pakistan. 1995 Q. none of the above . Tony Blair Gordon Brown M. D. 1984 C. B.38: Princess Diana died in an accident on: A. 31. Iran & India) gas pipeline project is: A.

Riyadh C.44: The President of Philippines is: A. John Simons Q.45: The Headquarter of OPEC is in: A. Robert B. Albania C.46: IAEA stands for: A. Qatar Q. International Agency for Economic Affairs B. Peter Wallace C. Serbia B. Roberto de Ocampo Q. Abu Dhabi D. Institute of Arab-Economic Affairs C. Institute for African Economic Advancement Q. Slovenia Q. Vienna B. Richard Butler C. Lahore B.43: Slobodan Milosevic is the president of: A. Richard Holbrooke D. Croatia D. Fidel B.Q. its capital was: A. Dacca C. Joseph Estrada D.48: In 1947 at the time of creation of Pakistan.N Special Commission on Iraq is: A.47: The chief of U. Karachi D. International Atomic Energy Agency D. Rawalpindi-Islamabad .

Liaquat Ali Khan C.50: The National flower of Pakistan is: A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Mangla B.52: The highest military award given in Pakistan is: A. Nishan-e-Haider B.Q. Muhammad Ali Bogra Q. B-787 B. Jasmine C. None of these . B-777 D. Sitara-e-Hilal C. Terbela D. B-767 C. Adri Marie B. Tulip Q.51: The objective Resolution incorporating guide-lines for future constitution making presented by: A. Sitara-e-Imtiaz D. None of these Q. Graham Bell D. Kanwal D.49: World’s biggest earth filed dam is: A.53: Telephone and photo phone was invented by: A. Assaum Dam C.54: PIA Have Boeing _______ Aircraft: A. Ark Wright C. Rose B. Khawaja Nizamuddin D. Sitara-e-Jurrat Q. Kalabagh Dam Q.

Priestly Q.56: Pakistan became the member of United Nations on: A. 1000 Q.59: The following are computer languages EXCEPT: A.Q. August 30.58: Oxygen was discovered by: A.55: Japanese currency is known as: A.60: How much of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? A. 30 1947 B. 500 B. 1947 D. LISP D. 30. January 1. COBOL Q. Peso D. 90% C. DOS B. 1947 C. Yen Q. 70% B. Chadwick C.57: How many Muslims took part in the battle of Badar: A. Nov. Dollar B. Fischer B. 313 D. 43% . 1500 C. Sept. 1947 Q. 58% D. Glauber D. Shilling C. PASCAL C.

90% C. Arabic . Lords Q.62: Which is the most famous place for playing tennis? A. Old Trafford B. Wimbledon C. 2. Thames D.63: What is the currency of Thailand? A. Persian D. 80% Q.64: What is the equivalent of a kilogram weight in pounds? A. Kuwait D. English B. Oman Q.9 B. Bhat Q. Pound B.7 Q.66: Which is the official language of UAE? A.Q. 2. Turkish C. Qatar B. Ringgit C. 1.2 D. Bahrain C. 95% D. 97% B.65: What is the total percentage of Muslim population in Pakistan? A. 1.0 C. Yuan D.61: Manama is the capital of which country? A.

72: Current Finance Secretary of Pakistan? A. Seria tim B. Everest B. Faiz Ahmed Faiz Q.Q. Savoir-faire C.68: Who called “poet of the east”? A. Mir Taqi Mir C. Lhotse Q. Khwaja Saad D.67: What is called the final stage of American programs to place a man on Moon? A. Apollo Project D. Space Project Q. Mirza Ghalib B. Sic Q. NASA Project B. K. Nile B.71: The highest mountain in the world is? A. good at knowing what to say? A. Shoukat Tareen B. Indus D. Kangchenjunga D. Naveed Qamar .70: The longest river in the world is? A. Alama Iqbal D. Moon Project C. Nelson Q. Amazon C. C. Ishaq Dar C. Sine die D.69: Mention the phrases for 'tact.2.

W C. 112 B. A Q. Imam Ahmed Bin Humble D. Pakistan B. Australia Q. Bahadur Shah Zafar D.78: Total number of Surah in Holy Quran is: A.77: Who was the founder of Hanfi School of thought? A. 1960 B. Turkey D.75: The downfall of Muslim rule in India started with the demise of: A. P B. U D. None of these Q. Imam Malik C.76: The Government of Pakistan established the Indus river system authority in the year: A.74: What letter appears to the right of Y on a Computer keyboard? A. 1980 D. 115 . 114 D. 1970 C. None of these Q. None of the above Q. Zambia C.Q.73: The country also known as "country of Copper" is? A. Imam Abu Hanifa B. Akber B. 113 C. Aurangzeb C.

None of the above Q.S) and Hazrat Abu Baker stayed in Ghar -e.) when HE married to Hazrat Khadija? A.Hira? A. 5 days D. Bangladesh Q. 1917 B.W. 1918 C. American Museum of Natural History B. 1919 D. 2 days B. China C.S. 1945 B.A. 25 years C. 7 days Q. Lahore Museum C. India D. 3 days C.84: The largest museum in the world is: A.W. 36 years D. 1946 C.81: Pakistan Objective Resolution was passed in the year of: A. 1947 D.79: How many days Holy Prophet (S.83: World most Populated country is: A. 40 Years B. None of these . 1949 Q.80: How old was the Holy Prophet (S.82: Russian Revolution took place in the year of: A. Pakistan B.Q.A. 1920 Q. Gandhara Museum D.

Saudi Arabia D. Persian Gulf B.90: International Civil Aviation Organization is located at: A. Singapore C. N. Geneva D. C. Gulf of Aden D. Bay of Bengal C. None of these Q.85: The tallest tower in the world is: A. Yemen C. Canada B. Peru D. Patroness Tower Malaysia C. Canada B. Pakistan B.88: The country who’s National Anthem has only music but no word: A. Bahrain Q. Bhutan C.86: The largest bay in the world is: A. Tower. Toronto. None of these Q. Gulf of Mexico C. Montreal . None of these Q.89: The country where there are no Cinema theatres: A. Sudan Q. Impair State New York D. London B.87: The largest gulf in the world is A. Iran B. Hudson Bay.Q. Bay of Gulf D.

28 May. 04 April. Ronald Regan D. Nairobi D. Africa C. Cape town C. Bush B.93: The largest city of Africa is: A. 1998 C. N. Japan C. Saudi Arabia B. None of these . London c. D. Khartoum B.96: Pakistan Largest Export Partner is: A. Australia Q. 14 August. Frankfurt B.95: The Kalahari Desert is located in: A.91: The first President of USA was: A. Barak Obama Q. 1998 D. Asia B. 2007 B. America. New York C. America D. 1997 Q.94: The Heathrow Airport is located: A.92: Pakistan conducted five nuclear tests on: A. George W.Q. Cairo Q. 28 April. Tokyo Q. George Washington C.

Germany c.100: The coldest place on the earth is: A. Was: A. Ayub Khan B. Zia-ul-Huq D. Skardu. Norway Q. Japan C. None of these Q. China Q. Sahara Desert D. Pakistan B.101: The country which is the largest producer of rubber in the world is: A. Tokyo B. Ludakh. Arab Desert Q.102: The city which was once called the `Forbidden City'. Cholistan Desert C. Indonesia B. Brunei Q. Veroyansk. Thailand D. America B.98: The Pakistani President who died in an air crash: A.99: The biggest desert in the world is: A. Malaysia C.97: The largest auto producing nation is: A. India C. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto C. Peking D. Oslo. Siberia D.Q. Shanghai C. None of these . Rajhistan Desert B.

Indian Ocean C. Mecca Q. Medina C. Pacific Ocean B. Atlantic Ocean Q.104: The capital of Muslim empire in the time of Haroom Rashid was: A. None of these .Q. 1945 D. 1946 B. Vietnam Q. 25 Dec. England D. Taiwan B. Baghdad B. Japan C. Damascus D. Thailand D.105: The country called the Land of Rising Sun is: A.107: The country known as the Land of White Elephant is: A. China Q. Antarctica D.106: The UNO was formed in the year: A. 1941 C. 1947 C. 1947 D.108: The Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e. Nigeria C. Kenya B.103: The Ocean that separates Europe from America is called: A. 09 Sep.Azam was dead on: A. 11 Sep. 1955 Q. 1948 B.

Asif Ali Zardari C. Flower Q. USA B.113: The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was: A. Zia-ur.111: who is current Pakistani President? A. Mujib-ur-Rehman D. Nawaz Sharif Q.114: The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize: A. UK D.109: The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is: A. Bud D. Saleem uzaman Siddiqui B.Q. Shah Mahmood Qureshi D. Abdul Salam C.. LOC B.: A. Dr..110: Coconut is a.112: Labor Party is a political party in: A. None of these Q..Rehman B. Fruit B. Seed C. Dr. Durand Line D. Yousaf Raza Gillani B. Shaikh Haseena Wajid Q. Dr. Khalida Zia C. WHO Q. Dr. International Border C. Abdul Qadir Khan . Atta ur Rehman D. UAE C..

Chanab River B. Nasir Kazmi Q. D.117: Writer of Pakistani National Anthem is: A. B. Indus River D. Ishrat -ul.118: Pakistan Largest River name is: A.116: Who is the Founder of Pakistan? A. 237 Q.Ebad Mamnoon Hussain Qaim Ali Shah . Moen Uddin Haider Dr.Q. Myanmar Q. Kabul River Q. 207 D. Korea B.119: Total number of electoral members in Pakistani national assembly: A. C. Haffez Jalanderi D. Ayub Khan Q. Liaqat Ali Khan B. Thailand D. Nisar Bazmi B.115: The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is: A. Japan C. Allama Iqbal D. 300 B. Alama Iqbal C. Ravi River C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah C. 342 C.120: Who is the Governor of Sindh? A.

Gold .Awwal Q. B. C. Shawwal Moharram Ramadan Rabi-ul. D.121: In which Islamic month was the Holy Quran revealed? A. Australia Cuba Germany Bangladesh Q. D. UK Korea Japan USA Q. C.Q. B. D. Iron B.122: Jakarta is the capital of: A.124: Takka is the currency of: A. Cyprus Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Indonesia Q. South Africa Sweden Sri Lanka Switzerland Q.125: Hillary Clinton is the secretary of state of: A.126: Which one is an excellent insulator? A. D. Water C.123: Geneva is the capital of: A. B. C. D. Wood D. C. B. C. B.

1st May 5th June 14th August 25th December Q.127: Water consists of: A. Carbon Q. None of these .Q.129: Where is “Congo”? A.128: Astronomy is a science of: A. C. Carbon D.131: World Environment Day is observed on: A. 7000 km C. Stars and Galaxies Pop stars and Film stars Human Behavior Animal Behavior Q. Oxygen B. America Japan Germany England Q. Helium. D. 5000 km B. C. C. B. B. D.132: The longest highway in the world has a length of: A. 8000 km D. Hydrogen. Oxygen. Oxygen C. D. Hydrogen. D. C. B.130: The first Industrial Revolution took place in: A. B. In Central Asia In Africa In America In Australia Q.

6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings C. None of these Q. 28 04 16 28 Apr. 4 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings B. 2 Legs & 4 Pair of Wings D. 1998 . B.135: The independence day of Pakistan is celebrated on: A. B. C. D.138: Pakistan was testifier First Nuclear Missile on: A. C.Q. 15th August 14 August 11 August 06 September Q. B. Norway Finland Denmark Japan Q.137: How many legs do butterflies have? A. B. 1998 Apr. 1997 May. Chile Cuba Nigeria Pakistan Q. D. B.134: The country known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is: A. Ice Land Finland Green Land Singapore Q. D. 1998 Feb. C. C. D. C.133: The biggest island of the world is: A.136: The country known as the land of the midnight sun is: A. D.

D. D.139: In Cricket the highest test run scorer batsman of Pakistan is: A. C.141: In Feb. C.140: Pakistan National Game is: A.143: Pakistan Major Export is _________ based: A. D. Cotton Rice Technology Electronics Q. B. B. Cricket Hockey Football Tennis Q.142: Who was the youngest President of the USA? A. Theodore Roosevelt Jhon Kenedy Algor Bil Clinton Q. B. D. D. C. C. Lahore Hyderabad Multan Karachi . C. B. Nawaz Sharif Q. Shah Mahmood Qureshi C. Shaukat Aziz B. B. Yousaf Raza Gillani D.144: The largest city of Pakistan is: A.Haq Saeed Anwer Jawaid Miandad Q.Q. 2008 election who is elected the Pakistani Prime Minster: A. Muhammad Yousaf Inzamam-ul.

D. Pakistan Q. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar Liaqat Ali Khan Khawaja Nazim Uddin Sir Agha Khan Q. China C. Australia D.148: The first British University to admit women for degree courses was: A.150: Pakistan Day Celebrated on: A. D. Russia C. Oxford University D. Cambridge University C. India B. B. D. C.146: Biggest Neighbor country of Pakistan is: A. London University B. C. C.145: In world Population ranking Pakistan in ____ number: A. B. 02 10 06 18 Number Number Number Number Q.Q. Afghanistan Q.147: World 2nd Largest Coil mine is in: A. 06 11 23 25 September September March December . India B. China D. B. University of Colombia Q.149: Who was the first Pakistani Prime Minister? A.

Kalpana Chawla C.U. Turkey B. Dollar Yen Rupee Riyal Q.S) Hazrat Musa (A. B. C. C. Hazrat Adam (A. Provinces: A. D. C. Korea D. China C. English Bengali Arabic Urdu Q. Juhi Chawla D: None of these . 06 07 04 09 Q. England Q.155. B. Valentina Tereshkova B.152: Pakistan Divided in ………. D.S) Q.156: Who is Last Prophet? A.B.Q.151: Which country hosted the 2008 Olympic Games? A. B. B.H) Suleman (A.S) Muhammad (P. D.153: Pakistan National Language is: A. C. Pakistani Currency called is: A. 157: Who was the first woman to go in space? A. D.

Lion B. Ostrich C. Badshahi Mosque Taj Mahal London Bridge Dome of Rock . tortoise D. 52 43 45 66 Q. 2005 D. tiger C. D. 1937 B.163: which one is Pakistani Historical Place? A. Butter Fly Q. 1947 1967 1955 1964 Q. D. honeybee D. C.160: In which year was the first electronic computer made? A. D. C. 1965 Q.161: PIA was found in: A.162: At the end of 2008 PIA have ___ number of aircraft: A. Squirrel B. B. Deer Q. B. B. C.158: Name some animals that lay eggs: A.Q.159: Which of these animals store food? A. 2000 C.

164: Who is the first elected woman Prime Minister of Muslim World? A. Pacific Ocean C. Atlantic Ocean B. C.Q. Khalda Zia Benazir Bhutto Hassena Wajid None of these Q.165: Which is the largest ocean in the world? A. Indian Ocean D. D. none of these . B.

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