POV:bottom of trashcan looking up A tissue falls into the camera after the lid opens up. outside trashcan Rick closes the trashcan and looks straight ahead. CLOSE UP:rick's face. Like, so close up that you can see his pores. Rick sniffles. RIC (NARRATION) I've had a cold for two months, five days, thirteen hours and 33 seconds. It's not terminal. It's just I'm allergic to the new air freshener my mom uses. I told her my inference. But she refuses to accept that that is the reason behind my suffering. Rick sniffles. RIC (NARRATION) I haven't always been a stay at home guy. At one point after high school I moved out and got my own place. But then I fell behind and got lazy and long story short; I got evicted and moved back in with my mom. Rick sniffles. RIC (NARRATION) I'm like Batman, except I'm not richer than Mark Zuckerberg and I don't have kick-ass gear. Also, only my dad is dead. My dad died when I was 4. He was into drugs, and another long story short; he became too back-logged on his drug business and was murdered by the Italians. No, not by people that represented the entire country of Italy when it came to cocaine, but saying the Italians makes it sound bad-ass. Rick sniffles. RIC (NARRATION) Every time I expect something exciting to happen in my life, it doesnâ t live up to my expectations or it doesnâ t even happen at all. It seems like things will never go the way I want them to. But thatâ s


fate. Itâ s inevitable. But there are always things you can do to change that fate, so I guess I could take that under consideration the next time something doesnâ t work out for me. Iâ m not a deep person. I just think too much about deep things. And believe it or not, that's more than I've ever told anybody about myself. Not even to a girl on a first date, or to someone when I was trapped in an elevator with them for an extended period of time. So what makes you so special? I dunno. What makes killing zombies so damn entertaining? I don't know. It's just the way it is. Rick sneezes. RIC (NARRATION) I lost my train of thought a while ago.... I think I'm going to go watch a movie. Like maybe Robot Monster. Yeah, I could use a good laugh. Rick walks away. camera stays in the same spot. Scene fades out.


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